December 28, 2019

Our beautiful Rory needs a loving family ...

Our beautiful, timid Rory is still with us after two years. She came in with her puppies, at the same time as Lorelie, another mummy with puppies. These two dogs were so gentle and generous with each other - they looked after each others puppies as if they were all the same family. Both mummies were scared, they'd had such a hard time. But together they supported each other. Lorelai has already found her golden basket. Rory is still with us - this gentle dog so needs a loving patient boss who will help her get over her timidity.

For more information, photos and videos please  click here. 

This computer has to go ......

Hurry up, please hurry up!!!!!!

Dear English Blog readers, 

It will get better soon I promise. I plan to buy a new - fast - computer as soon as I can. (Next week maybe). For the time being, please bear with me. I have been trying to up load stuff the whole morning but the computer is having a go slow. I will put on as much as I can but as soon as I have the new machine, I can promise you many more posts. The WhatsApp refusing to co-operate is not helping either. 

Christmas Dogs : no matter what the season, dogs need our help

Christmas Eve,  Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years .... the abuse never stops, but neither do the rescues. Here are a few dogs who, while having a bad start, have been lucky enoug to be  rescued by ACE-Shin. Soon we hope they will be even luckier when they find their golden baskets.

Our tiny 'reindeers' came to us on Christmas Day. Vixen, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Blitzen, Donner  and Rudolf are only two months old, dumped at the start of their small lives. Fortunately Santa, Vixen, Dasher, Dancer and Blitzen are already in pre-reservation. Don't let Prancer, Donner and Rudolph be left behind. They are such sweet puppies with their whole life in front of them.  Who will love and treasure them for always?




For more information on Prancer and Donner and Rudolf please click on their names.

Manita and her puppies 

Manita is a 3 year old rough haired cross Maneto Podenco. Such a good gentle dog, caring for her four puppies who were born in bad circumstances but are now safe with us. Soon this lovely dog will need a forever home, as will her four sweet puppies. There will be more information about them all when they are ready for their golden baskets. 

For more information on Manita, please click on her name.

December 24, 2019

Christmas messages from our dogs in their golden blankets


On behalf of Oahu (now Balou) we wish everyone at ACE charity a healthy, loving, prosperous New Year, with lots of loving homes for all your dogs & cats. Thank you for all the WONDERFUL work you do.

With warmest regards from The Hague,
Balou, Frans, Sonia, Jasmijn, Luuk, and Amber (volunteer with you in 2018).

On behalf of Shaylee, Nala and Pommetje we wish you a very merry Christmas.

December 23, 2019


20th ANNIVERSARY: December 2012 A miraculous breakthrough ...

... and a wonderful Christmas present.

On 30th December 2012 Fabienne was able to share the wonderful news. ACE-Shin had signed a contract with the municipality of Malaga, acting on behalf of the Malaga killing station. This contract allowed us to save the maximum dogs possible from the killing station. This is something we were doing already, but now instead of being automatically put down after ten days, dogs with a chance of adoption would be given more time. And, most important, we wouldn't have to pay a fee to release the dogs. Meaning we could save even more.

Furthermore the municipality stated it's willingness to introduce sterilisation projects and also to embark on education projects in schools. Something that's badly needed to change the Spanish mindset regarding animals. It won't be easy, it isn't easy. It's a still a struggle every day, but with initiatives like this slowly, slowly we are working together to instil a more humane and kind attitude to animals. It starts with the children, so education projects are the way to go. There's hope.

Jaco, now Silas: slowly coming out of his shell

Jaco is a handsome strong and very loyal dog. He's fine with other dogs as long as they are calm and stable. He'd certainly be happy in a family with one or two other dogs though any children would need to be older. He knows basic commands and walks well on a lead. 

Jaco is now called Silas. Once he trusts you he is so affectionate and cuddly. He's still afraid of unfamiliar people and new situations but adapts given the necessary time and space. He listens and learns quickly. He needs some space and a garden is a necessity. He loves riding in the car and going for long walks, though because his hunting instinct is strong, he needs to be kept on a lead. 

