June 29, 2016

Milo - the heart stealer!


There's nothing like a little dog to steal his owner's heart. Milo's boss was not very enthusiastic at first. But now Milo's sweet and gentle nature found a place in his heart !!!!
Thanks Milo, thanks from your boss !!

Adopt an adorabe puppy!

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

Just look at their dear little faces. All these puppies are up for adoption. Who would like to raise one of these little ones from puppyhood and give it a chance to have a great life! How can you resist?!

June 26, 2016

Old Orki is so happy ...

Greetings from Orki and Josi Doetje

A hug can do wonders!

Hug can do wonders ... our volunteers love to to hug and the dogs love, love, love it !!! Here are Ron and Beteken....

Byron - or am I Captain Hook?

Such a brave little fellow

Such a brave little guy. You could almost call him a pirate dog. He was involved in an accident when he was only a small puppy. The driver of the car just drove away, he didn't even look back at the little Bodeguero. He got all the little bodeguero involved in an accident. 

A woman who witnessed it brought the little puppy to a vet. Then the owners came looking for their puppy, but they didn't want him back so there was no operation. No money, no surgery!
So Byron was back on the street with a badly damaged leg. Fortunately, the female witness looked after him again and took him to a different vet. This one agreed to do the operation for a "special price"!

Then we came into the picture, because the woman couldn't look after small Byron any more!  We took him to our traumatologist and he couldn't believe what he saw: the operation had been done so badly that he needed to amputate the paw.  Immediately! It was an emergency operation. The little one has had to endure so much pain yet he still remains a cheerful and optimistic Bodeguero.

Learning to live without a paw

Playing tug!


With a friend

Having a little rest

Hello. Can I have a cuddle? Please!

I wonder if I can lick this off!

Sweet, gentle Rietje

Happy on the soft grass

Having a little rest

Such a gentle girl

Orsen & Ava: supporting each other

Ava and Olsen

These two Breton darlings are Orsen and Ava. This brother and sister were adopted by a family who, due to unfortunate circumstances, had to give up their dogs. These people were really at the end of their tether, life had not been good to them and the bitter consequence was ending up on the streets.
Everything they had was lost because of the crisis. Their dogs were the last to go but they could not hold on to them any longer. Their grief was immense.

To keep Olsen and Ava safe, we had to take them in or they would have ended up in the killing station. They have been together since birth. They belong together. They eat together, sleep together and live together. So we hope that they can stay together - only the future will tell. Both are real home dogs, great wih children and othr dogs and happy with a life in a home and family.

Sitting in a cage is difficult to take for this dear brother and sister. So let's hope that their luck may change quickly. 

Update: Jap and Freggels - getting better, little by little.

Freggles, a little Podenco. Innocent, sweet. Floating between life and death, but fighting to stay alive. Some sick, despicable human thought it fun to throw acid all over her. She was in incredible pain and as if that wasn't enough, ended up in a killing station. But she's safe now, with us. And getting better every day. Read her story in Fabienne's Diary. 

Jap came to us with a broken paw. It was just hanging off his poor fragile little body, that was also covered in ticks. He was trembling all over, his beautiful eyes full of fear. But once he realised we wanted to save him and care for him he felt it. And melted. Another sweet little Podenco who deserves better than life has handed out to him so far. Read about Jap here.

Poor little Freggels, on the day she came to us. What sick mind did this to her?

Several weeks later, she's getting better every day

Her fighting spirit and grateful attitude are helping her heal ...

... and she appreciates all the love we are showing her. Soon she will be ready to go to a loving foster home and then we hope to her golden basket.

Jap, after the operation on her paw. Now she's on the mend.

Such a sweet, grateful, affectionate litlle dog.


Thank you to our sponsors ...

.... Here are more labels with the names of more donors of the heat lamps, which will keep the doggies warm on cold winter nights. Thank you to everyone.

Snapshots from the Refugio

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The atmosphere today !!

Unloading more generous donations

In the big field

Lovely to be out of our cages and able to sniff and run

And there's a plunge pool too!

You can swim and you can drink

My go!

Ooh! So cool!

Plenty of room for both of us.

Can't get enough of this cool water.