August 31, 2016

Trust - abandoned to his fate

Trust - a truly appropriate name for this courageous, loving dog

Trust was abandoned to his fate. This small helpless and neglected dog was found in one of the slums of Algeciras. He lay on the banks of the river, hiding in the tall grass, just a soft whine was audible ...
A little Spanish boy took the dog home.

This however was not well recieved by his Mommy! The dog was put back where he was found. His condition deteriorated rapidly and we were alerted. It was very bad.

At barely five kilograms this little dog is in very poor condition. He is completely covered in scabs and very heavily neglected, a living skeleton; but that little stump, where his tail once was, is tirelessly waving back and forth!

His eyes radiate gratitude, even though his body is overwhelmed with itching. He is indescribably sweet, so grateful. To each person who greets him he gives true friendship. It's incredible after all the suffering he has and the cruel way he has been treated.

We called him TRUST, because he continues to have confidence "no matter what". His health is now taking shape. His skin and the inflammation are now improving and when he gets his bowl of food and a fresh bowl of water, he can not believe his luck!


Do you live in the east of the country, if so we are relying on you! We have many adoption applications in Ommen area but we do not have enough volunteers to do the home visits in the region. This could mean that an adoption is not able to progress and we would lose adopters.

Become an important link in the adoption process for our dogs.

Perhaps you yourself have adopted a dog from ACE, if so you already know a bit of what it implies. Or maybe you have been committed to ACE for many years and now you want to do something for the Spanish dogs yourself! Now you can!

As a home visitor, you work on a voluntary basis. You'll visit families in your area who have indicated a wish to adopt one of our dogs. Using a questionnaire, you will visit them and conduct an interview. It is important that you have knowledge about dogs and prefererably foreign dogs. You should be able to explain clearly what the adoption of a Spanish dog entails. You are spontaneous and dare to ask difficult questions.

Has this piqued your interest? If so please send an email with your information and motivation to this address - You will then receive further information about the function of home visitor.

A fun competition on ACE day

Everyone coming to the 'Big Reunion' can take part in a contest with a great prize.

At the entrance everyone will get a piece of paper with a question, answer this question as well as you can and deliver the paper to the merchandise stall.

You then have the chance to win a delicious cake for your dog, sponsored and made by Petcake. (

The week after "The Big Reunion" the winner will be announced on this page.
If you have not yet signed up for the ACE day, mail me to ☺️

See you on September 3

August 30, 2016

Thank you on behalf of all the abandoned dogs around the world


I have had him since since April 12 and he is awesome !! Sweet, enthusiastic, a good sleeper if I can take my gaze off him and he listens sooo well! With everyone he is fantastic and really true, I'm so surprised by his amazing character !! He is sweet even with large dogs and small dogs and with cats.

I got him through ACE (Animal Care Espania) and have recently also visited the places where he lived, in order to understand his background a little better.   First he lived on the street, from where he was taken to the killing station of Los Barios; at the end of August, 2015 ACE took him away from there with, on that occasion, 20 other dogs. When he arrived at ACE, his ears were broken how exactly remains a mystery.

Then at ACE in late March he was attacked in the night by some of the dogs there, why remains unclear, but it left him almost dead. After the attack he went to another shelter in Mijas, to ensure that there would be no more attacks. Wonderful that ACE acted so!

It was then that I looked back at some videos taken six months earlier (through my sister Wendy de Haas) and expressed interest and I heard that he actually was supposed to go to another family, but they did not want him anymore because of the attack his visible stitches, (which probably would cause permanent "beauty" damage to his body) and the behavioral problems that might come with it.

Their choice to reject him was my good luck !!! 😊I wanted Lupy (his original name ace) just as he was and when I heard this, I was even more convinced that he would be more than welcome to come to me. And strangely enough, I (as opposed to other people interested in him) was just totally not afraid of possibe permanent damage. He looked so eager and strong on the first video, with his torn ears. So why would another almost deadly attack change him ...? He will have experienced much worse on the street and  tjaaaa ... whats new;) I thought ? So time and love will heal him.

In retrospect quite right, because Jupy is great and he has no additional scars from the attack. Previously he was very afraid of trucks and scooters  & now he sits behind my legs when we are crossing a street, doesn't panic any more is super cute and he trusts me enough to know that everything will be fine. Really super !!!! ❤👍🌞

I am so fond of him and so proud of him! The best part, he goes to my speech therapy practice and everyone is crazy about him! He sits obediently waiting for my breaks and helps small children relax when speech therapy makes them anxious. If they are allergic he goes to the pharmacy, where everyone is crazy about him too. So super, I love him ❤😃👍👍👍!



