December 23, 2019

20th ANNIVERSARY: December 2012 A miraculous breakthrough ...

... and a wonderful Christmas present.

On 30th December 2012 Fabienne was able to share the wonderful news. ACE-Shin had signed a contract with the municipality of Malaga, acting on behalf of the Malaga killing station. This contract allowed us to save the maximum dogs possible from the killing station. This is something we were doing already, but now instead of being automatically put down after ten days, dogs with a chance of adoption would be given more time. And, most important, we wouldn't have to pay a fee to release the dogs. Meaning we could save even more.

Furthermore the municipality stated it's willingness to introduce sterilisation projects and also to embark on education projects in schools. Something that's badly needed to change the Spanish mindset regarding animals. It won't be easy, it isn't easy. It's a still a struggle every day, but with initiatives like this slowly, slowly we are working together to instil a more humane and kind attitude to animals. It starts with the children, so education projects are the way to go. There's hope.

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