December 23, 2019

Jaco, now Silas: slowly coming out of his shell

Jaco is a handsome strong and very loyal dog. He's fine with other dogs as long as they are calm and stable. He'd certainly be happy in a family with one or two other dogs though any children would need to be older. He knows basic commands and walks well on a lead. 

Jaco is now called Silas. Once he trusts you he is so affectionate and cuddly. He's still afraid of unfamiliar people and new situations but adapts given the necessary time and space. He listens and learns quickly. He needs some space and a garden is a necessity. He loves riding in the car and going for long walks, though because his hunting instinct is strong, he needs to be kept on a lead. 

Unfortunately cats and indeed other pets - guinea pigs, chickens etc. are a no-go area. Indeed poor Silas can no longer stay in his present home for that very reason. His owner is heartbroken: she loves him very much but he simply can't cope with her two cats. He has to go after them over and over again because they make him nervous and so he reacts in that way.

Recently his owner took him away on holiday for a weekend. Not a cat in sight. And in those circumstances Silas was a different dog, utterly relaxed and he was even able to run about off-lead. He behaved impeccably and kept his owner in sight the whole time. It's so sad that he has to be rehired, for everyone including Silas. So if you will enjoy taking this treasure for long walks, have a warm cat-free home to offer with older children and even other dogs, please think of Silas. 

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