January 29, 2016

Some doggies - some little hearts ...

Some lovely photos sent by Fabienne 

Cosy cuddles.

Little Mia

Mia sleeping

Wht's going on?

Back to sleep

Tana - so quiet, so sweet

We all want to go!

Tana on the couch

We still want to go out - wherever you go, we go!

Little Bente - getting sweeter every day

The pastor and his goats ...

... and his dog.

Little Bente with his bone

January 24, 2016

Update: Poor, beautiful Sien

Safe but so very sad.

Sien, this beautiful soul who was left all alone for two whole years with no company, no food, no care. All alone in a walled garden, he survived by will power alone and by eating the oranges that fell from a tree in the garden and some dirty water sometimes thrown over the wall.

Fabienne writes about him again in her diary - he's been with us now for a short time. He's very skinny and blind in one eye. We will help him get better but Fabienne writes that he has never know love or kindess and he is sad, so sad. Her great hope, all our hopes, are that this sweet fellow finds happiness soon. Who will show Sien how precious he is?

January 23, 2016

Sorry! Normal Service will be resumed as soon as possible!!!

Dear Everyone,

I'm really sorry there have not been many posts on the blog recently. I am moving home and in fact going to a different part of the country. So it's taking lots of time and energy. I will try and put some posts on this weekend and as often as I can. I apologise to everyone who has sent news and photos of their rescue dogs. I will catch up as soon as I can. 

January 15, 2016

How could a dog survive on only oranges for two whole years!

All alone for two years with only oranges to survive on.

Poor Sien, until now his life has not been a succcess story.

He lived in a deserted house for two whole years. The house had a walled garden and for those two years he managed to survive on a diet of the oranges that were growing in the small garden. It is a miracle how the poor animal managed to stay alive……It is a miracle that he is still living……A miracle that nobody noticed…….

Sien is now living with us. He is suffering from anemia and is badly malnourished, he also seems hard of hearing. He is a complete wreck……He couldn't have gone on much longer……We are hoping that he may survive…..

His ordeal has been indescribable……..

He is a Bodeguero, a dog that has so much to offer. He expected so much of his life…..
He is now with us and firstly we are going to make him better and hope that he will recover completely. We have named him Sien, after the Dutch word for oranges (appelsienen) that were growing in the garden and that have kept him alive….


Have  you come to rescue me?

You can practically see every bone in his poor little body.

Safe but bewildered

On his way to a happier future.

Snapshots from El Refugio ...

12th February

Dirk and Friends!

All cosy and warm.


Have you got treats for us?

Such lovely coats to keep us warm.

Look at me! I'm a tiger. 


      Snug in my tartan coat.


Our lovely Galgos enjoying the sun

Safe and dry.

January 10, 2016

Beautiful, beautiful Mia!

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

Posting pictures of our sweet doggies in their new homes is always such a pleasure. It's what we work for. This is our reward and our grateful thanks go to everyone involved in their rescue, their care and the adoptions. Thank you everyone - here's litte Mia to prove the point.

That little face!

Those wonderful eyes!

Such a happy little dog in her forever home.

Ragebol : tangled up in misery

Tuesday 5th January, 2016

He dragged himself through the days, barely eating, not drinking ... and that coat! He could hardly walk because of the tangles that clung to him on all sides.  It's hard to imagine that he's actually a handsome Perro de Agua, under all that mess.

That's how he came to us .. a heap of misery, literally and figuratively. But what a grateful dog!
He has a social and good character, he's loving with humans and animals too. We think he belonged to a shepherd, ... because here the shepherds usually neglect their dogs severely and if they are tired of them just dump them.

We've named him Ragebol. Once he's had a chance to settle in he'll be a wonderful companion, that's for sure.

More information about Ragebol can be found here.

A happy chap, despite the cruel neglect.

Eager to please, a sociable chap.

Friendly and forgiving.

January 02, 2016

Pretty, Friendly Cala

Such beautiful eyes

We named him Cala after our little town, La Cala de Mijas. He's a sweet friendly chap, currently living at what we call the Cat's Hotel - though there are plenty of dogs there too. It's on the hill above the Refugio. Cala is three years old with lovely tabby markings.  He would love a home of his very own. Please. Who could show Cala lots of love and a warm basket?

A very friendly fellow

Our first dog of the year: Ruud

A beautiful, simple soul

Ruud almost died in November 2010. But he didn't die. He fought to stay alive. This is his story.

Ruud is a Podenco Labrador cross, a very simple dog, not striking to look at but a particularly sweet dog ... His life story is one that touches your heart .. I can assure you.

Ruud was handed into the killing station many years ago .. when he was there his days were counting down. Suddenly a great storm brewed up and engulfed the killing station. Conditions were terrible, the entire place was flooded and many dogs all around him were drowned. Others survived somehow, who knows how. And Ruud too clung to life.

Due to the great distress and the terrible situation, a call went out to several animal shelters in the area. Ruud was taken into one of the large shelter. And there he stayed for years and years. No human came to rescue him, no owner to offer him a golden basket, ..
And so this sweet dog saw life pass by him every day.

But he decided to accept his fate, enjoy his life, to make the best of things, to keep hoping ... but it took too long and his little dog's body gradually became stiff and rigid, the walls closed in, it was all  monotonous and sad and his morale and strength were quietly being extinguished ...

Some of our volunteers noticed him during a visit to the large shelter and they asked if we wanted to give him a chance. No sooner said and promised than done, and so this captivating sweet dog is now with us. His simple pure and sweet spirit makes you melt, there's nothing bad here, no harm in him at all. He threw himself into thanking us with abandon, full of grateful licks, thanking us for the new big basket, for the thick blanket - this is all new for Ruud, and he wants to show his great appreciation.

He explains this by placing his beautiful sweet head in your hands and looks up at you as if to say,
"I would love a golden basket ... I would love it if I too could have one."
Tears spring into your eyes, knowing what he went through and suffered, this simple, uncomplicated darling, ..

This is our first dog this year, ... let's start with him ... .Search for his paradise on earth ..
Ruud deserves it so much.


Uncomplaining, Ruud makes the best of things

Such a sweetheart - he deserves a wonderful life

Our first dog of the year - a very deserving dog. Who will give him his longed for golden basket?

Loman, Much Mellow and Rekke - here they are, safely arrived at Eindhoven airport

Today Loman, Rekke and Much Mellow arived at Eindhoven. Loman, an elderly gentleman who sat for so long behind bars, finally goes to his golden basket where he can still enjoy many years of happiness. Young Rekke was still a little unsure, but he will certainly be fine and will settle in. The adopter of Much Mellow had flown to Spain to pick her up himself. For these three the year could not have begun more beautifully. Good luck to them all and many thanks and good wishes to their adopters. May you have many loving years together.

The wait is over for Loman, Much Mellow and Rekke - first Malaga airport ...

Here are Loman, Much Mellow and Rekke flying out - flying away to their golden baskets.
Loman has waited for so long for his own warm basket- it's super wonderful that the year has begun so well for him. Here are some photos of them getting ready and at Malaga airport.

Loman - preparing for his new life. 

A final goodbye and hug

Arrival at Malaga airport - a bit exciting and a bit scary

Much Mellow waiting for the flight

Our dear Loman with our dear Diane

Rekke having a little roll about

Loman going through security - what's that pram doing there he's wondering.