June 16, 2017

Coton ... jumped off a balcony out of despair!

Poor Coton is safe now

Coton is a beautiful sweet shepherd dog, who was like a watchman standing beside and for his boss.  That man's love for him, however, was nothing compared to the great love Coton had for him. Coton was faithful and affectionate, waiting for his boss day after day; he did everything to make his boss happy. His reward was to be neglected and stuck on a chain on the balcony while his boss had less and less time for him ... The neighbors saw the whole thing happen daily and tried several times to talk to the people but without success. One day his bosses left for a few days and left Coton hanging on a long chain on the balcony ... The neighbors did not know realise the bosses had gone away but the days stetched on and Coton remained lonely on the roof terrace ... Then something happened that nobody had dared to imagine, the poor Coton had in some way managed to free himself from the chain and had jumped off the high roof terrace. That was how the neighbors found him; they brought him to a vet and then to us ... his two legs were broken and without an operation Coton would not have survived ... He is now our special project, we will make sure this dear dog gets he happy ending he deserves.

Dianeke with Coton

Resting after his terrible experiences

We will make sure Coton has a lovely life when he is better

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