January 02, 2016

Our first dog of the year: Ruud

A beautiful, simple soul

Ruud almost died in November 2010. But he didn't die. He fought to stay alive. This is his story.

Ruud is a Podenco Labrador cross, a very simple dog, not striking to look at but a particularly sweet dog ... His life story is one that touches your heart .. I can assure you.

Ruud was handed into the killing station many years ago .. when he was there his days were counting down. Suddenly a great storm brewed up and engulfed the killing station. Conditions were terrible, the entire place was flooded and many dogs all around him were drowned. Others survived somehow, who knows how. And Ruud too clung to life.

Due to the great distress and the terrible situation, a call went out to several animal shelters in the area. Ruud was taken into one of the large shelter. And there he stayed for years and years. No human came to rescue him, no owner to offer him a golden basket, ..
And so this sweet dog saw life pass by him every day.

But he decided to accept his fate, enjoy his life, to make the best of things, to keep hoping ... but it took too long and his little dog's body gradually became stiff and rigid, the walls closed in, it was all  monotonous and sad and his morale and strength were quietly being extinguished ...

Some of our volunteers noticed him during a visit to the large shelter and they asked if we wanted to give him a chance. No sooner said and promised than done, and so this captivating sweet dog is now with us. His simple pure and sweet spirit makes you melt, there's nothing bad here, no harm in him at all. He threw himself into thanking us with abandon, full of grateful licks, thanking us for the new big basket, for the thick blanket - this is all new for Ruud, and he wants to show his great appreciation.

He explains this by placing his beautiful sweet head in your hands and looks up at you as if to say,
"I would love a golden basket ... I would love it if I too could have one."
Tears spring into your eyes, knowing what he went through and suffered, this simple, uncomplicated darling, ..

This is our first dog this year, ... let's start with him ... .Search for his paradise on earth ..
Ruud deserves it so much.


Uncomplaining, Ruud makes the best of things

Such a sweetheart - he deserves a wonderful life

Our first dog of the year - a very deserving dog. Who will give him his longed for golden basket?

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