May 29, 2017

Our Krispin is in foster care ....

foto van Debbie Poljet.
Sunday 28th May.

Krispin: this lovely 'long stayer' will be going into fostercare in Belgium from Thursday. Krispin was adopted as a 2 month old pup by a young Spanish family. Everything was great, but after 8 months he had to go away. He got too big and they said they had no alternative.

He had never been outside their small apartment, was bored to death, and was so busy and excited when they got home from work. The poor boy was just happy to finally play with someone! Krispin was not used to other dogs, initially he was very scared at the Refugio. Now he is having fun with his new boyfriends! He can run, play, he's alive! But he misses one more thing ... A family with whom he can share the rest of his life!

Please check him out on the website and if you'd like to visit him, contact ACE to find out how.
For more information about sweet Krispin, including videos, please click here.

foto van Debbie Poljet.

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