Unfortunately cats and indeed other pets - guinea pigs, chickens etc. are a no-go area. Indeed poor Silas can no longer stay in his present home for that very reason. His owner is heartbroken: she loves him very much but he simply can't cope with her two cats. He has to go after them over and over again because they make him nervous and so he reacts in that way.

Recently his owner took him away on holiday for a weekend. Not a cat in sight. And in those circumstances Silas was a different dog, utterly relaxed and he was even able to run about off-lead. He behaved impeccably and kept his owner in sight the whole time. It's so sad that he has to be rehired, for everyone including Silas. So if you will enjoy taking this treasure for long walks, have a warm cat-free home to offer with older children and even other dogs, please think of Silas. 

For more information please click here

Another of our beloved long-stayer: Rocco

Rocco: longing to go home

Like Eveline in the previous post, dear Rocco is one of our beloved long stayers.  Super dogs who have somehow got left behind while other dogs get chosen relatively quickly. There's no good reason for our poor long stayers to be passed over like that. They are just as sweet and just as deserving.

Poor Rocco is a Podenco. That most noble but sadly also misused and mistreated breed. They are used and abused by hunters and then discarded. We come to dread not just the hunting season but even more the end of the season when these noble dogs are tortured and abandoned in their thousands.

We do not know a lot about Rocco's past. He's been with us for four years and is now seven years old. So he must have been three when he came to us. Almost certainly rescued from a hunter, or discarded by one. It's high time he experienced a loving family of his own. It's what he needs most. Could that be your home: Rocco will reward you with love every day.

For more information and a little video, please click here.

Eveline: If gentleness won beauty contests, our beautiful Eveline would win them all

Life can be so very unfair. Some pretty and cute dogs stay with us for hardly any time at all. Others languish for years, for no good reason. Sweet Eveline is one such dog. Not the most beautiful but certainly the sweetest. Her mum was lucky enough to be adopted very quickly, but of her five pups, dear Eveline is still with us. After five whole years. 

Eveline is five years old now. Because she's been a long time in foster care she's extremely socialised with both people and dogs. She is the gentlest, kindest creature. Take her into your home and she'll immediately be in your heart too and you'll wonder how you ever managed to be happy without her.

For more information about this darling, click here.

December 15, 2019

Asterix and Obelix : supporting each other through their sadness


Asterix on the left  Obelix on the right

Two little ones, still young at nearly three, unceremoniously put out of the car outside a bar. And just left there. To fend for themselves. What was going on? How would they find food and shelter? Where had their owners gone? Had they been bad dogs? 

They approached every car that stopped - maybe their bosses had come back. They ran eagerly when new people arrived. Would they take them back home? But no. They weren't going back home. Their bosses were not coming back. 

We were able to save them and they are grateful. But living in a refuge and in a cage has broken their spirits. They are recovering but it's hard. Thankfully they have each other and are looking after each other, supporting each other, looking out for each other.

They need a loving home, they are still young enough to put the past behind them. But only if they can stay together. We really don't want to split these two up. They are friends and soul mates. We are really wishing that someone will come forward to offer a loving forever home for them together. It would make them so happy and us too. 

For more information please click here for Asterix and here  for Obelix.

December 14, 2019

We don't just save dogs ... we also rescue pussy cats: Milo's Story

Milo: a special one 

All our animals are special. Indeed all animals are special. We will never know many of their stories - if only they could tell us. We don't know much about Milo's past. But since he came to us, he does have a special and poignant story, arising from his unique character. 

He was left behind at the entrance of a cemetery. From living in a home, with the safety that brings, he suddenly found himself terrorised by all the dogs and cats in the neighbourhood. He had no way of defending himself. Finally, after being attacked by several dogs, he was saved by a lady who brought him to us.

Safe at last, he slept a lot, wanted cuddles and to be with people. But when it dawned on him that he had to live in a cage he changed. He didn't want cuddles, or attention. He was withdrawn. And then, somehow, he escaped. We searched and searched, but Milo was gone.

He was missing for a month. And then, one day, there he was at our gate. Very skinny. We were so happy to see him. Now he down't want to leave us any more, he wants to be with someone, he wants his cuddle

It's possible that Milo was bottle fed and that he might not have the essential lessons in cat language he would have got from his mother. Sometimes when you pet him, he will gently bite your hand - as a way of showing affection.

