August 19, 2018

Some more lucky ones ... they too were rescued from the killing station.

Kelly - bought free by J. Windels
Bandolero - bought free by Anne Thuis
Maxi - bought free by N. Scheynen
Apolonia - bought free by Ann Mertens

If you are interested in virtually adopting one of these dogs, you can always contact Maries van den Plas:

ACE DAY: The Great Reunion

On Saturday, September 1st, it's time again "The Great Reunion" .....

It promises to be a great day with fun stands, a photographer, chair massage, an agility course. If you would like to come you can still sign up by sending an email to But don't wait too long because it quickly gets FULL = FULL !!

We and the team from Spain hope to see you all on Saturday September 1st in Eck en Wiel!

From Fabienne's Diary: Kelly, a little Yorky found on the street ...

Kelly, a little Yorky, who was walking in the middle of the road in a pitiful state, was taken to the killing station by the people who found her. They were totally ignorant of what goes on there. When they found out later, they asked for our help.

Kelly, yet another of the many little ones that are beautiful and cute when they are picked out from a shop window but that are little more than that, just a nice 'thing'... No vaccines, no chip, no care, ... When the toy is done with and is starting to look weird, full of fleas, with clotted hair, her excrement caked to her tail, full of small bumps (ticks), a dirty smell with her ... And that near the children? No, outside with it, and let's make everything tidy  ... let's just get rid of her, put her in the street.

Kelly was full of fleas and ticks, her long, tangled hairs could almost walk on their own once they were cut loose. Just no words for it ... the little dog scratched and scratched, non stop, the pain and the itch she must have had, we can not imagine.

Once with us in just a few days she changed into a dog  that constantly wags her tail out of gratitude and is hugely sweet and cuddly.  Once free of all the dirt the real, sweet Yorky came out ... the toy is free again ... but this time under our care and where she now lives, she is a lot more than just a disposable item. Any real owner that really deserves her can certainly get in touch with us.

You should REALLY read this to the end !!

❤️ I am your dog and I want to say this to you.

I know that people have stressful lives. You have a job and maybe you have children that you have to educate. You always seem to be in a hurry, and you often forget to take the time to really enjoy life.
Take a good look at me. Do you see how my big brown eyes look back at you? My eyes become less clear when I get older. I start getting gray hair around my soft muzzle. I can see the love in your eyes.
What do you see in mine? Can you see my soul? Someone who loves you more than anyone else on this earth? Someone who forgives you everything, and only wants to be with you?

This is all I ask: that you occasionally spend some time with me, even if only for a few minutes. It often seems that you spend time looking at other dogs on your screen, some for example, who have already died.

Sometimes we die too early and too fast and that breaks your heart. Sometimes we get older so slowly that you do not even notice it. Despite my moist eyes and gray nose, I will never stop loving you.

Tomorrow or next week I could no longer be here. One day you will have more grief for me than you ever thought possible and you will wish you could spend another day with me.

But today I am here, so come and sit with me and let us enjoy each other.

Do not talk to me like you're my teacher, but as I am, a living soul. Stroke my fur, look me in the eye and talk to me.

You want to share your life with someone who will share your feelings and memories, well here I am!
I am a dog, a living being. I feel and see the difference between the different characters in people. I do not only see you as a dog on two legs - I know who you are. You are a human being and I love you despite your peculiarities.

Just sit on the floor with me. Step into my world. Look me in the eye and whisper in my ears. Speak from your heart and let me really get to know you. Life is too short.

So please ... Come and sit with me and enjoy the beautiful moments we have together.

I love you.

Your dog ❤️

Goedele Liekens visiting our shelter, ...

Goedele Liekens is a Flemish psychologist and sexologist and a well known celebrity in Belgium and Holland. A former Miss Belgium, she currently works as a television presenter in the Netherlands and  Belgium. Outside the Low Countries she is probably best known for presenting Sex in Class on the UKs Channel 4. She is a United Nations Population Fund Goodwill Ambassador in the area of reproductive health. As can be seen here, she is also passionate about animals and has a big heart. 

The article below for Het Nieuwsblad BE, describes her visit to El Refugio to support her fellow citizen of Limburg, Fabienne.

Goedele Liekens visits Limburgse who saved 19,000 dogs in Spain: "Every dog ​​life that I save is still one (life saved), is it not?"

