December 14, 2019

We don't just save dogs ... we also rescue pussy cats: Milo's Story

Milo: a special one 

All our animals are special. Indeed all animals are special. We will never know many of their stories - if only they could tell us. We don't know much about Milo's past. But since he came to us, he does have a special and poignant story, arising from his unique character. 

He was left behind at the entrance of a cemetery. From living in a home, with the safety that brings, he suddenly found himself terrorised by all the dogs and cats in the neighbourhood. He had no way of defending himself. Finally, after being attacked by several dogs, he was saved by a lady who brought him to us.

Safe at last, he slept a lot, wanted cuddles and to be with people. But when it dawned on him that he had to live in a cage he changed. He didn't want cuddles, or attention. He was withdrawn. And then, somehow, he escaped. We searched and searched, but Milo was gone.

He was missing for a month. And then, one day, there he was at our gate. Very skinny. We were so happy to see him. Now he down't want to leave us any more, he wants to be with someone, he wants his cuddle

It's possible that Milo was bottle fed and that he might not have the essential lessons in cat language he would have got from his mother. Sometimes when you pet him, he will gently bite your hand - as a way of showing affection.

Milo is a very special cat. He needs a very loving home with someone who is a real cat person. He will be so happy to get that loving home again. And you will be rewarded a thousand fold.

For more information about Milo, please click here.

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