March 29, 2016

Twenty Dogs Saved ...

We woud like to thank the following people for paying the fees and rescuing twenty dogs last Thursday. They would have been euthanised on Friday.

Thanks to you they can start a new life!!!

Joke van der Eerden
Els Van Linter
Willeke Bead
Loes Sol
Margo Theunissen
Christine and Arthur
Arianne Sertijn
ine Defijn
Paula Bruikman
Francien Snijder
Birgitt Wise Mans
Jolanda Snelleman
Clodagh Phelan from England
Jacques and Thea Huinen
Kirsten Veerman

On behalf of these 20 dogs thank you very much !!!

March 26, 2016

In Memoriam: Bram, formerly Ronny

I was sad to hear from Ineke that poor Bram had had a stroke and they had to take the difficult decision to put him to sleep. He has had a happy life with Ineke and Peter and through their sadness I hope they will get some comfort from knowing that he experienced their love in his last years

RIP Dear Bram

Last night, after his daily walk Bram had a TIA, a stroke. After consulting the vet we took very difficult decision to put him to sleep. Bram was nearly 14 years old. 

Dear Bram, you're no longer with us.
I miss you already, you dear old fellow.
We've been able to take care of you - now you have a new tomorrow. 
Love from you loving mistress Ineke

Arrivals at Schiphol on March 23rd

Life will now go smoothly for beautiful Wobbe and to add to her happiness she has four friends waiting for her.

Dean who now is called Diesel.

And little Nero now called Sebastian also has a lovely home and also has two boyfriends.

And beautiful Anita who is being fostered by Janette

Once again thanks to the adopters for giving our lovely dogs forever home and also for the food they have donated for the doggies still in Spain.



Loeka - who can explain fate?

Loeka a few days ago, at the airport on her way to her forever home. Look at her shiny coat and 
smiling eyes!

Loeka when she arrived at the Refugio from the killing station

Today when I was looking at the ACE Facebook page, I noticed the pictures taken at the airport when another group of lucky doggies were about to fly out to their new families. One picture in particular attracted my eye, and also the comment 'Is that Loeka?' The name was familiar so I looked it up on the database. And yes. Loeka, of course. An older dog who had been thrown into a killing station with her friend, Nanyo.

When Fabienne first saw them in the killing station she was not allowed to rescue them. But she asked the man who worked there if he would keep them for her. Weeks went past and there was no room at the Refugio, but he had promised. One day, as she was driving Fabienne suddenly had a premonition. "I have to go there." She went straightaway. She looked for the man and when he saw her it was if he had seen a ghost. He said to follow him.

There at the back were the cages where they put the dogs who were going to be killed that day. And there in those cages sat Loeka and Nanyo. "How did you know?" asked the man. "I was only just told that I had to kill them today. And now here you are." Fabienne was in tears when she saw them, they flew to the bars and both howled like wolves. They recognised her and knew she'd come to save them. At the Refugio their joy knew no bounds and there existed a special bond between her and these two sweet dogs. Dogs know.

So now the adorable Loeka has her forever home. Sweet Nanyo is still waiting. Please, please can she have a happy ending too. This is her page, where you can read all about this special dog, so close to Fabienne's heart.

Beautiful Nanyo

Still waiting. Who will give her a happy ending like Loeka?

A visit from Pebbles

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

It's really lovely for me when Pebbles comes for a visit !! We are great friends! Thanks ACE for getting me here. 😀😀😀

Greetings from Bella

Snuggled up together.

Great friends.

Puck and Aaltje

Our two Spanish ladies Puck and Aaltje. They both come from ACE. Puck has now been with us for three and a half years and Aaltje for six months. They are getting on really great together. We are very happy with them.

A very welcome donation ...

Many thanks to Mevr.Annie Lejeune for the collection. She does this twice a year for us.

A big thank you, Annie!!

Have a lovely Easter Weekend.

Sebastian has found his forever home ...

