December 23, 2019

Another of our beloved long-stayer: Rocco

Rocco: longing to go home

Like Eveline in the previous post, dear Rocco is one of our beloved long stayers.  Super dogs who have somehow got left behind while other dogs get chosen relatively quickly. There's no good reason for our poor long stayers to be passed over like that. They are just as sweet and just as deserving.

Poor Rocco is a Podenco. That most noble but sadly also misused and mistreated breed. They are used and abused by hunters and then discarded. We come to dread not just the hunting season but even more the end of the season when these noble dogs are tortured and abandoned in their thousands.

We do not know a lot about Rocco's past. He's been with us for four years and is now seven years old. So he must have been three when he came to us. Almost certainly rescued from a hunter, or discarded by one. It's high time he experienced a loving family of his own. It's what he needs most. Could that be your home: Rocco will reward you with love every day.

For more information and a little video, please click here.

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