June 10, 2017

Brave little Lukita

Lukita, is 12 years old ... a lady stood by our door, wearing gloves. She had the dog on a lead, but made sure she wore the gloves so she definately wouldn't have to touch the poor creature.

At first we thought she might have found the dog but nothing was further from the truth, she had been looking after the dog for her daughter, for a long time. She told us she never touched him, "An animal is dirty" she said and "I'd like to see it on it's way, away from me. " " I don't want it near me."

She told us that the dog lived on the patio and she had no time for it, she kept it at a distance and always wore gloves if she had to touch it or feed it.

Lukita is very surprised with the hugs and attention he gets with us. The owners then said they want him back to put him in a forgotten corner and that I refuse ... the old guy deserves much better than being treated so inhumanely.

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