January 01, 2012

Sebastian and Champ - home at last. What a wonderful start to 2012!

   Champ has the best Christmas present in the world, his very own loving family

At last, at last!  After two long years, Champ, the third Musketeer is coming home. As you'll see from the post The Three Musketeers, on 28th November, Champ was dumped outside the Refugio with his friends Laurel and Hardy, some years ago.  Earlier this year, both Laurel and Hardy found loving new homes. Poor Champ was left behind - and we pleaded for his special Christmas present, a golden basket of his own.

And now he has it.  Isn't that wonderful. Thank you, thank you BarbaLou for taking Champ into your family.

You can read all about Champs loving new family on the A.C.E. Facebook  pages.  And below you can see his new step-brothers waiting to welcome him.

Champ very own basket, leash and bowl - and two new step-brothers 
                        Just waiting to welcome him home

      Miracles and wishes come true for Sebastian!                             

On December 31, my greatest wish - a golden basket for my favorite SALVADOR!

In November I got know Salvador in the Refugio, together with two of my best friends, Mick and Tania. He was our problem child, our favorite.

We had to leave without him ... My last hope was a call on Christmas Day! And yes, you know ... it happened!

A super-gold family made my wish come true and gave him a loving place in their home and hearts. Before the clock strikes 12.00 and the new year opened my favorite was in his golden basket!

No better gift I could imagine for this new year!

Thank you - Thank you - Thank you, dear adoptive parents!
I wish you many wonderful loving years together with Salvador and the whole family!

All the best to you. And thank you to all people, especially to Mick and Tania, who helped make my wish come true.

Love and a great big hug!


Catherine Fiona

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