November 30, 2013

Coming home

Here are some happy pictures of some of our lucky dogs arriving at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam and meeting their new families. Always a wonderful occasion and one that helps us to deal with the sorrow and sadness we see so often.

For me, personally, I get a special surge of happiness when I recognise a dog I have known in the Refugio. Among the dogs going home this time are sweet PJ whom I knew in May when he was having a hard time because he had a poor sore face from a bite. He's looking so well now. And Winston, dear Winston. I was there the day he arrived, bedraggled and sad.  Now he's set for a life of love and care.

Thanks to Odette for the generous time she puts in at the airport, greeting families and making sure everything is working as it should. And for flying out to Malaga specially to bring back several dogs. Thanks too to Ineke for the photos and of course to the new families for their love and generosity.

Schipol - November 23rd 2013






Schipol - November 24th 2013 - Day





Schipol - November 24th 2013 - Evening 





November 23, 2013

Day by Day by Day ....

... more everyday happenings at the Refugio and news of some happy adopted dogs and their new families.

Little Dogs in Distress

They were thrown over the wall, how can anyone do this to such tiny innocents? Naturally they are very upset. But we will do everything we can to make them feel secure and to find them new families. 

Generous Gifts from the Netherlands

To all our volunteers , friends and supporters , thank you so much again for the dedication and gifts , we are delighted with it all. Special thanks to our new drivers Martijn and Onno Peter who drove it all the way and delivered it safely.

Happy Stephen with one of the loads. There were masses. We are so grateful.

From Indescribable Squalor to Love and Happiness

Garbanzo, rescued from a squalid home, with 21 other dogs. Now happy and healthy and looking forward to Christmas in his loving home. 

Spoilt and Loved - just as it should be

After six months in the Netherlands, beautiful Ollie has his loving owners wrapped round his not so little paw.  They retrieve his ball over and over again. And he gets lots of lovely cuddles.  

November 22, 2013

At last, Algeciras is completely free

There are some days you never forget. Days when the years of struggle and tears and effort and setbacks are finally behind you. When monsters are defeated and a happier future opens up.
Today came news from Fabienne of a great victory, hard won by the determination and courage of many people but at times seemingly impossible.

The full story is on Fabienne's Diary together with a lovely video. Here I will just give you the shorter version. Algeciras was for many years a killing station and earlier this year Paki won the right to take over the place. But she wasn't entirely free.  The monster was still there, still employed, and she could do nothing about it.

This monster - to call him a man does a disservice to humanity - took great pleasure in killing the dogs, in the nastiest way possible. He killed them illegally and sadistically but no one could touch him. One story will be enough to show the extreme cruelty of this monster. Paky had found homes for a group of lovely Podencos. On the morning they were due to fly out to their new lives she went to the killing station to pick them up.  And found them clubbed to death in their cages. It had been done, quite deliberately out of malice. Everyone knew who had done it, no one would speak.

Even though Paki is running Algeciras now, he continued to work there, he was under contract. She couldn't get rid of him. He still rounded up the dogs, picked them up in his van and no one could see or prevent what he did when out of sight.  Now his contact is over. He's gone, together with his van and his cruel 'materials', which he used to trap and capture the dogs.

The whole place feels difference without his horrible presence. Everyone can breathe freely. The dogs pick up on it too, they know they are now completely safe. They can run freely for hours. Algeciras is now truly a refuge. A haven. Thanks to the determination, courage and love of the many people who fought and fought and never gave up. Words are inadequate to express my gratitude and admiration but, inadequate as it is, thank you.

November 16, 2013

Update: October Adoptions

In October Ineke made another beautiful collage of the dogs adopted into the Netherlands. Unfortunately, for some reason, I only put one of the two sections on. Apologies - here is it in its entirety.

A Message from Some Very Special Dogs

They are very special. Which is why it's so hard to understand why they have been overlooked. Why they, out of the thousands who have found happy forever homes, should be the ones who are still waiting? Waiting for that special boss. Waiting for that golden basket.

"We've all be at the Refugio for four years, some for even five. We are called the 'long stayers'. Some of us were puppies when we were rescued but the years passed and we have got older and it seems even less likely that someone will take us home as we all over four and some of us are 7. 

Everyone is lovely here, they treat us kindly, they give us cuddles. We are warm and fed and safe. We are so grateful to Fabienne and all the kind humans who rescued us and look after us every day. But ... but ... however kind they are, and we are so very grateful to them, it's not the same as a real home, our very own basket, our very own family.

Please, if you are reading this could you find it in your heart to give us a home, to love us, to make us your very, very special dog. We will love you forever, that's a promise.

Hugs from .... Gemelo, Rumble, Carbonna, Marion, Gola, Guper, Verde, Gody and Cavalier.

"No one can understand why I'm still here. I pine for my very own family to love for ever and ever."

"I'm happy in foster care in Belgium but a little dog like me needs a lap of my own to cuddle on."

"I had a boss but things went badly for him and he couldn't keep me. I miss my home."

"I love to race about and run and run. I'm a Bodeguero - l love children, people, dogs and cats."

"I'm five and I've been in the shelter for four years. Could you make this the year I get my family?"

"I was dumped at the gate with some of my family. I'm the only one left. Please take me and love me."

"I was rescued from a hunter. I am a sociable, easy going chap and my favourite thing is playing."

"The children tired of us; we were dumped. My brother is adopted already. Please - my turn next?"

"I'm a big dog with a big heart. I don't need much - a very little exercise, a warm bed and a family."

 You can also see videos of Gemelo,  Guper and Verde on You Tube - go to the website  type their name under Dogs for Adoption and you will find the link to the videos. I would put them on here but Blogger is playing up!

November 09, 2013

This is what we work for, this is the reward ...

Baton came to the refuge in Algeciras, yet another lovely dog that had been discarded, just thrown away. Fortunately we were able to save him. At Algeciras Heidi took great care of him, was his virtual adoptive mother until the big day came when he went on the great flying bird and landed in Holland.

That was on the 26th October. Now, only weeks later, sweet Baton has settled in with his adoptive sisters - some also from ACE - and is really at home. His new owner and adopter says he is so endearing to watch, this is the real reward, seeing him so happy. She is enchanted by him. How, she says, could anyone dump such a gentle, loving dog - tie him to a lamppost and just leave him? All that has changed - she will make sure he has a wonderful life from now on.

Baton loves living in a house and he loves his basket and cuddly blanket

Sweet dreams little Baton, you're home now. Safe and warm and loved.

November 06, 2013

More good news - happy dogs adopted into Holland in October

Apologies for recent silence. Terrible computer problems, caused by Apple's new operating system. Almost back to normal and hope to start posting again at the weekend.