August 01, 2023

Alo: the sweetest soul deserves some years of happiness to make up for everything

 Tuesday 1st August, 2023

Dogs are such loyal and loving creatures. Sometimes to the extent that they suffer for it. Like this dear Alo. Locked in a cage by his hunter boss, then thrown out because he wasn't 'good enough'. This happened not just once but several times - because this loyal and loving dog somehow found his way back to his cruel and unworthy master. Until, finally, one of our volunteers brought him to us. 

Despite the dreadful treatment he's received - he's skinny and has scars all over his body - this dear soul comes to you gently, loves cuddles and is grateful for any attention. He's ten years old but very spry; what he needs is a family to love and pamper him and help him forget his past and enjoy every minute in the future. He can be left alone for several hours, is fine with other dogs - cats not such a good idea though as he will chase them. Who will make Alo's life a heaven on earth and welcome this new family member who will love you to pieces and forever.

For more information about Alo please click on his name.