September 19, 2021


 Sunday, September 19, 2021

Finally... we can organize a walk again! You can discover the beautiful Druivenstreek at your own pace via mapped out walks. And you support our dogs in Spain with it.

So block that day in your agenda and sign up via our webshop via

Bring your family, relatives, neighbors, friends and colleagues. Everyone is welcome, with or without dog(s)

Walt...happy in his 4-ever home ...he can't be missed anymore❤️

 Sunday, September 19, 2021

Walt, a stafford....Dropped in a box in an abandoned the midst of one of our foster families he got the start he needed! Staffords have a right to life too! As long as they end up in good hands!!

Fabienne's Diary: Brenda, the great white lady...

 Friday 17 September 2021

Our Brenda had a sad history in her homeland. When we got her in she was badly beaten up by other dogs and it took months for her to recover in our clinic. She was a sweetheart of a dog, especially with people she is a big sweet bear, but with other dogs Brenda is not happy. We think the attack from her past has left its mark and she prefers to stay alone out of fear.

In our shelter everyone loves her equally, but she was given up because she was not social with other dogs, but she was super sweet with people. She walks with other large dogs on our walking meadow, and that goes well, but in a home situation she is better alone. So we are looking for a strong boss, an owner who loves, spoils and knows how to guide her. She is very strong, and you should definitely know that when you start on such a big Mastin lady.

Who will finally give her a happy life?

For more information about dear Brenda, please click on her name.

Beirut 19109

 Friday 17 September 2021

Beirut is completely happy with the adopter. And the adopter would like to thank all volunteers at ACE for the good care that Beirut has received.

Look what a wonderful life he has!



Friday 17 September 2021

SHIN|ACE will be present with a food stand, where you can also buy nice things! Be sure to visit us next weekend (entrance is free).

More info about the event can be found here:

September 18, 2021

Student dog of the day: SOLERA

 Friday 17 September 2021

Lieke one of our students took "Solera" to heart as a project and tells her experience with this sweetheart:


This is Solera, a 2 year old female. On July 15, 2021 she was rescued from the killing station. Solera is a very affectionate and friendly dog. She likes to cuddle and she loves to attention. Solera likes to run and play. She can walk on a lead, but she is still a bit insecure. She also gets along very well with other dogs, large or small, it doesn't matter to her. She likes to sit on your lap and giving kisses is her favorite activity. She is anxiously waiting for a loving home.

For more information about Solera, please click on her name.

Update Jessa (formerly Lena 19051))


Friday 17 September 2021

Jessa (formerly ACE Lena)

Just an update from my sweet girl Jessa.

She has been with us for over 3 months now and I am so very proud of her.

Jessa is a sweet, affectionate, spirited, stubborn young lady. She has grown tremendously in the 3 months she has been with us. She is already running loose in the woods, then keeps a close eye on me and when I squeak with her squeaky ball she comes running like a whirlwind. For something tasty, of course!

Sometimes it is necessary to put her on the lead. This is when she encounters certain other dogs. I'm not quite sure what triggers her yet. One day she accepts all the dogs, other days she's lashing out at them.

I also found out that she becomes very insecure with unknown, somewhat firmer men, and especially when they make certain movements (throw something away or grab a stick or something). She barks hard at these men, but when they make those moves, she cringes completely. I suspect something in her past is causing this. But if she knows the men, it's fine. Things are getting better, but we still have a long way to go.

She loves sticks and breaking stuffed animals. She's a big water rat. Swimming and fetching sticks in the water is her favorite activity. But in general, going along with us is of paramount importance. She only has to think I'm taking her harness and she's jumping.

Recently,she and Ikey started playing too.