June 26, 2017

Please will you help us help our dogs ...

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

There is a great shortage of kibble  in our refugio, ... ordinary kibble but also puppy kibble.
With so many followers, it should be possible to collect and send a nice amount to Spain.
For information about a collection point near you, you can mail to 


Thank you very much, on behalf of our dogs !!!

June 23, 2017

Dear colleague volunteers,

Unfortunately, as you have already heard, the SHIN day is not going ahead.
Therefore, I would like to invite you instead to the ACE day in the Netherlands.
We realize that this is for many of you a long way away but we wanted to remind you of this alternative opportunity to meet the Spanish team andto have a nice day with each other and your dogs.

It is a great time to meet your fellow Dutch volunteers.
The location is a large field belonging to a sports association that is fully enclosed.
The dogs are able to walk around and enjoy playing with each other.
There will also be some stalls and workshops.

For more information about the day, it's easiest to follow the events page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/1593209274057478/

If you do not have Facebook then you can email me and I will email you the program.
The entrance fee for this day is € 7.50 for adults and € 5.00 for children - dogs are of course free :-)
The address is Kalverlandseweg 2a 4024 BT Eck en Wiel.
To sign up, send an email to pr.nederland@ace-charity.org with how many people and dogs you are bringing.

We hope to welcome you all on this cozy day!

Heartfelt greetings,
The ACE team

June 18, 2017

Arrival this afternoon in Rotterdam

Hanne was a bit insecure, but was soon lovingly enclosed in the arms of his adopters! Romera was fine and went off happily! Luna too! Rieneke was almost cuddled to death ! and is going into fostercare. Hanne's adoptee brought a lot of food for the dogs in Spain.

Arrival at Schiphol June 18th

It took a while before Claudia, Kenzo, Paloma and Chiqui Bruno landed on Schiphol. The owners were very patient,  but at 3:20 the doors in the hall opened and there they were finally there.

Chico the Molecatcher!

foto van Katharina Noord.

For Chico (ACE Wesley) that was the tenth mole this season !!! Chico is simply phenomenal, the most social dog I have ever encountered. Everyone, man or dog loves him, even difficult dogs can handle him. In addition to moles he also hunts mice and rats - just a real terrier. A better dog you simply could not find.

foto van Katharina Noord.

Goods arrived from the Netherlands

Thank you very much for collecting all this stuff !!
We are so happy to receive it here in Spain?
Thank you very much Collé Transporten B.V for the free transport to Spain ... really amazing!

Update: our family saved from the puppy mill

Our 'puppy mill' family is doing a little better every day. 
Have a happy weekend everyone.

June 17, 2017

Lila - after over a year with us, she so needs her own forever home


She's been with us since January 2016. Along with her friend Pepper. Pepper has been adopted and we urgently want dear Lila to find her forever home. She is currently in fostercare in Belgium. To see her latest video, from February 2017, click here.  And for more information about this sweetheart, look here

This is the story of her rescue, along with Pepper, told by Melissa, the volunteer who saved them. 

"One day I got a call via Facebook. Some dogs had been dumped in Elviria and apparently they had already bee there for months. When I went to take a look, that first day, we searched for two hours but they were nowhere to be found. The next day I went back and then I had more luck. Two beautiful Podencos were walking on top of the mountain and apparently people already knew about them because food was being put out for them. One of the dogs approached me very quickly and after 10 minutes were they both even eating out of my hand ... but it was impossible to catch them or put a collar  them. In the end I spent three weeks trying to catch them. Little by little I began to give up hope. We requested the help of the police and the municipality but we got the door shut in our faces. And then there came that day ... 

We were able to use a trapcage and had put food in it. Both Podencos came to watch because they smelled the delicious food. One of the two approached the cage, only went in halfway, and suddenly the trap door closed. I did not know what happened ... and then I saw it, the white with reddish Podenco was trapped. Euphoria went through me and I was beginning to get my hopes up. I gave her the name, Lila, and arranged for her to be taken safely to the ACE Refugio. In the following days I really did everything possible to catch the other Podenco because now she was all alone and had a wound on her leg. I had not seen her for three days; I waited in Elviria from morning till evening, but she was nowhere to be found. I was so afraid that she had left out of terror. I had put food down and the next morning it was gone. It might as well have been taken by a cat but I decided to use the trapcage on that spot. I really didn't believe that she would go in, since she had seen that her friend, Lila, was caught in it. 

