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May 20, 2018


Thanks again to EUROPREMIUM for another pallet of feed, and thanks to Marc from PUMP SERVICE AUTOMATIC for picking it up, also a lot of thanks to BRITTA for arranging it !! We appreciate you and your help enormously.

Happy Duende

Although we are unable to rescue and rehome as many cats as we do dogs, we do that whenever we can. Both at our sister shelter in Algeciras and at El Refugio. And up the hill, at the dog and cat hotel, the many feral cats who live in the Campo are looked after, while they are left undisturbed.

It's a heartwarming sight every day, at supper time, to see the fields around become alive with furry bodies making their way to the hotel where they know a nice meal awaits them. There is always water too and shelter, both from the sun in summer and the wind and rain and cold at other seasons. Small cat kennels and houses are dotted about the site and a special room is provided with soft cushions and blankets and a window always open so any cat who wants can come in and out as they please.

Beautiful Duende is one of our lovely rescues. Such a beautiful creature. And how wonderful to see how well he has fallen on his paws.

Sweet little Santana is longing for his soul mate ...

Sweet little Santana has been waiting for his soul mate in the shelter for a year.
Would you give this little one the warm and loving home that he looks forward to?
He would be so grateful for that!

Fabienne's Dog of the Week: Rastro

Rastro is still a little insecure, but he is gradually regaining his confidence. Who will opens their heart and home for this sweetheart and let him become a carefree and beloved dog again?

Poor Rastro has had a bad few years, ending up in the killing station. But all he needs now is love and he will soon be happy again. For more information on Rastro please click on his name.


ACE-Charity offers help to stray and abused dogs in southern Spain. Dogs that have been discarded and those who, without ACE-Charity to help them, no longer have a prospect of a second chance of happiness.
How can you help?

- by becoming a volunteer

- through donations Solbank Banco Sabadel Calahonda
Account number: ES74 0081 0619 5800 0145 7846
to Animal Care Espana Dogs In Need

- by liking and sharing our FB page and our posts as much as possible

- by collecting goods (plastic baskets, food trays, medication, feed, towels and blankets, etc.)

- by making purchases in our ACE shop

- by registering as a virtual adopter of one of our dogs

- by doing food collections

Bardot - as beautiful as her namesake

Our beautiful and sweet cat Bardot, already waiting in her foster home until her forever  owner comes. Bardot is playful, housebroken, people-oriented and certainly a cat that gives you a lot of friendship! Who will give her her gold basket?

May 13, 2018

Let us all stand up for the hunting dogs in Spain.

We can not allow the hunting dogs to fall outside the new legislation so that they are no longer regarded as pets. We cannot surrender them to the will of the hunters, just like that?

That is why we have started this petition as a Rescue organization, here we have to do something about it. Please sign the petition and share it as much as possible so that as many people as possible sign it.

On behalf of all hunting dogs thank you very much !!

Please click here to sign the petition - Hunting dogs are also Dogs! It is in Dutch, but you can copy and paste it into Google Translate to see the English version. 

May 12, 2018

Please don't forget our oldies ...

Thank you to our wonderful visiting veterinarians and assistants ...

Today the team of 5 Dutch veterinarians and assistants arrived to spend next week castrating our dogs.  They flew right in and got started, the first operations are already taking place! Thank you again  Cheryl, Esmee, Kim, Hetty and Milou and we wish you success this week !!

Thank you Carla and Alain

 Two treasures of people who would normally fly home on Monday but who had to change their flight because of the Brussels Airlines strike ... Of course without the guarantee that dogs could still go! šŸ˜‰ They paid a visit to the refugio and brought a lot of goodies for the dogs and a very nice donation !! Huge and grateful thanks, and until soon !! ❤šŸ¾

"Our main purpose in this life is to help others. And if we cannot help them, at least to do them no harm."

Dalai Lama

Best friends!

The sun rising above our refugio - a beautiful photo from Veerle

Is there something on my head?

We'd love to see your loving or cute photos ...

 ❤ Do you too have such a loving or cute photo of your sweetheart (s)? If so, please send them to us so we can put them on our blogs and pages. We would love to see your submissions.

May 11, 2018

Hunters in Spain do not want their dogs to be seen as pets, in order to avoid the new animal protection legislation.


Hunters want exceptions in Spain.

Several hunting associations in Spain do not want their dogs, that they use to hunt, to be included under the new laws against animal cruelty. The problem for many hunters is that, thanks to the new standards, the hunting dogs are also seen as pets, which means they have to comply with special rules that, in the eyes of the hunters, do not apply to the hunting dogs.

It also seems that the hunters are going to get their way, at least in the autonomous state of Castilla-La Mancha where, in February, an "exception" was included in the new law on animal protection, so that hunting dogs fall outside it. Also in the state of Comunidad Valenciana there are plans to make such an exception for the hunters.

Special category

The FederaciĆ³n de Caza or the Federation of Hunters in Spain wants a new category for the hunting dogs so that they do not have to meet the same requirements as those of the dogs that are seen as pets. There should then be a special category for hunting and working dogs. According to the hunters, it is not only hunting dogs that should be exempt but also dogs used by shepherds, police dogs and sled dogs.