Fabienne Paques from Sint Truiden runs since 2000 an animal shelter in the Spanish Mijas. In those 18 years she has saved some 19,000 dogs, a strikingly large number. "Due to Spanish macho culture, male dogs are not 'done' here and they do not want to pay for the more expensive sterilization of bitches."

At the current pace, Fabienne could reach the total of 20,000 rescued dogs within the year. Yet she is not exactly looking forward to that sad threshold. Fabienne thinks it is high time that something changes. Spain is full of street dogs and hardly anything is done about it. "The only solution that the Spanish government offers against the inconvenience of stray dogs are the well-known 'killing stations'."

"Even people who can not or do not want to take care of their dog can have their pet finished (euthanised). Every year a total of around 200,000, apart from the dogs that are killed by owners themselves. A sterilization campaign or obligation would solve a lot. Now the mopping with the tap is open. But every dog's life that I save is yet another one, is not it? "

Fabienne personally accepts the adoptive dogs, so she can place the beasts in a targeted manner; suitable for a family with children? With a sporty jogger or with an older lady who needs peace? Adoption dogs, including those pictured here except as stated, can be found on 


Goedele with sweet Jules, one of Veerle's precious dogs. Obviously not up for adoption.

With Kiran.

With Pomsky who is no longer up for adoption

With Jones

With Fabienne and Masjoeffel

With Dundi

Pekky, one of our Galgo Espanols, is showing an interest!

Goedele and Fabienne

With Veerle

With Veerle, Fabienne, Kelly and Viktor

With Leopold

With Muti

With some of our students

With Emiel

August 18, 2018

Patricia came to visit us again.

Patricia came to visit us again! She brought some goodies for the dogs and some money for our piggy bank !! Thank you Patricia!

August 14, 2018

Fabienne's Dog of the Week: Percy

We took our Percy, with his handsome eyes, for a walk. He jumps smoothly into the car and sits down quietly. Percy is a very sweet, soft teddy bear, an example of a dog ... If he can go hiking he is really happy! Percy is crazy about a ball and loves water; he's an ideal playmate for children, so ... He has been waiting for a while, but whoever is going for him will really have such a sweet and good dog ... will someone pick him up soon?

For more information about Percy please click on his name.

Our little ones, still looking for warm homes ...

August 13, 2018

From Fabienne's Diary: Our special project dogs in our clinic ... they need you and so do we.

Our projects in the clinic...

Our refugio often gets dogs in a severly neglected state.. We get dogs from the kiling station, from the streets, found in the garbage bins, or dumped by a family who changed their minds, and puppies who are no longer good enough for breeding in the puppy mills
Recently, quite a few dogs who were used for producing litters in a puppy mill were dumped in a killing station... they couldn't be sold anymore according to the breeder... they looked horrible.These dogs often need a lot of vet care... Our vet takes care of this, he will operate on them and informs us what care they need.. but this costs a lot of money... As they are dogs with hardly any chances, nobody will take them in and that makes us want to make a difference, especially for those ones.. 

Ace Shin stands up for those who do not stand a chance, they are all worth it, each and every one.. once you get to know them, and realise what they must have been through. Dogs who were dumped in the streets, with all consequences that result ... just think for a minute if it was you... you are welcome nowhere, no place to sleep, or to come home to but with a will to survive.You are hungry and thirsty but know nothing or nobody in the neighborhood because you were just dropped there. And what if you are ill, feeling miserable, when you are out of energy or when you are injured?

And then the puppy mills... where you have to produce day in, day out in a stinking filthy cage... where nobody looks at you personally, just wants you to get pregnant to produce yet another litter... your eye will become ill, you will remain ill and things are getting worse and worse.You will get some physical problems, which nobody cares about, as long as you produce puppies. 

And then the killing station.. where you will be caught with a special catch lasso, thrown into a cage and where the smell of death fills the hallways.

Did you ever stand still and think about the fear, the insecurity, the pain and the sadness that all of these dogs had to go through? 

We want to be there for all those dogs and for them, we have our facebook groups, where we save money for them. It sometimes might take a while before we saved the necessary amount for an operation, but sometimes we have to go straight to the emergency department or to a traumatologist when there is no time to lose. That is why we have a deal with our specialist and vets... so we can pay in different terms for those where there was no time to lose.. 

For those dogs, dear people, we fight together! Give them a chance to be happy, give them a chance to be taken care of, to be respected by all of us who love them so much... Support our facebook groups, where we save money and support those, who need it so much!

We thank you, we all do this with full persuasion, but we are nowhere without you... We are doing this together and that is why we need you so much!