Milo is a very special cat. He needs a very loving home with someone who is a real cat person. He will be so happy to get that loving home again. And you will be rewarded a thousand fold.

For more information about Milo, please click here.

20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY: Fire, flood, drought and disasters - but together always strong


This was the sight that greeted me on the morning of May 19th 2011. My very first visit to the Refugio. I had arrived the night before and lay in my apartment, listening to the raging electric storm overhead. Next day, not being very clear of the directions, I took a taxi. It dropped me off in front of the gates. Everything was very quiet except for the hum of machinery (it turned out to be generators). I rang the bell, nothing happened. Unknown to me the terrific storm the night before had wiped out the electricity. Had caused a landslide that had engulfed the Refugio. They lost all their supplies - bedding, medicine, towels, food - everything. Worse, some of the dogs didn't survive. But people rallied round. Offered temporary homes for the most traumatised dogs, brought the generators, offered food, bedding, medical supplies. And, most importantly, their labour. Another volunteer handed me a broom - I never looked back. 

Six Months Later - May 19th 2012 

The storm and landslide was overwhelming and tragic setback, but in the true spirit of ACE, everyone pulled together, supported each other and worked tirelessly to the point of exhaustion to recover. You would not be able to tell from this picture, taken at the same section, just a year later, that there had ever been such a disaster. Here is a link to the original post

After the landslide ... the drought

Just over a year after the landslide .... came the drought. The well ran dry and with it the only means of cleaning the refuge and more vital of giving clean drinking water to thirsty dogs enduring the fierce summer heat. The Refugio does not benefit from mains water and the municipality is not about to supply it. This truly was a crisis. We could have paid for tankers - except that we couldn't - at 150 Euros a day for 10,000 litres we simply couldn't. A tank would have scarcely supplied us for a day. 

The solution - a labour intensive, time consuming, back breaking solution - was to fill large bottles from the hosepipes at Fabienne's house, bring them to the Refugio, use the water, bring the empty bottles back to Fabienne's, fill them again, bring them back to the Refugio - day after weary day. 

We begged the municipality to put us on mains water. Deaf ears. Our wonderful volunteers and supporters fundraised. The English language newspaper Sur ran a wonderful article about our problem. There was a fantastic response - we were literally swimming in water. It was a godsend, but even then only a temporary solution. 

The permanent solution came some months later with the most amazing and generous donation of a deep pump by BIMEX BV` who not only donated the specialist pump but also paid for it's transport from Holland and the specialists needed to install it. You can read the original stories 

As if we didn't have enough problems ... next came FIRE!

During our ongoing drought difficulties ... the worst possible thing happened. Fire! We were lucky that time, but it was another wake up call. Next time - and there would be a next time - we needed to have systems in place. Though how you can evacuate a refuge with over 250 dogs and their carers at short notice. We were spared that time, but the next one several years later came right to our door. Luckily the wind changed direction.

Original posts in 2012 - August 15th, 27th, 30th, 31st and September 2nd and 3rd

December 12, 2019

20TH ANNIVERSARY - 2011. Mollie: that's what love, and ACE, is all about

Who remembers Mollie? Our beautiful old soul. She came to the Refugio without a name. She'd been abandoned, left outside, fed bits of bread from time to time, if anyone ever gave her a thought. For years and years, like this. She became old and ill. Thankfully someone told us and she came to us. In her Christmas message that year, 2011, Fabienne wrote ... "ACE-Shin stands for all those who don't get a chance, for those who certainly will not be saved." Which means not just the little puppies and strong healthy dogs but the old, the sick, the blind and deaf, the lame, the three legged and the ones no one notices.

The vet gave her six months and in the short time she had left this gentle dog knew kindness for the first time, was cherished, spoilt, cuddled, fed special treats. She had her own warm bed in the washroom and had constant visitors. She was our special darling. Mollie was with us for six months.When she died she died peacefully, knowing what love was. RIP sweet Mollie. 

Read Mollie's story here  and here

December 11, 2019

Twenty extraordinary years : a magnificent achievement

Twenty years of struggle and strength, joy and sadness, tears, tragedy and triumph.So much respect and thanks to Fabienne, Dirk and all the team, the volunteers, the sponsors, the foster parents, the adopters and everyone who has helped Fabienne and ACE-Shin. Heartfelt thanks from and on behalf of the 23,000 precious souls rescued from pain and misery.

