May 29, 2017

Pilarica badly needs her own family

Pilarica is one of the many Podencos who was not suitable for hunting. Running and playing were the only things she was interested in, not chasing other animals ! So she was dumped next to the highway but luckily noticed in time by the Spanish environmental police, Seprona. They brought her to us. She had a chip, we contacted the owners, because you never know, maybe she ran away, maybe people were looking for her... Almost immediately we understood that we were talking to (bloody) hunters, they didn't want to have anything to do with her, 'totally useless' was the only comment they could give... Horrible people! Pilarica is a very affectionate dog but a little bit restless, she needs to have her space and possibility to run. She is not a dog to be kept in an apartment. She likes to play and learns new things easily, she would be a good candidate for a dog sport, if you ask us? Who has some space for this lovely lady ?

Update Pilarica, 10-05-2017 : 

This small, sweet Podenco girl was adopted more than 2 years ago. She had been dumped in Spain, see above, and had already spent more than 2 years in the shelter. How nice for her to get a new life in the Netherlands! It seemed that she had found her safe home for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, her new owners wanted to get rid of her two years later, she didnt fit in their changed lives anymore. They even advertised her free of charge on Marketplace. Why they have done this remains a mystery, fortunately, we saw it in time.A sweet lady took her over, but there Pilarica - who is now called Perra, was not in the right place either. She is inside a very quiet dog, who likes laying on her dog bed in the bench. The youngest son of 4 years old was just too active and boistrous for her. With whom can Perra really grow old? Preferably in a quiet family, with little children, where she neednt be home alone for a long time. Other dogs arent a problem, although she really doesnt want to play. Perra is so submissive. She doesnt like cats. Also, a well-closed garden, terrace or balcony are important. She still remains a Podenco after all! Perra is fond of hugging and she is happiest if she is comfortable with you. She is housebroken and knows the commands Perra Waits and Perra Basket. She is really a very sweet little dog! So could you make it third time lucky for poor Perra - after all those changes she really deserves a very loving and tranquil forever home.

For more information about this special girl and to find out how to visit her please click here.

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  1. It's heartbreaking to see Pilarica, now Perra, going through so many changes. Dogs are so loving. She deserves a loving, stable home where she can finally feel secure. With her gentle and affectionate nature, she would thrive in a quiet family that has space for her to run and play. Let's hope someone special comes forward to give her the forever home she deserves.