July 18, 2018

An example to all countries: The Netherlands is the first country to have no street animals!

Holland is the first country to have no street dogs or cats. This was achieved by 4 strategies. If only everyone would follow their example.

Laws and fines
Mass castration campaigns, with castration being free and obligatory
High taxes on the purchase of 'pedigree' and 'specific breed' animals 

July 16, 2018

Sunday's Diary - Gepetto had such bad luck, but what a guy!!!!

Everyone remembers our purple paint-drenched mum Toosje, who with her 11 puppies will remain an unforgettable event in our history. All the puppies were cute and beautiful, all of them including our Gepetto, but he has a twisted back leg.  He has however, to date not been bothered by it, yet he is different from the others as a result. He is also the family's special one, the most gentle of all, all cuddles, all softness. Gepetto is now with us in foster care and you can only melt when you see him, those soft eyes, that sweet look, he got it all from his mom, ... He plays with our cats and with all the other dogs, he is always happy and cheerful, always calm, like a Mastin can be. Gepetto is looking for an owner who can appreciate all this and gives him a chance, even though he is not completely perfect because of his hind leg, our great treasure!

Thanks to Sandra

Thanks again to Sandra who came to pick up our first dogs thanks to the flight group !! If you would also like to fly our dogs home and pay a visit to our shelter, then become a member of our flight group and save monthly for tickets. It is an experience you will never forget !!

Fabienne's Dog of the Week: Leo

For more information about Leo please click here

Our week in a nutshell!!!

The last week in a nutshell, ... how much can happen in just one week! We swung back and forth between all kinds of emotions, ... Towards a new beautiful week!

July 15, 2018

It's Sunday - and I am reading a book!

It tastes quite good too 😊


Dear All,
First of all, thank you once again for your support and sweet words last night.
It is nice to know that so many people are behind us!
There is also positive news, we have a new logo that we would like to introduce!
From now on we will use this new logo*, where our SHIN and ACE are united together, something that has never been different but is now more expressed!
We especially want to celebrate GaΓ«lle Sutour from FinesseBrands (Brussels), she has designed this beautiful work very much thanks!
We're going for it again!

*This will also appear in the blog header, just as soon as I can figure out how to do it!!!

New logo

We are delighted to have a brand new logo. The details will follow, including acknowledgements. The new logo will appear at the top of the page, just as soon as I discover how to do it. For the time being, please forgive the temporary glitches. Thanks.

Today's Diary ... our dogs in danger.

We were at home when the telephone rang: "Fabienne, you know that ..." When I looked out of my window I saw a big black cloud coming from the refugio, we are already in the summer but I assure you that your heart goes crazy, ... Our dogs, 350 and more, were in danger, ... We were immediately shot into action, ... Our men and our young forces were there within 10 min and, indeed, it was serious and dangerously close but the great firefighters and fire-fighters did very well to to get it out.


Everyone rallied round to help


As  well as police and fire department, there were helicopters overhead dumping water to quench the flames. There's a video on the Dutch blog.

It was not just our dogs that were in danger. Horses and wildlife too.

Dramatic and far too close for comfort. The gates ca be seen, with the dog's head sculpture at the bottom of the picture.

Seen from the Refugio - across the big field.

So close. So frightening. Much closer than last time.

At the mercy of wind and fire.

July 08, 2018

From Fabienne's Diary: An ode to a special man, our Uncle George!!

Today we said our last farewell to our Uncle George, ...

A best friend who has gone, a personality to say "U" to, someone to never forget, ...

For years he came every year to live with us for a time at our home, and to share what we experienced daily with our Refugio. He gradually became  the great darling of many of our volunteers and friends, his eternal optimism, his humour and his warm personality touched both humans and animals , ...

Some anecdotes:
He once emptied the entire killing station at LOS BARIOS. When we had loaded 20 dogs and I was arranging the papers, I suddenly heard a loud noise outside, ... the men with the glass eyes walked up with their hands in the air behind Uncle George. He had opened all the cages and thought it was better this way than to let them all die there, just like that, for no reason!

"Are there any more, come here, ... load them all in, don't leave even one behind" and we didn't either ... We had dogs up to our ears, on the dashboard, about 40 in our little van, ...

He was in the forefront of our fight for our current rescue center which was then a killing station, negotiating with the owner of the killing station, which was then very profitable. He was a born diplomat, but also a born full-time perseverer.  "You never give up" he always said, and if you want something, you go for it, "no matter what".

