March 09, 2019

Our wall of Babylon

The wall in our Refugio was a titanic work when it was built; the tons of heavy stones became 1 per 1
built with great care. Today we are sealing it completely with cement because too much
vermin was attracted to it and lived in it, and that has disadvantages for our dogs, so now we have to undertake a new titan work 



New partners in crime Ottie and Fritz 😎

Fritz also has a favorite "hangout" ... 😉

SHIN DAY 2019 - Sunday 8th September: Save the date!!!

Fabienne's dog of the week: Lisanne.

This black beauty, Lisanne, was rescued from a killing station and is probably the sister of Evan - but we do not know for sure. Lisanne has a very cool and cheerful character. She is the slightly quieter version of Evan, but also likes some movement and interaction. Lisanne is a social, friendly girl who is good with other dogs and people. A pretty dog with lots of potential - at only just over one and a half she has her whole life ahead of her  ... who will let Lisanne start a totally new chapter ...? She would be so happy! For more information, click on Lisanne.

A waffle!!!!

Saturday, March 9, 2019

A waffle ... you don't need anything else to attract the attention of a Labrador 😉 (or indeed any dog!!!)

March 07, 2019

Farewell dear Knight, Leopold and Franz: the new Musketeers,

Over the last twenty years there have been so many dogs who came and went. Some spent a short time with us, others - our darling 'long stayers' - found it hard to find a new forever home. No one knows why, they are all so beautiful and worthy of love. But among those who stayed a while with us, there are those who found friends. Friends who supported them when they were down, friends who gave them hope and companionship.

Ten years ago there were three dogs - we called them the three Musketeers - who all came in together.   Indeed they were all tied to the gate of the Refugio, in the hot sun. Huggy Hardy, Laurel (Chica) and Champ were three big beautiful big dogs with lovely characters. They looked after each other for the long two years they spent in the Refugio. And then, one fine day it was Hardy's time to go home. A couple of months later Laurel found her forever home - she is now Chica. Poor Champ had to see his friends depart. However, it wasn't too much longer before he too was adopted. All three lived not too far from each other so there were reunions.

And now we have three more Musketeers. Knight, Leopold and Fritz. Three gentle giants. On Facebook Vivien tells the moving story of Knight, who she rescued from the mountain. From the day he entered the Refugio, he was befriended by big bear Leopold, as was Fritz. These last two had been in the Refugio for some time, looking after each other. And now in turn they looked after Knight.

                                                                        Knight with Kelly

 Dear Fritz

                                                                                        Sweet Leopold

And now, just like Hardy, Chica and Champ before them, our new Musketeers have found loving forever homes. Even better after Knight was adopted, his new family agreed that it wasn't fair to separate him from his friend Leopold. So a few days later, Leopold flew off to join his big Mastin friend. But Fritz wasn't left behind, he had just been adopted too. And he won't be living too far from him buddies. Another happy ending. Another reason we all do what we do.

Here are a couple of lovely videos, thanks to Veerle, of the departure off Leopold, who travelled with Gandalf. And one showing how much Leopold was loved in his long years in the Refugio

For more about the original three Musketeers, see friends reunited and home at last

March 03, 2019

Olli's Carnival 😊

In memoriam Nova

Today we had to put Nova (ACE # 927) to sleep.

She had suffered from pain in the shoulders for some time; in December the diagnosis was osteoarthritis and we were prescribed painkillers.
But it got much worse in the last week.
Yesterday, the veterinarian, after studying her condition again, thought it could be a cancer instead of osteoarthritis.
Painkillers were tripled but there was no improvement, unfortunately, so there was no choice but to save her further pain.
Nova was the first of our four ACE dogs, it was just as much an adventure for us as for her ... and it has become a real success story.
Almost 10 years of unconditional love. Never a trace of aggression, she got on with everyone and every dog.
Saying goodbye hurts.

Marianne and Eef.

Belgian walk!

Marie Christine Gudrun Anja and Monique on the move with our Shinnerkes !!