May 28, 2017

Flippy has finally recovered, he survived ...

Our Flippy, a slightly older little guy, was dumped together with Ella after their owner died ... The poor little guy did not come out of his corner for months and months, he was sad at the loss of of his great love, his deceased boss. Today he seems to have accepted the situation, he is OK now but he will never forget her. He is the sweetest cuddliest Bodeguero that I know, social and compliant. A really fun and sweet dog. Together with his friend Ella he is now waiting for his forever home.


For more information about Flippy, click here.  *

* The story on the website is a little different, though all the details about little Flippy himself are correct. If you are interested in adopting Flippy, please check with  Denise Lansdale or

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