August 01, 2023

Alo: the sweetest soul deserves some years of happiness to make up for everything

 Tuesday 1st August, 2023

Dogs are such loyal and loving creatures. Sometimes to the extent that they suffer for it. Like this dear Alo. Locked in a cage by his hunter boss, then thrown out because he wasn't 'good enough'. This happened not just once but several times - because this loyal and loving dog somehow found his way back to his cruel and unworthy master. Until, finally, one of our volunteers brought him to us. 

Despite the dreadful treatment he's received - he's skinny and has scars all over his body - this dear soul comes to you gently, loves cuddles and is grateful for any attention. He's ten years old but very spry; what he needs is a family to love and pamper him and help him forget his past and enjoy every minute in the future. He can be left alone for several hours, is fine with other dogs - cats not such a good idea though as he will chase them. Who will make Alo's life a heaven on earth and welcome this new family member who will love you to pieces and forever.

For more information about Alo please click on his name.

July 26, 2023

Help for our four legged friends and for their owners ...

 Tuesday, July 25, 2023

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Lawyer Maarten Dewaele is a silver sponsor of ACESHIN, and he hereby helps our four-legged friends in need

Maarten Dewaele does the same for their owners, anywhere in Belgium.

A traffic violation? Construction problems? Defaulters? Family problems? Know your rights and hand over your worries. Together for more justice!

Do you too care about our dear ones and want to support them with your cause? You can find all the info here:


 Monday 26th July, 2023

"Is anyone looking ...

.... quick ... before anyone comes ...

.... yum!

July 23, 2023

Fabienne's Diary: Our Maurice never got to experience the warmth of a real home....

Sunday July 23, 2023

Maurice - 1

This week the whole of our Refugio was in tears. Maurice was so loved by all of us, how many times did we honor him or draw attention to him. 

But today he passed away... The warm weather did not help but his time was up, he could not go on.... Many tears of sorrow flowed because this is the very last thing you do all this for, you save them to see them become happy, not that they should die in the Refugio and never find happiness. We took Maurice from the death station three years ago, many a person he loved, and vice versa. Mitch locked himself in his cage for 24 hours to show people what this feels like, but even after this we couldn't find him an owner.It was not meant to be dear Maurice, rest now softly boy... You will stay in our hearts, that's for sure! ❤️

It was barely a month ago that I wrote about our beautiful Maurice, in yet another attempt to find him the home we so badly wanted for him. It was not to be.

July 16, 2023

Ghanda: sweet and calm and deserving a much better life

Sunday July 16th, 2023

 Ghanda - 1


We managed to rescue her from the killing station, along with several other cats and kittens. No place for cats, dogs or any sentient being. She's adapted well to the shelter but, while it bears no comparison to a killing station, and while she is cared for a loved with us, there's nothing like your own home.

Especially when, like Ghanda, you love people and cuddles. Other cats, that's fine; she's not bothered either way. She hasn't known much happiness in her six years, and had the 'misfortune' to be born black. 'Misfortune' only because many ignorant people still associate black with evil or danger. It's nonsense but doesn't help our dear black beauties. 

Who will give this sweet darling a chance? She'll reward you with love and cuddles and will be a wonderful addition to any family.

For more information about our dear Ghanda and to see her video, please click on her name.

July 12, 2023

The departure of the dogs and cats yesterday πŸΎπŸ’–

 Wednesday, July 12, 2023 

Once again some of our dogs and cats left for their forever homes.  Good luck dear ones!!!

June 26, 2023

Our Blits ... living life at full tilt

 Monday 26th June, 2023

Blits - 3

Blits was dumped by her owner -which is the fate of so many dogs here in Spain. She's been with us for more than two years, waiting for that one owner who will 'see' her. No one can understand why she hasn't found a forever family yet as she's sweet and loyal. Yes she's black ... that enhances rather than takes from her beauty.

At present Blits is with a foster family who say she is fine with a big pack of dogs, good on the lead and enjoys being in the car. Despite being good with other dogs her foster mum reports that she is rather intense - because she does everything at full tilt, so she would benefit from a quiet, stable environment.

Blits is only three so plenty young enough to benefit from further guidance and consistency. With this and a loving home she will repay your love in spades.

For more information about sweet Blits, please click on her name.

Blits - 4