May 29, 2017

Pilarica badly needs her own family

Pilarica is one of the many Podencos who was not suitable for hunting. Running and playing were the only things she was interested in, not chasing other animals ! So she was dumped next to the highway but luckily noticed in time by the Spanish environmental police, Seprona. They brought her to us. She had a chip, we contacted the owners, because you never know, maybe she ran away, maybe people were looking for her... Almost immediately we understood that we were talking to (bloody) hunters, they didn't want to have anything to do with her, 'totally useless' was the only comment they could give... Horrible people! Pilarica is a very affectionate dog but a little bit restless, she needs to have her space and possibility to run. She is not a dog to be kept in an apartment. She likes to play and learns new things easily, she would be a good candidate for a dog sport, if you ask us? Who has some space for this lovely lady ?

Update Pilarica, 10-05-2017 : 

This small, sweet Podenco girl was adopted more than 2 years ago. She had been dumped in Spain, see above, and had already spent more than 2 years in the shelter. How nice for her to get a new life in the Netherlands! It seemed that she had found her safe home for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, her new owners wanted to get rid of her two years later, she didnt fit in their changed lives anymore. They even advertised her free of charge on Marketplace. Why they have done this remains a mystery, fortunately, we saw it in time.A sweet lady took her over, but there Pilarica - who is now called Perra, was not in the right place either. She is inside a very quiet dog, who likes laying on her dog bed in the bench. The youngest son of 4 years old was just too active and boistrous for her. With whom can Perra really grow old? Preferably in a quiet family, with little children, where she neednt be home alone for a long time. Other dogs arent a problem, although she really doesnt want to play. Perra is so submissive. She doesnt like cats. Also, a well-closed garden, terrace or balcony are important. She still remains a Podenco after all! Perra is fond of hugging and she is happiest if she is comfortable with you. She is housebroken and knows the commands Perra Waits and Perra Basket. She is really a very sweet little dog! So could you make it third time lucky for poor Perra - after all those changes she really deserves a very loving and tranquil forever home.

For more information about this special girl and to find out how to visit her please click here.

Enara has been with us for a month already ....

Hello everyone,

Today, Nara has been at home with us for a month and she's doing really well! She is such a sweet dog and from day one she felt completely at ease with everyone. She's a really a happy and social little one.


In her description on ACE's website it said she was affectionate and she is absolutely! She loves to cuddle and loves you all the time. For example, when you're working on your laptop, she still crawls onto your lap. 😊

It's really a pleasure to have her in the house and she also learns very quickly! There have not been any accidents, she does everything very well. And she can be quite crazy, always funny to see 😁 She also likes to go with you everywhere! The first time we took to see our horse in the riding stable, it  was a little scary, such big animals !! But since then she's got used to it and finds it all right. She always likes to play with the two cats; they don't always want to but she does not care.


Meanwhile, she has become big friends with the two ACE dogs of my sister, Floris (ACE Flores) and Lucy (ACE Jelly).


With many good wishes.

Our Krispin is in foster care ....

foto van Debbie Poljet.
Sunday 28th May.

Krispin: this lovely 'long stayer' will be going into fostercare in Belgium from Thursday. Krispin was adopted as a 2 month old pup by a young Spanish family. Everything was great, but after 8 months he had to go away. He got too big and they said they had no alternative.

He had never been outside their small apartment, was bored to death, and was so busy and excited when they got home from work. The poor boy was just happy to finally play with someone! Krispin was not used to other dogs, initially he was very scared at the Refugio. Now he is having fun with his new boyfriends! He can run, play, he's alive! But he misses one more thing ... A family with whom he can share the rest of his life!

Please check him out on the website and if you'd like to visit him, contact ACE to find out how.
For more information about sweet Krispin, including videos, please click here.

foto van Debbie Poljet.

May 28, 2017

Pablo - nearly there!