Every time he came to us he went out with one of our dogs; one day he took Indy our big Mastin. Our Indy was huge and impressive ... along with Uncle George. They went together to one of the surrounding villages. After a long hike he wanted something to eat and enjoy his sol and sombra, with his big friend, but that was a bit outside the mentality of the Spaniards. He always asked first if Indy could sit next to him on the terrace, and if the answer was "no" then he said "No Indy, no George"

How many wonderful evenings have we spent together after a long day at the Refugio, laughter and crying, his 'sol and sombra' or 'carajillo'* what he called his own home made antibiotics ... releasing together our emotions and thoughts from the sometimes tough days together with him. All this was never to be forgotten.

He enjoyed the dogs, was our biggest fan, no diary passed him by and his support and quiet strength always made us happy ... only our own offspring were unmanageable if Uncle George was in the neighborhood because they were allowed to do "everything ". "Those beasts have already had to put up with enough" said he then .. and determined that every one would have fun."

I can still tell you so many anecdotes ... today we brought him our last greeting, we will miss him, that incredible good man, some memories ... of the many that remain engraved in our hearts, rest softly ... forever in our hearts, ... God will we miss you, ...

Fabienne and Dirk

For some lovely pictures on the Dutch Blog, click here

* A typical Spanish drink, a mixture of coffee and brandy.

July 06, 2018

The big moment!!

After a week of boredom it was time. Today Kiko was allowed off the lead and he stayed close to me, he went swimming, ran like crazy and was very happy !!

Then sits dozing on the chair.

Thanks Elke !!

A big thank you to Elke and her father for spending so many years helping Isabelleke's foster dogs, silently keeping in the background but with full commitment !! Here with some of her dog children!

Thank you Joany and Esmee

Joany and Esmee have saved 300 euros for our dogs !! We're going to buy puppy food with that !! Thank you!!

Come on Belgium!!!!

The whole refugio (both the caretakers and the dogs) is preparing for the game tonight πŸ‡§πŸ‡· - πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ !! We are ready !!

And on our facebook page too! 😊

Fabienne's dog of the week: Sultan

This sweetheart has been waiting for his own warm home for almost three years! Why this should be, we do not we understand because he is such a sweet enthusiastic treasure, who would like to get to know the love and warmth of your own home. Who  will book Sultan's ticket to infinite happiness and makes him happy for the rest of his life?

For more information about sweet Sultan, click here

Oh those puppies.....great huh!!!!!


It wasn't me!!!!!

Palua is finally home ....

It took some doing ... but Palua is finally home with her new family! Thank you Judith and Hugo for giving her this opportunity!

Where am I going?

Now I know! I'm home! With my new Mum. 

With my new Dad. 

Overview of some of the dogs, who's freedom has been bought by our generous donors and volunteers

Dear blog friends,

Last week you were able to follow how we saved many dogs and cats from the killing station in Malaga. They were emotional days that left no one untouched ...

However, we have not been standing still in the meantime. We worked hard on their well-being, on their check ups with the vet and on the administrative red tape involved. In the coming weeks you will see the lucky ones appear on our website, stating the donors who bought them.

In this first phase we have been able to save 86 lives, in the coming weeks and months the others will follow. If you have not received any news about the dog or cat you bought free within a month, please contact beheer.mijas@ace-charity.org, our staff will do everything they can to answer your questions as quickly as possible. !

To all our donors and volunteers who made this possible, thank you again!
The first dogs are:
Felix -  bought free by Steegmans P.
Pepeeke - bought free by Jordan Monique
Chadli - bought free by Angel of the Voiceless
Zorro - bought free by Beckers Cheyenne
Chivas - bought free by Daelemans Mira
Silva - bought free by De Peuter I.
Alvarez - bought free by Debaets P.
Marquez - bought free by Leyers Nancy
Lozano -  bought free by Rabasa Carmen
Ed - bought free by Segers Monique
Rodriguez - bought free by Fam. van Beek - Galafat
Meunier - bought free by Mello G.
Witsel - bought free by Van Ranst Evi
Allison - bought free by Vermeir Evy
Deuante - bought free by van Ranst P.
Thiago -  bought free by Aecke Danielle
Carrasco - bought free by Arnauts E.
Casemiro -bought free by Devolder Sandra

If you are interested in virtually adopting one of these dogs, you can always contact Maries van den Plas: mariesvandenplas@gmail.com.

July 01, 2018

Fabienne's Dog of the Week: Hafsa!

Sweet Hafsa, having a cuddle with Fabienne and Kelly.

This week: 70 innocent souls rescued from the killing station ...

It was a day of joy. And a day of heartbreak. Joy for the seventy sweethearts, dogs and cats, we were able to take back with us. Heartbreak and sorry for those we had to leave behind. We hope to come back for more. 

They are always bittersweet, these rescues. But we are happy to know that those who could come with us are safe now. We will do everything we can to find them wonderful, forever homes.

The two videos below record the rescue and the arrival back at the Refugio, where you can see some of those saved running around, so happy. They always know.