December 28, 2019

Christmas Dogs : no matter what the season, dogs need our help

Christmas Eve,  Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years .... the abuse never stops, but neither do the rescues. Here are a few dogs who, while having a bad start, have been lucky enoug to be  rescued by ACE-Shin. Soon we hope they will be even luckier when they find their golden baskets.

Our tiny 'reindeers' came to us on Christmas Day. Vixen, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Blitzen, Donner  and Rudolf are only two months old, dumped at the start of their small lives. Fortunately Santa, Vixen, Dasher, Dancer and Blitzen are already in pre-reservation. Don't let Prancer, Donner and Rudolph be left behind. They are such sweet puppies with their whole life in front of them.  Who will love and treasure them for always?




For more information on Prancer and Donner and Rudolf please click on their names.

Manita and her puppies 

Manita is a 3 year old rough haired cross Maneto Podenco. Such a good gentle dog, caring for her four puppies who were born in bad circumstances but are now safe with us. Soon this lovely dog will need a forever home, as will her four sweet puppies. There will be more information about them all when they are ready for their golden baskets. 

For more information on Manita, please click on her name.

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