December 15, 2019

Asterix and Obelix : supporting each other through their sadness


Asterix on the left  Obelix on the right

Two little ones, still young at nearly three, unceremoniously put out of the car outside a bar. And just left there. To fend for themselves. What was going on? How would they find food and shelter? Where had their owners gone? Had they been bad dogs? 

They approached every car that stopped - maybe their bosses had come back. They ran eagerly when new people arrived. Would they take them back home? But no. They weren't going back home. Their bosses were not coming back. 

We were able to save them and they are grateful. But living in a refuge and in a cage has broken their spirits. They are recovering but it's hard. Thankfully they have each other and are looking after each other, supporting each other, looking out for each other.

They need a loving home, they are still young enough to put the past behind them. But only if they can stay together. We really don't want to split these two up. They are friends and soul mates. We are really wishing that someone will come forward to offer a loving forever home for them together. It would make them so happy and us too. 

For more information please click here for Asterix and here  for Obelix.

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