March 31, 2017

Suri (ACE Jessica)

About nine years ago we adopted us Suri (as Jessica) from you .. I know she was then quite affectionate with Fabienne, but I still wanted to send some pictures of her life now. Suri is an incredible animal .. she stays close to me as if she was my shadow. Always sweet, always cheerful. All she asks is attention and biscuits. She is still doing great, is still full of energy (although she is gradually getting older). The only thing she has always suffered from, are her teeth. We have to bring her back to the vet every year to clean everything, and now she has no front teeth at all. Probably  quickly removed earlier when she was nursing and lacked calcium .. Anyway, as she looks great today.

 :-) Greetings!

JOURNAL WEDNESDAY - Dafne ended up in the killing station, Prince and Ginette had more luck ....


In most cases, when people call us wanting to donate their dog, we call that simply "dumping" ... But with the owner of Ginette and Prince we had quite a different feeling ... Until, that is, we realized that their sister was in the killing station  ... we noticed that the two dogs, Ginette and Prince, looked as similar as two drops of water and sure enough, it was the same old story: a man after a divorce is left alone with four dogs, so he brings Dafne to the killing station ...

When she came to us, because of course she came to us, the poor thing was totally upset and severely emaciated  ... the man knew how to make excuses and said they were so similar he'd made a mistake  and thus brought number 3 of 4 (identical) dogs, the poor Dafne, into the killing station ... sometimes happiness can be found in small things ...  Dafne is now with us, reunited with her family, and she's fine, she's a quiet, timid but very sweet and good dog. She is very attached to people, and especially grateful ... She is social and loving, a unique sweetheart who really deserves better, like the others in her family ... Let's hope that their other sibling doesn't have a similar fate ...

For more information about Dafne, click here

Arrivals - Eindhoven, March 28th.

On Tuesday, four sweet dogs came back to Eindhoven. Lina was picked up by a volunteer who brought her to her owner in Belgium. Fermin and Ragnar were picked up by their new owners, and went quietly looking forward to their new lives. Katia will stay in fostercare. The small bouncing dog found it all very exciting, and it was still a challenge to get her lead on. Good luck in all Netherlands!

Katia in Spain

March 26, 2017

Scofield and Sucre

Our two little gangsters left today .... Scofield and Sucre ... two little Pit Bulls .... found in the trash at  three weeks old ... guided by our entire team in Spain, raised with our hearts but with discipline too ... they are socially focused, super with humans, first class huggers. We have been alert and correct, day and night from their three weeks. They were tremendously weak and so sick and filthy dirty, thin and full of wounds when we took them in ... look at them today! !

They now go into the hands of their adoptive parents .... now they will carry on our work, and continue helping them to have a bright future .... They were screened by our adoption team, received tested and monitored home visits .... together we all deliberated whether it was the right thing to do.

Every visitor ..... student or volunteer ... has had Scofield and Sucre on their laps ... corrected and cuddled them ... because they are small Hooligans ... we let them run loose .... there they go ... and then your heart stands still. God please may it go well for them ... their adopters have taken them with the same passion and conviction we have for them ... with love and patience these dogs will have a long, happy life.

Goodbye,  little Hooligans .. we will miss you ... you're just something else ... because of your reputation it might have been different. You are  'Pitt Bulls' but we know you had a great start and that you are good, sweet, normal dogs. May be be safely HOME. We will keep in touch, for sure. Thanks to everyone who has, right until today, taken a part in their good start in life.

Arrivals Schiphol March 23rd

Pussy Valentin went home quickly!



All of us together.

March 24, 2017

Old Mickey

Our old Mickey .... first one warm position .... and then another one ..... and it's all okay ....


Kriekske recovering from her leg that was infected ... such a sweet thing !!!