In addition, the hunters want a change in the description "abandoned animal". The hunters want to prevent themselves from being guilty of abandoning their dogs if they are lost during a hunt. The hunters do not have to keep their dogs on the leash, something that is logical otherwise the hunting dog can not carry out his / her task.

Other exceptions

The hunters want more exceptions such as allowing the use of electronic collars, the exclusion of compulsory living with the dogs (many hunting dogs live in the field or in barns and not in house with a hunter) and the exclusion of the need to ask for a permit if an activity is going to take place with animals, like hunting.

Animal activists

Meanwhile, various associations of animal activists have started campaigns on the internet and on the street under the heading "Los perros de caza tambiƩn son perros" or 'the hunting dogs are also dogs' and the hashtag # LosPerrosDeCazaTambiƩnSonPerros on Twitter.


There has been rising tension between animal activists and hunters for weeks or months and regularly it comes to confrontations, insults and threats on the internet or in real life. Hunters complain about the fact that they are all seen as animal abusers and demand more respect, and have also held events, such as the last one on 15 April, in which 40 cities in Spain have seen tens of thousands of hunters on the streets.
Written by Remco Stoffer on behalf of

Please help our puppies go home ...

We don't want them to grow up in a shelter, however much we love them and however well we take care of them when they are with us. We want these sweet puppies to have the very best start in life, even if for some of them the beginning wasn't great. But they are all small enough not to remember the past and just be puppies, looking forward to a bright loving future.

For information about Chase click here

For information about Odile click here

For information about Odilon click here

For information about Harly click here

For information about Loco Buffalo click here

For information about Apollo click here

Last week in our clinic ...

Metje is slowly starting to use her paw again. Jonah is being treated with glucantime starting this week. We still have to wait to see if it works, but it seems to be heading in the right direction! Jonah finally has n appetite again and has more energy!

We are working hard to help all dogs! Those who can't be treated in our clinic are seen by Antonio or Carlos, depending on the type of treatment needed. Some of our dogs need expensive operations and we are always to grateful for donations to fund these. 

Lovely happy snapshots of our Refugio yesterday ...

Kelly with one of our precious sleepy puppies

Maribel doling out the medicine in some yummy meat

Is it time to go out to play yet?

Precious puppy has woken up!

More yummy medicine!

Marielle and friends in the office

At the Refugio, every day is 'take your dog to work day'!!!

Veerle with brave, sweet Jules.

Kelly playing the clown!!!

May 09, 2018

Beautiful Coton is 4 years old

Dear Coton, who you will have seen in several blog posts, is 4 years old. This sweet boy came to us with a badly damaged paw that required surgery. So we are so happy to see him today, leg healed, free of pain, a happy loving and much loved family pet.

Our puppies are adorable - and they all need is a warm, loving home.

Taysa, Toni, Taro, Teo and Tea are great cross Labrador / Sharpei puppies, each waiting  to fly to their golden basket.They may have been born in sad or difficult circumstances and while their mothers will know what was going on, these dear innocent pups don't remember. They are too tiny. So they play and frolic as puppies do. But a refuge is no place for pups. They need warm loving homes - will you open your heart and house to one of these dear ones?

Information about Taysa can be found here.
Information about Toni can be found here

Information about Taro can be found here

Information about Teo can be found here *

Information about Tea can be found here

* Teo is already reserved, such good news. So now, who will give the others warm loving homes?

Life in our Refugio ...

Another little film showing the day to day life at El Refugio

May 07, 2018

Nona is in love !!!

Nona is completely in love, I can't believe my eyes, sooooo sweet !!
Greetings from sunny NijmegenšŸ‘‹šŸ¼☀☀

The work we do!

A little video to demonstrate the work we do and why we do it.

Send us your funniest photos of your ACE-SHIN dogs with a story to go with it

Dear ACE / SHIN followers,

We would like to receive funny pictures of your dogs to color our pages positively, next to the  every day reality here on the spot! A funny photo, a pleasant anecdote, please send it to us! Together we can laugh and cry about what's going on here every day, but also, and this really counts too, it's good to see the results of our collective volunteer work when these once hopeless, neglected darlings have become happy dogs !!!

Send your photo with a story to: or via a message here on the page, ... we are very curious to see your submissionsšŸ˜Š

May 05, 2018

The world is sometimes smaller than we think ...

When we arrived at the airport in Deurne in March and Gerdje did the flight guidance, we met the adopters of Lorelai. They came to have a look because the daughter of Lorelai arrived that day, ... Heartwarming to see how people sympathize with this family, who forgot and was forgiven here in Spain, ...

Lorelai and her daughter Rory (from a previous litter) were saved from miserable circumstances, ... Today they are all home, apart from Meurisse, the only remaining one, he is still waiting for a warm basket ... while frightened Lorelai is a little happier every day in her new family, ...

This family and their friends donated a lot of goods and food to our dogs, for which we are extremely grateful !!!