December 12, 2019

20TH ANNIVERSARY - 2011. Mollie: that's what love, and ACE, is all about

Who remembers Mollie? Our beautiful old soul. She came to the Refugio without a name. She'd been abandoned, left outside, fed bits of bread from time to time, if anyone ever gave her a thought. For years and years, like this. She became old and ill. Thankfully someone told us and she came to us. In her Christmas message that year, 2011, Fabienne wrote ... "ACE-Shin stands for all those who don't get a chance, for those who certainly will not be saved." Which means not just the little puppies and strong healthy dogs but the old, the sick, the blind and deaf, the lame, the three legged and the ones no one notices.

The vet gave her six months and in the short time she had left this gentle dog knew kindness for the first time, was cherished, spoilt, cuddled, fed special treats. She had her own warm bed in the washroom and had constant visitors. She was our special darling. Mollie was with us for six months.When she died she died peacefully, knowing what love was. RIP sweet Mollie. 

Read Mollie's story here  and here

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