September 30, 2017

Arrival in Deurne on September 27th ....

♫ ♪ Ah sir, a beautiful bird will be it,
With her brother Bert, how nice that is! ♫ ♪ 

 What beauty! 
Bert was very patient on his way to the parking lot, but once he realized 
he could get out of the cage he could not move fast enough! 

 After a little drink, the owner (left on the picture) walked a bit with him. Returning he took my 
treats with a lot of gratitude!  
Just before leaving, I gave the rest of the treats  while my colleague Monique 
looked lovingly at Ber. 

Mmmm tasty!! Yummy, yummy, yummy!!!

And unbelievably how beautifully he sat before getting a candy!

Afterwards, staring straight to the owner's hand. 

Still sitting beautifully. 

And standing upright with his eyes glued on the treat.

Oops ... boss's hand disappears ...: -But no needto worry, 
Bert was eager, but his boss did not feel his teeth at all.. 

Kennels and food for Spain

Today Yvonne and Irene have brought kennels, feed etc. that will be transport to Spain, free, next week. 2 of the kennels were donated bythe liquor store Janson (see last photo)

Little Pony's reunion with his Spanish rescuer and caregiver.

On the ACE Reunion Day, on September 9, we made photos and a video we would like to share. Little Pony (10211), now called Tony, recognized one of his caregivers from Spain. It was an emotional reunion. We filmed it and we promised to send it to ACE Spain. Tony is a fantasic chap who is discovering the autumn in his new world, with trees and apples and lots of new experiences.

Yvonne Gerz

Victor is reunited with Tony (Little Pony), who he looked after in the Refugio. Tony recognised Victor and in the video you can witness his joy in seeing Victor again. 

To see the video please click here. 

Arrivals: Zaventem, September 25th

Four dogs arrived on this flight into the Netherlands  - Radinka, Duende, Denisa and Hamm, who were greeted by their to their impatiently waiting bosses. Congratulations to everyone!

September 24, 2017

European First: Boechout company sentenced for trading in Eastern European puppies

Europese primeur: bedrijf uit Boechout veroordeeld voor handel in puppy’s uit Oostblok

On the Dutch Blog there was a link to click for the full story. However, the information was in Dutch, so I have translated as best I can, via Google Translate.

BOECHOUT - Bvba Puppy House from Boechout has been convicted of breaches of the animal welfare law because it imported and sold young, unvaccinated puppies from the Eastern Bloc. The court therefore declared a 191,000 euros fine. This is a European first.

The company and the managers will be released from the imprisonment scams because the court judges that the defendants did not deliberately mislead their customers. However, the court believes that the buyers of the dogs should have known that they were purchasing imported puppies. GAIA's civil party counts and the "defence" was therefore rejected.

The accused Mathieu C., one of the business owners, has to pay a fine of 3,000 euros, just like the second businessman Louisa T. The bvba Puppy House also has to pay 3,000 euros. An amount of 191,000 euros is also forfeited, which means that the company (and the first accused Mathieu C.) has to repay 191,000 euros of illegal income to the state.

No ban was imposed.

The prosecutor's office had also asked the court to impose a ban on the accused to prevent them from keeping animals, but that was denied by the court. "The fines and foreclosure are enough to encourage the defendants to comply with the regulations in the future."

The verdict is a European first. It is the first time that a criminal court in Europe has condemned a dog breeder.

Animal Rights Organization GAIA responds to the verdict. "The judge has made it clear what has to be done in Europe, to prevent the massive import of puppies from the Eastern Bloc."

Sunday, October 8th. A walk and lunch with Shin in Kortenberg.

Thanks to the support of Sacacorchas, we can organize a walk and lunch on Sunday, October 8th, orbanised by Shin te Kortenberg.

The walk (1h 20 'or 1h for the shortened version) starts between 13h and 14h30 and costs 3 € pp. The walk can be done independently, we will see to the details. The planned activities on arrival are: mini-jumping, a search, a tombola, an ice cream parlor for dogs, the Shin shop and very pleasant company. A photographer will record all the happenings.

The walk ends at the Abbey of Kortenberg and we can then enjoy a snack and a drink. For the snack please inquire and order in advance. You can choose from soup of the day (5 €), a croque monsieur (6 €), cake (4 €) or pancakes with sugar (5 €).

Subscribe to, and give an indication of how many people you are going to be walking with and what kind of snack you want so we can reserve it. The total amount can be transferred to the following account: Shin Events BE98 3770 8845 0293

Thank you to our sponsor !!

foto van Shin - Fabienne Paques.

Pickle is so happy to have come home!

foto van Shin - Fabienne Paques.

On Saturday 30th September at AnimalFun in Tienen there will be a fundraiser for Animal Day

foto van Shin - Fabienne Paques.

World Animal Day is coming closer, the day on which we'd like to spoil our four legged friends. Therefore, we are making a collection on Saturday 30th September at AnimalFun in Tienen, hoping to give our four-legged friends in the Refugio at Cala de Mijas a nice and pleasant surprise.
Do not hesitate - come along. Our volunteers will be delighted to have your support.

Animalfun Tenen
Leuvenselaan 467
3300 Tienen

Nika, taken away from a gypsy encampment

She was beaten and kicked, but had just recently come into this world, a little black thing, left all alone, defenceless.

When she ran away from yet another cruel 'tease' she ended up close to our car; the decision was easy... 

With big fearful eyes and shivering all over her body she came with us...

She relaxes a bit more everyday, she  is a good dog, so sweet and affectionate, a sweet puppy. 

We can't even describe the amount of pests we found on her body, the oil, her filthy coat, her condition was inhumane...

Meanwhile the sweet thing is doing much better, she is slowly learning to trust and is getting used to cuddles. Her eyes really speak, she is a great doggy!

Albabina and Brody

Good morning
We have been to the beach with our foster mum. There we were able to run and swim and dig. Delicious. 
Love from us.

Donated goods for ACE via Ruud and Maurice!

Yesterday Ruud and Maurice arrived with the two containers full of the goods donated and brought to our great ACE day. We are all so happy and proud of everyone and would like to thank everyone again, very much.