January 30, 2012

Food for thought ...

                Until you have loved an animal, a part of your soul will remain dormant

January 29, 2012

Puppy Alert - will you help fill these little tummies?

Dear Animal Lovers and Sympathisers,

People often ask us ‘what can we do to help’? ‘What do you need?’ ‘Is there anything practical we can offer?’

Well, here’s something we badly need right now.  At present there’s a great shortage of puppy food at the Refugio.  So many little puppies have been dumped lately, or discovered abandoned or brought to the gates.  We badly need more food for them – puppy food is simply not cheap.

If you could help to fill those little rumbling tummies, we’d be so grateful.  For details about collection in Belgium click on inzamelingbelgie@ace-charity.org or in the Netherlands it’s vrijwilligersnederland@ace-charity.org 

If you are in the UK or not able to send food, but would like to donate some money for this project, that would be great.

For Belgium the account number is : Belgie-Dexia 780.5922182.54
For the Netherlands it is: 4635.18.128 t.n.v. Ace-charity Venlo.
If you’d rather send via Paypal, please see the details on the main website - http://ace-charity.org/en/

Update - Great News about Boliche

This was Boliche in October, so sad but just hoping 
One of my first posts on this blog (26th November, 2011) was about this dear, apparently doomed animal – his days ticking away at the killing station. He’d been taken there by his family who no longer wanted him. He didn’t understand what he’d done wrong.

And now there’s some great news.  Here is a letter from his new foster family. Google Translate is not very accurate so here, with many apologies for any inaccuracies, is Babette and Boliche’s story.

“In October 2009, we met our first ACE dog, Casanova, at Schiphol airport. We shed tears of joy that he was finally with us. Now called Joris Goedbloed, he’s a wonderful, loving animal. So exemplary a dog that we wanted to save another one. This was our Bella, a Podenco, our princess.

Later, I went to the Refugio with my mother, to help out. We flew back to the Netherlands with six dogs, one of whom was Vladder, now sleeping on my mother’s bed! In January this year I flew back to Spain to pick up some more dogs – this time I decided to foster Boliche, when I saw that he was counting the days in the killing station.

Boliche came safely home on our flight. He can stay with us now until a special family falls in love with him. He’s been with us for 10 days. He’s getting on very well with our three Siamese cats and our 2 dogs. He walks up the stairs himself and is perfectly clean. He’s getting a little brighter every day.

                                  Just look at this happy boy now!

He is very focused on me (his foster mum) so I think Boliche will be a perfect and delightful dog for someone looking for a mate for life. He’s happy to roam in the forest and he comes back whenever you call him. I do not know how Boliche is with children, but he’s doing very well with adult dogs and cats, though he is somewhat reserved around strangers. We find it amazing that after 10 days he’s already adapted so well. Some sounds make him nervous, but this will improve with time because he is a very sweet character.

We are very proud of Fabienne and the ACE Foundation and all the lovely people who volunteer.

Dear friends thanks!"

Babette, Shervin, Casanova, Bella and Boliche

With apologies, Babette, for any inaccuracies in the translation!

January 26, 2012

January 25, 2012

Beautiful Victoria – heroine of the hour.

Gentle Victoria lost her own puppies - but saved the life of another mother's little one.

A few weeks ago, one of the little puppies was found to be suffering from parvo and needed an urgent blood transfusion from a healthy dog who was capable of donating blood.  It was his only chance.Without it he would die. 

Fabienne immediately thought of Victoria. She knew that had Victoria been able to speak, if she’d been asked, she’d have said ‘yes’. Because when poor, lovely Victoria was rescued she was expecting fifteen puppies. Sadly it was too late. They all died.  So, had she been asked, she would definitely have wanted to save the life of this little puppy. Another mother’s puppy.

Thanks to A.C.E. and Victoria, this little one has survived

And she did. The little one recovered and is now being looked after by Diane. And at last, at last! Victoria has been reserved - soon she'll be flying off to Holland and soon, we hope very soon, she'll have her  golden basket. Like Steven, she so deserves it. I met her in October, where they ran around free in the front area.  Such a sweet dog. A beautiful, gentle, loving character. So deserving of happiness.

January 24, 2012

Sweet Steven ...



 An affectionate darling just longing for his very own home, his very own family. And so deserving of a happy life.

Beautiful Steven.  Found wandering all alone in someone’s garden but now safe in the Refugio. Fabienne describes him as ‘the apple of our eye’. That’s so true. I loved him when I met him in October – everyone loves this elegant and charming fellow and he loves them. Such an affectionate boy. Dogs are crazy about him. He’s not too happy about cats, though, but nobody’s perfect. 

Steven’s been in the Refugio for a long time. He makes everyone happy but he’s just longing to have a family of his own.  Would you like to take this elegant, charming Galgo cross into your heart and your home?  He’ll make you laugh and he’ll make you smile and he’ll love you to bits – forever. 

Here are some more pictures of this joyful boy, taken when he had a well deserved day out, on his own. Just as if he already had a golden basket.  Fabienne says he walked like a deer on the beach.  With his own home and his own family, he'd be able to do that every day. 

January 22, 2012

Toffeeke's Story

We were driving from the airport, on yet another rescue mission, when suddenly Fabienne slammed on the brakes and everyone rushed out of the car! I got out too but, being a fairly new volunteer, had no idea what was happening. I soon discovered – a terrified little dog was in the road, dodging among the traffic. Something that happens all too often.

Fabienne did her best to get the cars to stop.  The drivers simply drove round her, hooting angrily.  By some great fortune none of them hit the little creature who bolted off, away from us.  It took a while to find her, even longer to catch her. This was finally accomplished when, exhausted, she gave up and sat cowering in a doorway.

We kept her in the Refugio that night.  Next day, when she was taken out of her cage, so she could have a little run, she just sat there shaking.  A tiny little thing, overwhelmed by her surroundings. I took her on my lap and sat with her, talking to her, trying to let her know she was safe. She was so frightened, so fragile.  That night Fabienne took her home with her. But first she said I could give her a name – I called her Toffee. I felt very privileged.

Every effort was made to find her owners – she must have been owned by someone. She had a chip but it was out of date, as is sadly so often the case. I went back to England the next day, but followed her progress. I was so delighted when I saw on the Belgian blog that she had been adopted and had a wonderful golden basket.

She’s now called Toffeeke, little toffee, and lives happily in Belgium with a wonderful new owner who says she’s a treasure of a dog, a dream and adds that everyone she meets is her friend.  Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of her new owner, but I hope she sees this post.

Here’s a link to some more wonderful pictures she’s taken of Toffeeke