Pablo is a treasure of a dog, a loyal, compassionate comrade who is open and friendly to other dogs and loves to play with them. He is used to cats and doesn't upset them. At home he is calm, but if there is any excitement, he is sure to join in. He's fine to stay at home for a few hours. Pablo loves to walk, but he does not need to go for hours. If he can enjoy himself playing with you he is very satisfied with that and he stays with you. He also loves water. Maybe that's not so strange, because there's  agood dose of water dog is in him with a touch of flatcoated retriever. He walks neatly on the lead and does not pull. He's been very happy in his foster home, but just today - 28th May - he has been pre-reserved. That's wonderful, so hopefully his forever loving home is very close.

For more information, click here where you will also see some lovely videos.

Arrivals at Eindhoven on 25th May

A very happy arrival at Eindhoven. Feliz (ACE Titi), together with her bosses, was waiting for her brother Tata. They can remain together, how amazing is that! The other happy note was Kwik, who will be called Sjors. To all those who took part, congratulations and thank you very much to the adventurers for the gifts and the food!

Kwik now Sjors

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

Hello, we are the adoptors of Kwik now called Sjors. We want to let you know that it is going well. He is so sweet, calm and patient. He is pretty good with Children and has patience with our other two dogs who need to get used to the new situation. Here are some pictures. Thank you for this delicious beastie.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

Flippy has finally recovered, he survived ...

Our Flippy, a slightly older little guy, was dumped together with Ella after their owner died ... The poor little guy did not come out of his corner for months and months, he was sad at the loss of of his great love, his deceased boss. Today he seems to have accepted the situation, he is OK now but he will never forget her. He is the sweetest cuddliest Bodeguero that I know, social and compliant. A really fun and sweet dog. Together with his friend Ella he is now waiting for his forever home.


For more information about Flippy, click here.  *

* The story on the website is a little different, though all the details about little Flippy himself are correct. If you are interested in adopting Flippy, please check with  Denise Lansdale or

May 20, 2017

Pancho (ACE Fletske 11073)

Since February 2016, Pancho has been with his new bosses, who got in touch to let us know that he is doing very well! "He is a real sweetheart and we are very happy with him. Occasionally he's a bit naughty, but that's a lot of fun. We notice that he is often afraid of noises, and being left alone but he soon gets over it after a little while. We love Pancho and cannot imagine being without him! "

Thanks for everything!

Arrivals, Rotterdam - May 18th

Good morning,

Yesterday our dog arrived in Rotterdam, together with two other dogs. We took some pictures of the arrival. Maybe you'd like to use them for your blog.

Unfortunately, we do not have any pictures of the little Daschund because it was not taken out of the cage when we took the photos.

The adopters of Hielo (now Bali)

Kelly bringing the lucky ones to meet their new families

Manon with Hielo

Luna, formerly Flora

Luna's (ACE Flora) bosses want to let you know that Luna is doing great. He's a sweet, affectionate dog with a will of his own. Great! Recently we moved to a neighborhood that is in the middle of the "green" - the countryside - and here the dogs have found their paradise. There are a lot of sheep here, so also a lot of fun. Though she really loves to roll! She is also healthy and active.

In short: we would not want to be without her, she's a treasure of a dog.

Yogi, ... looking down from the mountain at his beloved family, ...

Yogi was born in a small Spanish village, he was adopted by a young couple when he was a cute little puppy. He was their boyfriend, their great darling, ...

Yogi, a mini Bodeguero was the king of the house ... he was in his home and thought that
this would go on forever, but one day the wife, his mistress, became pregnant,

What now ?

I often think that getting pregnant in this country one of the worst diseases is that you can come across because the doctor said that from now on all pets had to leave the house ... pets are very dangerous when you are pregnant, so the message was ... ..Yogi had to leave.

Because his wife wasn't happy about it she had the idea of putting Yogi to live on top of the mountain where they lived, so they could see him, and Yogi could see them. And so since the little dog was banned from living with his bosses, he now looked down from the mountain at his at his once beloved home.

