December 07, 2019

Tana: sweet little puppies grow up to be sweet dogs ....

Tana: still as sweet now she's grown up

Tana was adopted when she was a dear little puppy. She played and played with the other little dogs in the house. And then the owners decided she was getting too big. So she was separated from the others and banished to the back terrace. She is now in a foster family and can play with everyone again. She is super social, and with discipline and proper treatment is she a very obedient lady! 

Little puppies are cute, we all think so, but they don't stay that way, but even when no longer puppies they need to be able to count on us to care for them for all of their lives.  Even though Tana now weighs 20 kg, she is still that same sweet Tana, only she is now an adult lady!! Who will give this sweetheart all the the love she needs? An unconditional friendship is reaching out to you!!

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