Sebastian (known as Nero at ACE) is already quite at home with his new family. In the photos below you can see him asleep on his new mum's lap, in the car with a new friend, cuddling with his new boss, out for a walk and in the house. The last row of photos shows once more his new mistress, sitting in the carrier waiting to fly home and in the arms of Fabienne with Jannette, who took escorted him home on the plane.

Raspi: 'home' was a tiny terrace!

Raspi - his sad eyes reflect his sad life

He was bought as a beautiful, sweet cuddly ball of wool, but he began to grow. Once or twice he peed indoors, he wanted to play, his baby teeth were replaced by proper teeth and he began to chew the the beautiful furniture! The handmade furniture now had teeth marks. Something had to be done, so the young puppy was put outside to live on a tiny terrace.

We were told this story as if this behaviour was completely normal. 'You understand, don't you' she continued 'that we've had enough now. That unkept dog, look how bad he looks.' As if the dog was capable of arranging to get himself to a groomer.  'Look how dirty and filthy he's made the house. We don't want him any more, dirty animal! While she was saying all this Raspi was beside her, looking sadly out of his lovely eyes.

I took the dog from her and really wanted to tell her that I thought she was a terrible person and that I hate hypocrites like her. But I didn't.  I used my time and energy on Raspi - much more worthwhile.
Raspi is so sweet, but so obviously fearful of being beaten. His eyes still look so sad but we will make a different. Tomorrow he'll be happy and healthy again.

Poor neglected chap - he can't help the state he's in

We will make you happy again, sweet boy.

Sien - free, happy and no longer alone

Sien in his 'prison' - no way out

Sien on arrival at the Refugio

Do you remember our Sien. We gave him this name because it is the Dutch word for Orange. Because this poor little dog had been abandoned in a walled garden, completely enclosed with no way out. And no food or drink. The resourceful fellow kept himself alive for two whole years - by eating the oranges that fell from the tree in the garden. How he survived is a mystery, as is the determination he had to stay alive.

The good news is that this sweet boy has now been adopted and as you will see from the little video he has the freedom to run, which he is obviously enjoying. His adopter, Eric, says ...

We put Sien on a long lead, with a piece of wood at the end. Every time he comes back to Sabine he gets a reward, in the hope that eventually he will come back without the need for a reward to encourage him. 

Click here for the video

Regards Erwin

March 21, 2016

Heat Lamps: keeping our doggies warm

Dear friends,

We have reached a total of 100 heat lamps for which our sincere thanks! These lamps will
protect more than half of our dogs from the cold nights.

Any further help is still welcome, to allow us to give all of our four-legged friend a warm cage.
Naturally we will welcome any further donations.

If you are able to give € 35 you can have your name, or another name, on the lamp.

Bank details below.

Account number: NL02 ABNA 0463 518 128
T.n.v. T. v.d. Pants on ACE Charity

Account number BE42 7805 9221 8254
t.n.v. Animal Care Espana Dogs In Distress

March 20, 2016


Marit with Mickey, left, and Loa, right.

I would like to sing the praises of the Bodeguero. From what I observe, there are as many of them in the shelter as there are Galgos and Podencos. Often bought when they are puppies as a toy for children, they are dumped as soon as they get older. I have two dogs, one from another refuge and a little bitch from ACE - Mickey and Loa.

Together my sister and I have joint custody of the two dogs, I work full time and so we can enjoy them together without them missing out on anything. They spend three days and four nights a week with me, four days and three nights a week with my sister. They're both as much at ease and at home in both homes and both belong there.

Mickey has been with us since the beginning of 2015 and stole our hearts in March 2014. We were visiting Loa in Belgium, she was still very nervous. She found all sounds scary, people outside were scary, cyclists were dangerous. Actually, this little dog had been badly used and did not dare to come near us.

But with the other dogs she was a cheerful and fantastic! On her first walk she dared to rebuke Mickey and seeing that we were convinced that despite her fear she would quickly make friends with the cheerful and carefree Mickey. And that's what happened! Within two months we had a dog that is no longer afraid and is confident in most situations. She goes on long walks with the horse (2 1/2 to 3 hours to the beach and back). She walks nicely on the lead and off. She is no longer afraid of cyclists and finds life beautiful! She plays with Mickey on every walk and prances about, delicious to see. We go to the beach, where despite her short legs she outruns everyone.