In the next few weeks I'll be posting some memories from the eight years of the English blog, remembering some of the highs and lows, the miraculous recoveries, the happy endings and remembering some of the beloveds no longer with us. Watch this space.

December 07, 2019

Tana: sweet little puppies grow up to be sweet dogs ....

Tana: still as sweet now she's grown up

Tana was adopted when she was a dear little puppy. She played and played with the other little dogs in the house. And then the owners decided she was getting too big. So she was separated from the others and banished to the back terrace. She is now in a foster family and can play with everyone again. She is super social, and with discipline and proper treatment is she a very obedient lady! 

Little puppies are cute, we all think so, but they don't stay that way, but even when no longer puppies they need to be able to count on us to care for them for all of their lives.  Even though Tana now weighs 20 kg, she is still that same sweet Tana, only she is now an adult lady!! Who will give this sweetheart all the the love she needs? An unconditional friendship is reaching out to you!!

To learn more about Tana, please click here,

My name is Sissi and I'm a sad ...

I had a lovely home. My owner loved me and my two companions very much and took very great care off us. But unexpectedly she became mentally ill and couldn't look after us any more. She wanted to do the best she could so her sister promised to find new, loving, forever homes for us. 

This is how we came to the shelter. I'm the youngest, I'm nine years old. I'm very sad because I miss my mistress so much and I was confused and upset in the shelter, with so many dogs and so much noise. Even though everyone was so kind, it was so different from my former home.

I'm now in a foster home, which is quieter and I'm getting on better, but I'm still sad. 

Sissi is small, good with cats and dogs, social and sweet, she is used to living in an apartment. She's a true home dog and only wants to be with you. Who will give this sweet little face another happy life? She would be so thankful.

For more information please click here

Sufrio : Fabienne's Dog of the Week

Sufrio was once adopted by a very sweet lady. When, sadly, she became very ill she left her entire fortune to people who would take care of her dogs when she was gone. But as so often happens, far too much went wrong. Instead of being cherished after the death of their owner, her dogs ended up living in cages behind the killing station. They were looked after, but no more. No walks, no hugs, only seeing people when the cages were cleaned but then left alone. This went on for years.  How these dogs must have missed their owner.

Finally we were asked if we would take some of this lady's suffering dogs. Sufrio had long forgotten what love was, and what life was with people surrounding him and loving him. However, Sufrio came to us with a pinched penis. The blood supply had been cut off, causing the penis to die. Our vet tried to save what could still be saved, but eventually the penis had to be amputated. It was a major emergency operation which required a lot of reconstructive surgery. A tube was inserted until the wound healed. Sufrio has had a long recovery, he has had to learn to pee like a female, but he has endured everything well!

Thanks to the good care of our veterinarians and caretakers, he got through it, ... He is also a very gentle, good soul who would like to be happy and we would like to see to that. He deserves it, a kind forever home with someone who will help him forget his sad past and let him know he is loved and cherished again.

For more information about lovely, gentle Sufrio - please click here

November 24, 2019

Flippy - one of our golden oldies


Flippy is a Bodeguero - we call them the smiley dogs!

Dear little Flippy was given away by his owner, a hunter, who didn't want him any more. Thus he came to live in foster care with our wonderful foster mama, Isabelleke. That was four years ago and we think it's really time for him to have a wonderful, loving family where he will be a family dog rather than one of a pack. Isabelleke loves her foster dogs and they love her but there's no substitute for a forever home.

Flippy is one of our golden oldies - he's nine and a half not young but not all that old and with plenty of love and friendship to give. He's very social with other dogs but is sometimes overwhelmed by the larger pack and then he can get a bit jealous. He's better with a couple of the dogs he especially likes. Flippy is a typical Bodeguero- a happy, cheerful little dog who loves people and hugs and adores snuggling up against you. We hope there is someone out there who will help this dear character enjoy the rest of his sweet life. 

To find out more about Flippy, please click on his name.

Two brothers and a sister - one has already been lucky ...