The people in the village saw all this and found it terrible for the dog, but could not and did not want to confront his owners... and soon they got used to the situation. Yogi grieved, he became skeletal and
had no muscle mass anymore ... day and night he looked down at his family, at their comings and goings. His food was put down to him every few days.

He deteriorated ... his courage went gradually but finally it went completely. A Belgian lady eventually managed to rescue Yogi from his chain and from the sad mountain and so this lovely dog ​​came to us. He has no muscle mass in his hind legs, is very skinny but is so happy to be gone - his heart was broken. He is so sweet and cuddly. He looks at you out of his beautiful eyes he doesn't look sad or confused. For him from now on, it just gets better. 

May 16, 2017

Madeleine - Raya

It was time so we went looking for a dog again. After a while, it became clear that we had fallen for Madeleine! (We called her Raya)

We quickly contacted A.C.E. We still had some questions because we already have 2 dogs and 4 cats.
Madeleine (Raya) was still in Spain so we could not easily get to know her. But it just had to be this dog so the adoption protocol was initiated.

We were very well informed and so the wait begain. Then there was the long awaited call, she could come on January 5th on a flight from Spain and tso we counted down the days.

Finally, the day arrived that we could come to the airport to pick her up. And yes, the plane landed and there she was! What a beautiful sweet big dog came out of the travel cage, was she really ours? We had chosen her but what did she think of us? That soon became clear, she walked straight up to us in a straight line and it was a match.

Throughout the procedure, everything was handled by the fantastic employees of A.C.E. Now into the car and off to her new house that, of course, would also be her home. In the meanwhile we had given her another name, she is now Raya. She thought everything was a bit exciting, but she behaved well.

Once home we were very curious to see how she would respond to the pussy cats and the pussy cats to her. Fortunately, this also went without a hitch.

Our other dogs also responded well to Raya and Raya to them. The first night I decided to sleep downstairs on a mattress in the living room because then I could keep a close eye on her and could possibly support her that after a thrilling day.

I had only been lying under my duvet for 2 minutes when I felt that Raya had come close to me. We stayed like that all the night, both enjoying each other's proximity.

In the beginning, it was a bit difficult for us to leave her but she soon was used to it.After 3 weeks she was already going to the park after we first practiced on a field line.We have also already attended a course at the Dog Association and, after a practice, she has been following the bike. All in all, she is a model dog, so faithful and so sweet. We also get a lot of responses from people who really want to know what kind of dog we have and what kind of breed it is, of course we tell that it's an adoption dog and that there are many more dogs waiting for a home. She is also crazy about water, we go very often to the dog beach where she can frolic with her friends and girlfriends.

From the very first moment she is already part of our lives, we are so happy with her. And we would like to thank all those who are committed to giving these wonderful sweet dogs a future.

A lot of love from Piet, Linda and Raya


Kater Donnington was once the main character of a series of children's books - Donnington's Reef - a real 'famous cat'! However, he wasn't able to stop his boss losing her house and having to leave. So he wasn't able to stay with her any more.  Fortunately through ACE he found a new home, and handsome Donnington became happy again with a sweet boss, who is very happy with her sweet guy.

May 14, 2017


Janneke- called Tarzan on site - having a moment on Matias' lap!


Little Pony is looking for a friend to love

This poor chap lived permanently tied up to a chain, no longer than a metre long. All he had was some horribly dirty water and a dirty food tray sad.  When the people around could no longer disregard this neglect nor wait for the authorities to do something they brought him to us. 

When he first entered the Refugio, he ran strangely, like a small horse, lifting his  hind legs very high ... Little Pony was clearly not accustomed to running loose and had to get used to being allowed to stretch the legs. (Photo 4) He is fully recovered now, everything is so exiting for him and he wants to explore everything. 

Little Pony is friendly and people-oriented, he also responds well to other dogs. He is still young and still has to offer so many years of friendship ... maybe to you? 

For more information about Little Pony and see his videos, please click here.