June 10, 2017

Mum ... by Aukje van Hees

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

One of the poor mothers rescued by ACE/Shin this week

Friday, June 9, 2017

You wake up on a cold kennel floor with a stomach that hurts because of the hunger and nipples that have swelled up of milk for your puppies. Feeding is difficult, but because you're a good mom, you will do everything for your children and you are even willing to pass on the last remnants of your life force to your puppies. You have no food, you do not see daylight and the only thing your life is about is the safety of your puppies.

You can not stretch your legs, you do not know what it is to walk. You have no idea how grass smells or how mud feels on your feet. You have never chewed on a stick or felt a pat on your head. You do not know how a friendly voice sounds, or how a pillow feels under your body. You only know the cold steel on your poor bones.

You know how be mated, you know that you have to submit to it. If you do not, you will be tied to a device that forces you to get raped by a guy. A giant who does not know any better because he too knows only a cage and a dark space.

You change from a young dog with hope for a better future in an old bitch with hanging nipples and a scabby skin. You know you will never be rescued because you're old and ugly. Your sole purpose is the feeding and feeding of puppies. Pups that you have to say goodbye to after 6 weeks. And then there will be another mating, and then the next children will be taken from you when they are big enough.

You become jaded and emotionless. You do not dare to hug or cuddle your puppies because you know that every time you are going to have to say goodbye.Your head is hanging, your eyes are so used to the darkness that you go partially blind. You're glad nobody sees you anymore. Because you feel you are not worth it anymore.

Everyone sees these cute "handbag dogs" but you have to forget them. These puppies are so cute and so they are being bought a lot, while you are left to get lost in the dark. Far far away from the outside world.

Think of these mothers when you are tempted to fall for the lies of the puppy farmers. Because behind each sweet puppy is a mother who has given up her entire life, and who lives in utter misery. 

If we - the people- do not buy these puppies anymore, there will be no profits in puppy farming. Without profits, the farms will cease to exist.

Remember this before adopting a cute puppy from abroad.

Think before you go for a visit to a breeder with several breed dogs.

Do not forget the mothers!

Please share this message via Facebook or other social media to get more awareness!
Do not buy any breeding puppies!

By Aukje van Hees

(Translated from the Dutch by Clodagh. Forgive the imperfections. Google Translate is not very good and nor is my Dutch, yet!)

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