                                Domilon                                                            Comilon

Domilon, Comilon and Barby are two brothers and and a sister from a litter found in the outskirts of Malaga.  Abandoned and left to their own devices though they were very small puppies. At first they were cared for in a foster family but they are now with us. They are soft, somewhat timid dogs, very social and very sweet with you once they get to know you. They are developing well and are very sweet dogs that are still small and can learn a lot. Excellent  !!

Barby already found a nice home, but her brothers Dormilon and Comilon are still waiting in our shelter. Two sweet young puppies with a lot of devotion to give. Will you give them a chance?

For information about Dormilon, click here

For information about Comilon, click here 

As if you needed another reason .....

November 23, 2019

Why would anyone abandon such a dear soul ....

Out in the campo, Celia, yet another Podenco mother lying abandoned, unwanted and unseen. She became pregnant unintentionally and nature took it's course. More unwanted puppies, unwanted by humans but not by their mum. 

A scared and insecure dog, due to the person who abandoned her so cruel. It wasn't easy to catch her but eventually we managed. And now she is with us in the Refugio, together with her little ones. 

In the first few days she literally peed herself out of fear, but is she getting better and better day by day. Her fear has gradually subsided so that now she will give grateful kisses and is calmer and more relaxed because she knows it is all alright now. 

Her little ones are so well cared for and loved by her. So many unknown ones, have to suffer in this cruel world. This sweet, gentle Podenco was lucky. ... It is now up to us to help this family find happiness for the rest of their lives. 

For more information about Celia, please click here. 

This Rockstar needs some TLC

This sweet little man was saved from a Spanish family who first loved him but then tossed him out like a piece of dirt.  It was a lot for this small dog to cope with.  Rockstar is scared if  he doesn’t know you, but once the ice is broken, he will give you complete devotion. He's having a very difficult time in the shelter. He is overwhelmed by the dogs, both the big ones and the sheer number of dogs, by the noise and the cage in which he has to live here. We are doing our best for this little guy but it is the umpteenth hell he must go through. He needs to come home, to a home where he can relax and unwind for some weeks to adjust. Then he will be your unconditional friend for life. 

Rockstar is still young, six and a half. He's a cross Pinscher - small and delicate. For more details of this dear little dog pleas click here.

November 19, 2019

Casper and Mees - such good dogs, so deserving of a forever home.


                         Casper (formerly Isidor)              &           Mees (formerly Cafelito)

These two darling boys have had to deal with many changes in their lives and would love now to just settle down calmly in a new forever home. To the same family if possible, but to different families if necessary. They were adopted from ACE together as puppies. And it all went well for some time. But things change, things that are outside the control of either people or dogs. Their boss found himself alone and he also needed to be away for hours at a time for work. The two dogs were well cared for, fed and loved. But they had to spend long long hours all alone. And that wasn't good for them. 

The decision was taken to find them a foster home, where they would at least have companionship during the day. They have now been there for several months. Casper's foster mum says that he is housebroken and familiar with a crate. He walks nicely on a lead and can walk off lead where appropriate and safe. He likes that very much. Casper is very smart - he can miraculously open doors and steal food!!! He is good with children and is fine with other dogs, as long as he gets respect and can be the leader. He enjoys company and, not surprisingly, doesn't like to be alone. He has some fear of abandonment but we are working on it. Casper is 8 years old, nearly 9. 

Mees is nearly 8. Not old at all. Both are lively and young at heart. Mees is a sturdy boy who could perhaps lose a bit of weight. He looks a bit like a brown Labrador. He is tough and sometimes a little dominant, especially towards other males. He absolutely loves swimming and can go wild in the forest. He is perhaps a bit too robust for small children but has no problem at all with teenagers. He doesn't like riding in the car too much and we don't know how he is with cats. But if you are looking for a sturdy, loyal companion who is used to living as a family pet, please take a look at Mees.

Both dogs are longing to be part of a family again, where they will be loved and petted, where they can be active and go for walks and chase after a ball. Whether they stay together or go to different families both dogs deserve a break and a new life. Are you the one to make their dreams come true?

For more information about Mees, please click here.
For more information about Casper, please click here

Smiling Mees

Clever Casper