Molly's first days

Here's a little update on Molly (Izzy)

She arrived on Friday. It was an exciting time for us all. After our first meeting she was still uncertain. Then came the ride in the car and when we arrived Django was waiting for her. He looked at her strangely, but from the first moment he accepted her. Izzy was really happy, she had a buddy 😁

Izzy is a quick learner, she is house trained, knows what her place is and knows what is in the kitchen. What strikes us most is that from the first moment she felt at home, they did not squeak and wasn't uneasy or inhibited. She is a happy dog. In the park, she has made a lot of friends and they all romp together.

Django needs getting used to but has already accepted her completely. His bed is sacred, but she may just lie in there with him occasionally.

In short, she is entirely at home and we are very happy with her. Thanks for your good work.

Cheers Barry and Channa


On 27 November 2016 I picked up little Mika from the airport in Rotterdam. I saw a small, brown, insecure dog sitting with a pink eye, a broken ear and red nose in the arms of a volunteer and I was immediately in love!

Yet he came happily to me and my friend, did a puddle outside and sat in the car. At home, an 18 year old dog and two enormous Mainecoon cats (who've lived here for a year) were waiting for her. Mika was so shocked she didn't even sniffed at them, but they meet her and it was all good!

I was completely stunned, I had expected a big fight.
But then it was time for her to go out ...
Mika was very scared, especially for men, slamming car doors, unexpected noises. So scared that she was panting in panic!

Meanwhile, in those four months with me she has shown how sweet and affectionate she is, that she can stay at home on her own, is super housebroken and loves it here.

She will gradually relax a little more, but she is still frightened of any strange or loud noise.

Next week, she will be injected for her Leishmania, because her ear, eye and nose are not healed despite the tablets. But she has a healthy appetite and looks good.

I'm very happy with her and she with me. She lies next to me at night in bed and grunts with pleasure!

I wouldn't be without her.

Thanks Ace, for helping me adopt this sweet dog. I would do it again!

Cora Snoeck

Time to swim again and go crazy in the good weather

Maya (a.k.a. Asia)

On 4th March we received our little redhead Ibizan lady with open arms. As indicated in the description though she was very timid and hid herself behind a travel companion in the travel cage. We therefore had to make an effort to see her, but when we did, we fell for her straight away.

We have had Maya now for three weeks and we are already seeing a great improvement! She has learned a lot: to walk on a leash, to climb stairs, sitting in the car, to stay home for brief periods and to get used to the crowds of people and cars around her. She takes all this very well and continues to surprise us. So we have also discovered that behind the shy girl is a happy, playful Podenco. She even jumped into the pond once, out of enthusiasm. She puts a smile on our face.

Finally, I have a message to those who think about adopting a dog: have a look at the more shy dogs in the shelter. You have needed a little more patience to get the dog out of his shell, but the wait is worth every penny!

Kelly & Mischa.

Update Raki (Tubia ACE)

November 29, 2016, was the day we were allowed to pick up our Spanish treasure at Eindhoven airport. There in a carry bag was a small quivering puppy, who the escort told us had been very good during the while flight. Everything was a bit strange for her, but once A bit strange it was, but once she crawled into our arms she was fine and we were in love.

It's now four months later, and she is the princess of the house. Our Raki (formerly ACE Tubia), enjoys all the attention and interest and loves to run in the garden.

She crawls next to our other dog to sleep, although he had to get used to that. Meanwhile Raki is fully integrated, and she is now an integral part of our family. We have very lucky that Raki has (almost) nothing has kept from her first weeks in Spain.However, we found that she was anxious in the car, but now she is happy because she associates this with fun trips to the forest.

She listens well and is very smart, it's just the toileting that she takes at her own pace but she is sensible and works it out. For instance 20 minutes walking outside, then she comes in but then goes out again and within a count of two is immediatly squatting in the garden.

I want to thank the whole organization of ACE for the enrichment Raki has brought to our household.
The entire process runs smoothly, from home visits to follow-up, everything is well organized, and that is precisely why we chose ACE!

Sharon Kesseler