Vicky at peace

On August 2nd we picked Vicky up at the airport, a stray rescued from a dog pound. A timid and withdrawn dog that started at every sound and movement. It is now 4 weeks later and everything's going well with her! She runs free in the woods and on the beach, along with our previously adopted dog Chica (lucky 28-1-2013) She is a treasure of a creature, still very wary but she has found her peace at home. She is social, playful and likes to go in the car. It is obvious that she is grateful and that is great.

Actually we are the lucky ones .....

Greetings, family Braaij

Happy Vicky

Running free

August 29, 2016

Sura: our special dog from Malaga

On September 4, Sura will have been with us for one year. She came join our dog team, made up of Soleil, a Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen, already more than 13 years old, who shares her life with us and Marre, another Spanish beauty, from Barcelona, ​​who we have had for about four years when we gave her a forever home.

We saw Sura, who was then still called Madeleine,  last year around July / August on the ACE website. Actually we very quickly fell in love with her, but initially Madeleine had been reserved by other people. After some time ACE reported that they had heard nothing more from these people and  if we wanted her we could still reserve. We did that and then it all happened very quickly and we told she would land at Rotterdam / The Hague Airport on 4 September.

This is our 3rd dog from abroad, the predecessor of Marre came from Athens and this was the first time we were to pick up the dog straight from the airport. There were more dogs arriving at the same time. Madeleine was with another small dog in a cage and was obviously, like all the other dogs that arrived quite timid when she first put her paws on Dutch soil.

We had put a nice basket in the back of the car; the other two dogs had stayed at home as it seems easier for them to meet each other on their home ground. We had decided to change her name from Madeleine to Sura. Surabaya is my hometown and because the dog was a birthday present I could choose her name. Sura was well behaved right away, curled up comfortably on her blanket and we have not heard a peep from her during the journey home.

At home it was natural that a new place would take some getting used to for such a new little pipsqueak. Everything felt a little weird and she was very shy. But because we often have other dogs in the house, Soleil and Marre did not have any difficulties with her. On the contrary, actually ... our other Spanish dog Marre took to her quickly and acted a bit like her surrogate mother and guardian From the beginning these two are always together in the basket and on the couch.

Sura, now exactly a year with us, has turned out to be a cheerful, sturdy dog ​​that day after day, hour after hour takes pleasure in life. When she got to our house, she immediately started with a big exploration. We have a pond in the garden and which exerts an enormous attraction to her. She can circle it for hours, distressing the frogs who thought they couls get in some peaceful hunting. The rest of the garden is still regularly inspected. Some shrubs are like a jungle for her, she can totally disappear there and go on adventures.

The first few months she was looking to us for protection quite often. She would crawl onto your lap, her head buried under your arm and then she felt safe. That is happening less. Though she obviously still regularly gladly curls up in your lap, just to enjoy the closeness. She still eats her food really quickly and greedily. Once the chunks are in her bowl two minutes later she's gulped it down. The other dogs leave them alone if they are eating.

She doesn't often play with balls and stick, but sometimes, suddenly, she grabs one of the soft toys in the dog basket and goes wild with rage.  She doesn't play for long but she has a huge amount of fun. Kimo's grandson was with her in her training class. That went well and in September they will go again together. Transportation is not a problem for Sura. She enjoys traveling in the car, wears her safety belt and finds that no problem.

On May 21 I was at the Greyhounds Protest Day in The Hague. I traveled by train from Nijmegen to The Hague and Sura loved the trip in the train. And all those great Greyhounds around didn't scare her and she walked bravely to the Spanish Embassy. In July / August we went on a cycling holiday. Our elderly dog ​​stayed at home and Marre and Sura each had access to a dog cart and took part in the cycling adventure. That was very nice, the whole day outdoors and then in the evening at the hotel and of course when we went to eat they could stay together in the hotel room.

It is remarkable that since we have had this adventure Sura became more sure of herself. This is particularly evident from the fact that since then she can run loose. She observes ... sometimes remains some way behind, but when she is called comes quickly running up, her eyes saying 'I'm with you and really want to stay with you. Well…. that's mutual. We are in our element with this dog. Choosing her to give her her golden basket was also for us a golden opportunity.

Here are some videos of Sura.
Sura has just arrived ... sniff the vegetation. Click here
Sura at home? Yes .. Sura is our dog? Yes! Click here
Sura can now roam freely! Click here

Update: Bimba

Already two weeks have passed since the arrival of our Bimmeke and everything is fine. She already feels at home and is playful and a scamp - in the best sense of the word. She also enjoys her daily walks, a hug, playing with the shoe, or guarding the garden.

Best regards and nice weekend,

John & Bimba.

Playing with that naughty shoe!

Guarding the garden!

Arrivals : Eindhoven, 25th August

There they are !!!

Maura handsome, rather shy but soon relaxed and hugged everyone ..

Jozien .. Relaxed and slightly overwhelmed but was soon enjoying the joy of the adoptive parents as they cudded him in their arms!