Bodegueros are versatile, have a handy size (never thought I would have such a little dog :)) and want to do their best for their owner. They are super sporty and gentle with other animals (we have two cats and they also go to the stables and run between the horses) and children. They are definately terriers, they occasionally have a mind of their own but do not have the megalomania of the Jack Russell. Overall they are fantastic, refined versatile dogs. I hope to be able to save even more in the future (and am often tempted :)). My wish for everyone is that they adopt a Bodeguero.


Loa with one of the cats

Long walks on the beach with friends

Loa, background, and Mickey, foreground. 

Friends together


Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce you to Nils and tell our story.

He's a beagle mix about 2 years old. He has adorable eyebrows, which always make him seem sad.

In August I went to ACE for the first time, with my father, to help out for a couple of days.

What surprised me was how sweet and affectionate dogs are. Each and every one are dear. Yet I noticed one dog up in the loft in the corner. Bare and alone he was just sitting there staring at me. When he saw me he gently wagged his tail. When I came up to him, he was so happy he almost wagged his tail off.

I went into his kennel and he came right down onto my lap, gently nibbled my fingers while he looked at me cheerfully. I wondered why he was alone, as he appeared to be a sweet gentle dog.
It seems he was found to have ringworm, aha ... that's why he was alone. Every day I came back to look for him to play with him. Until it was time to say goodbye.

When I got home I couldn't get him out of my head. After 5 days we contacted ACE. I knew there were a number of trainees who were looking after his treatment and occasionally they sent a picture.
In October we came back and he was completely healed, he even had a boyfriend - Rafa. He was greatly changed, he was able to go to the field and he had learnt how to play again. He had another test and he was completely clear.

After two weeks Neils was flown to the Netherlands where we picked him up at the airport to take him into foster care. After he was three weeks with us, it was already clear that the parting would be very difficut. He followed me everywhere, he looked for me even when I was not there. He fitted perfectly into our pack of three dogs that we already had at home, including from ACE.

A couple seemed to be interested but they pulled out. So my parents decided (secretly) to think about adoption. And yes, my parents had become infatuated with Nils and decided to adopt him. He is far too sweet and impossible to let go.

Nils is really my dog, my child, my shadow, he's very sweet and affectionate.
Really I could not be without him now ...

ACE thanks for the great job and for saving Nils.

A paw from Nils.

A nice wash

In the Refugio - please take me home

Falling in love

Home with my brother

Sweet dreams

In my smart new coat (it has a hood too!)


We got Pepe (he was called Pepino) mid-December. After spending about 5 days tucked away under the bed tucked he sought raprochement and finally, when we were abe to pat him it was as though he had long since been expecting it. He could not stop cuddling and head butting us.

After 3 months it is as if he has always been here. Pepe's totally at home and is not afraid, he'll love anyone who comes and he likes to be stroked. He can be very cheeky and naughty and knows very well when something is not allowed.

His favorite time of day is when he is allowed to stay in our bed in the mornings.

Those eyes!

This is my purr-fect place

Don't disturb me. I'se asleep.

Ina and Natita

Ina - a very contented pusscat in her golden basket (well, stripey blanket!)

In fact, this looks as if she's found the bed!

Natita meets the Press!

Thank you for the generous provisions...

Hello Everyone,

Here are the goods and provisions that have arrived courtesy of Yvonne Pille! Once again thank you for the cages, for the medication, the provisions, the wipes and much more.

Lots of good wishes and a big hug from our dogs.



All arrived safely

Provisions including lots of wipes

Even more wipes

Still more goods

Miguel hard at work

There's a lot to unload

Some of the medication

Dirk with some of our new baskets and containers

Our dogs are very lucky dogs

Still more to come

Stephen and Miguel