And yet ... that day at dusk there suddenly came limping up a little black Podenco, I couldnt believe it. She went straight to the cage and yes ... she was trapped. I called her Pepper because of her colour, and also because she had pepper in her ass, she was so fast.  Lila and Pepper are now together in the Refugio, it was such a beautiful reunion, very touching to see because they spent and experienced all their time on the run together. Most likely were they dumped by a hunter (Lilas eartips are cut off). Lila is doing very well with people, at first she was hesitant but she was willing to be caressed and to wear a collar ... she even even gives you licks. Pepper is having a more difficult time. At first she would crawl away if you wanted to caress her, but now has she made a major step forward. If you are standing by her cage, she wags her tail and also allows you to pet her. People don't have to worry about these dogs being wild, because both have a very sensitive heart ... and they can undoubtedly become perfect pets provided that are treated with patience and a lot of love ... "

June 16, 2017

Gingy was thrown away like rubbish ...

The story of Gingy, a special ginger sweetheart

He was dumped in a cardboard box at the gate, covered with blood; apparently he'd been hit by a car.
He was immediately taken to the clinic and fortunately it was not as bad as it looked.
He was in shock, the injuries were not severe, nothing was broken, everything was okay.
After he'd been with us in the clinic for more than a week, we discovered what a special sweet and good cat he is ... a top cuddler, ... always purring like an engine.
He is looking for a warm basket, ... this sweet fellow will make someone very happy, he's such a cool character.

Arrivals in the Netherlands, Wednesdays June 14th

Hope, Maya, Algodan and Idalia, flew to the Netherlands on Wednesday evening. Their bosses were very happy when they could hold them in their arms. The pictures of the cats are archive pictures, they are always happy when they are in their own transport cages !!

Coton ... jumped off a balcony out of despair!

Poor Coton is safe now

Coton is a beautiful sweet shepherd dog, who was like a watchman standing beside and for his boss.  That man's love for him, however, was nothing compared to the great love Coton had for him. Coton was faithful and affectionate, waiting for his boss day after day; he did everything to make his boss happy. His reward was to be neglected and stuck on a chain on the balcony while his boss had less and less time for him ... The neighbors saw the whole thing happen daily and tried several times to talk to the people but without success. One day his bosses left for a few days and left Coton hanging on a long chain on the balcony ... The neighbors did not know realise the bosses had gone away but the days stetched on and Coton remained lonely on the roof terrace ... Then something happened that nobody had dared to imagine, the poor Coton had in some way managed to free himself from the chain and had jumped off the high roof terrace. That was how the neighbors found him; they brought him to a vet and then to us ... his two legs were broken and without an operation Coton would not have survived ... He is now our special project, we will make sure this dear dog gets he happy ending he deserves.

Dianeke with Coton

Resting after his terrible experiences

We will make sure Coton has a lovely life when he is better

June 10, 2017

Brave little Lukita

Lukita, is 12 years old ... a lady stood by our door, wearing gloves. She had the dog on a lead, but made sure she wore the gloves so she definately wouldn't have to touch the poor creature.

At first we thought she might have found the dog but nothing was further from the truth, she had been looking after the dog for her daughter, for a long time. She told us she never touched him, "An animal is dirty" she said and "I'd like to see it on it's way, away from me. " " I don't want it near me."

She told us that the dog lived on the patio and she had no time for it, she kept it at a distance and always wore gloves if she had to touch it or feed it.

Lukita is very surprised with the hugs and attention he gets with us. The owners then said they want him back to put him in a forgotten corner and that I refuse ... the old guy deserves much better than being treated so inhumanely.

Arrivals: Einhoven June 6th

Five more dogs arrived in the Netherlands. Little Andie and Marijke are going into foster care. Tarita (now Puck) wanted to befriends with everything and everyone! Eva found it very exciting too, and soon went off with her new owners. And Lutgarda still had another trip to do by bus and train with her adopters.  Good luck everyone!