May 29, 2017

Enara has been with us for a month already ....

Hello everyone,

Today, Nara has been at home with us for a month and she's doing really well! She is such a sweet dog and from day one she felt completely at ease with everyone. She's a really a happy and social little one.


In her description on ACE's website it said she was affectionate and she is absolutely! She loves to cuddle and loves you all the time. For example, when you're working on your laptop, she still crawls onto your lap. 😊

It's really a pleasure to have her in the house and she also learns very quickly! There have not been any accidents, she does everything very well. And she can be quite crazy, always funny to see 😁 She also likes to go with you everywhere! The first time we took to see our horse in the riding stable, it  was a little scary, such big animals !! But since then she's got used to it and finds it all right. She always likes to play with the two cats; they don't always want to but she does not care.


Meanwhile, she has become big friends with the two ACE dogs of my sister, Floris (ACE Flores) and Lucy (ACE Jelly).


With many good wishes.

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