September 16, 2018

SHIN DAY 2018 through the eyes and lens of Hans Olers ...

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Newly arrived on Friday ...

Without much explanation and without looking back, this group of dogs arrived at the Refugio on Friday. So small and defenceless. But we will look after them.

Fabienne's Diary : SHIN DAY 2018

It was just fantastic !! Again that great coming together! From early in the morning till late in the evening our adopted dogs could greet us and each other and have an incredible time.

All those volunteers together with organizers Debbie and Geert are busy and busy to lead everything in the right direction, all with a smile and willingness to do everything for you! Strong together ! That is what we feel together more than ever! All those adopters with their nicely groomed and happy darlings! It was a successful and beautiful day! More than 500 people on the field and that was heartwarming!
Super thanks to all!
See you next year!!

Shin Day was an enormous success - thank you to everyone who made it so special

After a couple of years absence, Shin Day was back. On Saturday over 500 people with their dogs enjoyed a marvellous reunion together with the team from Spain. Here are some photos taken by the super talented Han Olers.

September 08, 2018

The dogs had a lovely day yesterday ...

Angel, a darling of a dog, who has been in the refugio for too long

Angel was found on the street, alongside his mother Angela. He was barely a few weeks old, just like his sister, but unfortunately she died a few days later. Together with his mother, he spent a few months in the Los Barrios killing station until we had a place for them. Angel is a real teenager, a bit awkward with his long legs, but cheerfully hopping through life, carefree and happy! He is very affectionate, very sweet to humans and animals, in short, a darling dog!

For more information about Angel  please click on his name.

Jaco, a loyal dog looking for a quiet home.

This strong guy is Jaco, a handsome guest who is extremely loyal to his owner. He can do well with quiet, stable dogs, so a family with one or two other dogs could certainly suit him. He sometimes gets scared if there are unexpected movements and in unfamiliar situations, which is why we would rather place him in a family with older children or without children.

Jaco likes to work and listens like no other! He knows the basic commands, such as as sitting, lying, following and running perfectly on the line. For those looking for a loyal, docile dog that you can work with, Jaco is an ideal candidate!

For more information on Jaco please click here.

The great reunion - the picture says it all.





The Spanish Team will be there to greet you. 
There will be various fascinating demonstrations including police dogs. 
Food stalls.
Great stands with exciting products.
Entertainment for children.
Guided walking route.
And much, much more.

Fabienne's dogs of the week: Judith and Jade ...

Judith and her puppies

Judith is a very sweet mommy, she loves her pups very much and has gone through fire for them.
Soon almost all of them will be leaving, except for Jade and her mother Judith. They are left behind because they have not yet found a home.This would really be very sad!

Who will give them a warm home where they can find the happiness they deserve? For more information about these sweet dogs please click on   Judith  and Jade 


My beautiful Hammy has finally gone home!

Playful, intelligent, affectionate Hammy.

Over a year ago, when I was at the Refugio, I was drawn to the cage by the entrance. In it was was just one dog who was newly arrived. He stuck his big paws out through the bars and into my heart. He didn't have a name yet. Dirk took him out of the cage to take photos of the website and we gave him a squeaky toy shaped like a hamburger. He had a wonderful time playing with it. I was allowed the privilege of giving him his name - Hammy. A year later, this April, I met him again. I was so happy to see him though sad that he was still there. Such an intelligent, playful and affectionate dog needed and deserved a lovely, loving home.

And now. Now he's found his golden basket. He flew home this week. So happy for you sweet Hammy and thank you to his adopters. Have a long and happy life together.

Hammy playing with Paco before he leaves for is flight.

And then they made me take a bath ......!!!!

September 05, 2018

Really sorry .....

Dear everyone,

I'm really sorry that the English Blog has not been kept up to date this week. I hope to start posting again tomorrow and will make sure all the photos from the ACE day are on it.