And yes .. Kima.. the very sweet handsome rascal. A little bit stressed out but happy to give everyone kisses.

We wish you heaps of luck in your new life !!

Love Esther and Vivian.


Does anyone still remember Zape? The happiest dog now leads a life fit for a king - so great, our hero! 😘😘

Ice cream! Yum!

A wonderful life for a happy dog.

August 27, 2016

Why? Why? Why?

Some of our doggies get adopted quickly. Others take a little longer to find their forever homes. And still others stay with us for several years - with a very unlucky few it's many years. We call them our urgent cases. These dear souls are just as deserving of their own loving family but for some reason they have been overlooked. They may be a little older, maybe they wouldn't win a beauty contest or maybe they just don't stand out but their characters are just as sweet, they are good dogs, kind dogs with a lot of love to give.

So we want to put the spotlight on them. We want to boost their chances of finding a home. To show you just how wonderful and special they are. I'll probably do this over several posts starting with three who have been with us for around three years. These are not the only 'long stayers' - you can find more darlings on the website. All three of  the dogs on this post are in foster care and would love you to visit, get to know them - and maybe take them home?


Delila and her four puppies were in great danger. They were living on the golf course at La Cala de Mijas and it would only have been a matter of time before the owners called in the dog catchers from the killing station. Luckily we got there first. Delila is five years old now and between the Refugio and foster care she has been with us for three years. Please, could you open your heart to this lovely quiet dog. She needs a family of her own. Read more and see the little video here.


Dear Nino is ten already and has been with us for two of those ten years. This beautiful cross labrador is a sweet, calm fellow who loves playing, according to his foster family. He is best not placed with small dogs and cats and only older children. He would love to just be the only dog, with a sweet boss who he can love for the rest of his life. For more photos and video and full information, please click.


Cala came to us in a terrible state, two years ago. She had delivered her puppies somewhere in the campo but the people in the neighbourhood were threatening to kill them. They were saved by a young man who tried to hide them - when it became too difficult he asked us for help. The little ones did well, becoming fat little bundles of gorgeousness. Poor Cala though was emaciated and covered in fleas. But finally she got less timid, put on weight and went to loving foster parents. And now this dear mama needs a home of her own. Will you offer her one? More photos, information and videos here

August 22, 2016

SOS: Our Jack Sparrow

Pining for his friend

Who says dogs have no feelings!!!

Jack Sparrow and Tom Hanks were rescued together from a terrible place by a police officer. They were intended to be used as bait in dog fighting. Two really brave animals who have always, always been together.

They had been stolen from somewhere, who knows but they were always together. In the Refugio they always did everything together and both were well behaved animals.Jack Sparrow has been with us since January. Tom Hanks had more luck. He went to a great foster family and was adopted very quickly from there.

When Tom Hanks left, we though our Jack would soon follow. But when Tom left our darling changed into a quiet, listless dog. He eat something the first day, but kept looking and looking around - where was his friend? It was really heartbreaking to see how this dog was missing his friend .. how he thought he would come back, how he continued to hope and then gradually gave up.

Our Jack Sparrow urgently needs a foster family or an adopter who wants to give him a happy life ... he is mourning now gradually his spirit is breaking  .. we are making a separate appeal  here because we're worried about this sweet dog - we need to do something urgently that can revive him and change his life .. and help him forget the past.

Please read more about this beautiful, sad dog here and watch him playing with his friend Tom Hanks on the video - and please help if you can.

August 20, 2016

Gitana - a happy pussy cat

Yes, I am beautiful! I'm sweet too.


Picture of a contented cat!

Beware of my friend. Yes. Don't be fooled by the picture. He is right inside!

Told you!!!

Sabina - a long two-year wait

Sabina also been waiting for two years waiting to be adopted, who wants to give her a real "home" ??

For years Sabina and her friend Elvio spent their days in a small, smelly room, shut off from light and air, with just a bit of green water at their disposal. They were occasionally given some food. When a girl discovered their distressing condition, she immediately filed a complaint with the Environmental Police. When the owner of Sabina and Elvio heard of it, he just let them loose on the streets. For weeks they walked around the village, always together and inseperable. Until finally we were able to catch them.

Elvio was adopted after several months, but Sabina is still here. She's a brave lady who definitely stands her ground among the other dogs. With people she is friendly and social. She is very smart and learns quickly. Who will finally give Sabina finally her ticket towards happiness?

Click here for the video taken by Eugenie.

Jade and Turquesa

A movie made by Eugenie.

They want so badly to stay together but have been waiting two years for the owner who wants to adopt them both. Click here to watch the movie.

For more information about Jade click here.

For more information about Turquesa click here.

Guus and Bobby

Guusje, this great sweetie has given us great respect and admiration for the foundation

Bobby before and after, looks good huh ??

Even without his curls a handsome guy anyway?