June 29, 2013

Just four weeks between the photos - but a whole new world for little Flo


It's so wonderful to get to know a dog at the Refugio, to see its first meeting with its new boss and then, just a few weeks later, to see the photos of this same dear creature living a life of love and luxury. I was there on 16th May when Will met Reentje for the first time. Will's niece, Flo, had sent her pictures and it had been love at first sight. Now Will was here to meet her new companion, to get to know her and to take her home forever.

Reentje, now called Flo has taken to her new life as if born to it. Her past is sad - mistreated, she gave birth to seven puppies, all but one were taken from her. Happily the surviving puppy is up for adoption and Flo can look to the most wonderful future. She's settled in as if she'd always lived in Amsterdam - despite the scooters and the bicycles and the people. She loves riding in the car. She's totally at home in the boat, a born sailor.

Will is so happy with her new darling. Flo is great with children, with other dogs and with people. Her tail wags all day.  Will is so grateful to A.C.E. and to Fabienne and to everyone at El Refugio, who saved her Flo and continue to rescue so many wonderful dogs and find them forever homes.

Will meets Flo at El Refugio

You're coming home with me, little one

Flo in Amsterdam

Flo and her adored new boss, having a great time together

What a wonderful life. Thank you A.C.E.

June 27, 2013

As sweet as apple pie - Duska in Algeciras

With my friend.

What a very pretty girl I am.

Sometimes I get a bit worried ...

... will I get a forever home soon?

But I'm safe here for the moment and they all look after me very nicely.

Hello England (and Holland and Belgium) - here we are ...

.... we're all waiting to go home one day. In the meantime, it's nice to sleep in the sun with our friends and have cuddles and treats from the students and everyone here.

Having a little siesta - we are in Spain after all.

I found this cuddly lining - don't tell anyone will you!

I've been to the hairdresser and had a nice bath and I feel all lovely.

I'm a little bit sad. Can I have my golden basket soon. Pleeeeese!

June 22, 2013

Algeciras - one day in May

Hello. Have you come to see us?

During my visit last month, we drove to the Algeciras refuge. Fabienne took the Belgian students, Saskia and Sarah, with her in the ACE transport van. I went with Verla, Frank and Ilsa in their car. Like El Refugio the Algeciras centre used to be a killing station. It is now a rescue centre, run by the wonderful Paki. The dogs all have room to run around - and there are cats too. Lots of cats and kittens.  Here is the photographic record of a happy day.

 We love visitors.

 Puppies! Lots of puppies.

A kiss for Frank.

What are you doing in my cage?

The lovely lady who cares for the cats. With friend. 

Saskia has her arms full!

Saskia and Verla with the fluffy puppies.

 Smile! Cuddle! Lick!


June 21, 2013

Dogs. Our friends, loyal companions, family members - and teachers

One day at El Refugio - 20th June 2013

Hey you, we're here!

 More operations - sterilisation and castration means healthier, happier dogs

 Little sick puppy - so sad

 Having a good hair day

 Lovely hairdresser, happy dog

What are you doing with those scissors? 

 And what are you doing to my ear!

 All done - now for a lovely wash

Our Diane - tired, tired. So much to do.

June 16, 2013

More sweet souls have found their golden baskets

Fifty two of our dogs flew off to Holland last month. Lovely to see some of those I knew in May - I even went to the airport with some of them, including Truffel and Sienna as well as dear Micky who 'christened' a corner of the airport by doing a pooh!  Luckily lots of poop bags were on hand! It's recorded on the Barking News section of the website! So delighted that they now have loving homes and so grateful to their adoptive families. And many thanks to Ineke for another great collage.

June 15, 2013

All the way from Holland by bike - all for the dogs

It took months to plan and many exhausting hours on the road. Finally the end was in sight. Last week Roos, who had last been to El Refugio five years ago as a student, finished her long journey by bike. A journey of 2,300 miles, all the way from Holland, to raise funds for the dogs. 

Accompanied on the last part of her journey by the ACE transport, with Fabienne and Ton and Natasha filming the event, she arrived to a warm reception. Once inside she presented Fabienne and Ton with a cheque for €3,250 - a truly amazing sum. And she even saved a little dog while on the road. What a star, this Roos. Thanks also go to her mother, father and stepfather who supported her all the way.

The end is in sight

A warm hug from Fabienne

Ton's turn to greet Roos

Roos holds the little dog she rescued on the road.

An admiring and grateful reception committee

Ton and Roos appear on Mijas TV

June 12, 2013

How true ...

Xenon gets a haircut

He runs around near the office, a happy little chap into every sort of mischief. Always in the front row when the students are having their lunch and quick off the mark too. He's a sweet little fellow, very handsome but rather in need of a hair cut and a bit of a wash. Look at him now, all brushed and smart.

Ooh. Am I going to get a treat?

Later! What do you mean 'later'?

Can I go now?

Butter wouldn't melt ....

See, I'm being really good!

Can I have my treat now?