Besides our Leishmania and Filaria patients, who need a daily treatment, we also have a few 'regulars' in our clinic for whom we can use your help. 

First up: Lulera... a neglected but oh so sweet dog, who went through hell. She had to carry a heavy and neglected coat with her, tested positive for Leishmania and had infected eyes.. She came with a death sentence, but after 4 months of intensive care (Glucantime treatment for Leishmania, daily treatment of her eyes, conditioning her coat, mm by mm) she is now a totally different dog and she looks great! We can be proud that we rescued her and she looks proud as well! She still is a bit shy for new people but so thankful!

Ayala, a victim of a puppy mill, came into the killing station in a terrible condition, you would cry for less.. all used up. Our vet examined her the day she came to the Refugio. She had a severely infected eye and Leishmania.. she was so afraid. Luckily this quickly changed in full surrender and thankfulness. She is now much better but will always remain a worrisome child, but she now has the chance to get to know happiness.. and that is why we are doing what we are doing. 

Bobientje, a mini Boston Terrier female, was used up until a caesarian was no longer possible and her uterus and intestines were 1 big mess. With us she got a necessary operation and now she is slowly recovering... it was so close, but she made it. She is extremely afraid and doesn't know what love or a cuddle is.. She doesn't know how to be a dog with a normal human being. 

Here we have another victim, who was named Bobette by us.. A lovely sweet mother that was all used up only to be dumped in a killing station.. her eye was in duch a bad state that she needed emergency surgery. Her skin is infected and her teeth are like a graveyard.. Let's just say that it is another case of neglect... she has received all necessary care and is now recovering.

Celestine our survivor, was saved from the  killing station, but she already had Distemper... like a true miracle, she survived, but some neurological difficulties remained.. she has a tic at her head, but she is a fighter... she wants to survive, she wants to, she wants to... 

Our Kotton was one of the most extreme cases of years of neglect that we have seen over the years.. She came in with a giant tumor in her ear, what turned out to be a Papiloma. She needed surgery on her mammary glands and there turned out to be tumor in the vagina as well. Her coat was in a terrible state... impossible to comb through.The felted coat was removed, mm by mm - she was almost bold after her visit to the hairdresser. Her eyes were closed shut because of her dirty heavy coat and as a result they were infected.. so sad, indescribable. 

Another new comer, our dearest Bambi..  dumped in the killing station by puppy mill. First we thought that she was pregnant, but that was not the case. She had big cysts in her uterus... it took our vet a lot of effort to remove all of them and it was a tough surgery. It was hard on Bambi but she is slowly getting stronger and stronger. Her teeth and ears need to be taken care of, but first let's give her some rest and help her become a bit stronger.

Tuly limped when she came to us. It turned out that she had had surgery in the past on her leg, but the surgery went terribly wrong.The metal pin that was placed there, had moved and caused terrible pains. It was removed meanwhile and Tuly needs to be kept calme so that her bones can strengthen.. our vet is keeping a close eye on her.

Our friendly Madona, another puppy mill farm casualty. She is so happy, despite all of her health issues. Her eyes and ears will still need care... they need a thorough cleaning and daily drops.

And then our Bruno, the energetic Perro de Agua. He had surgery when he was with his previous owner, but after a while the metal pin was rejected by his body which caused a severe allergic reaction. The metal pin was removed but Bruno was put on cage rest to give his paw the chance to heal and get stronger... otherwise the risk of a new fracture would be too high. Several times  a week he has needed to get special bandages and the wound has to be cleaned. This week he will go to the specialist again to see how his leg has healed and so he can hopefully go to his new owners!

Bjorn was dumped in the killing station by his owners.. his skin was in a terrible state... He had lost of all his faith in mankind, but slowly he lets us come closer.. He needs medication and special bandages.. specific care which he gets on a daily basis in our clinic.

My note: We exist on donations, which our wonderful volunteers and supporters raise in various ways. We are eternally grateful as are the dogs and we thank you with heartfelt thanks. From time to time, we will make an appeal for a donation for a particular dog or for a specific operation for a dog in need. Please watch out for these on our websites, on our blogs and on our Facebook Pages. But you don't need to wait - please donate at any time if you would like to. The dogs will be forever grateful and so will we. 

August 12, 2018

From Fabienne's Diary: Onda and Oda - miracles happen!


Onda and Oda, taken from the killing station, in terrible circumstances, truth to tell. It was just awful! We took them with us, if only so they could die in a dignified and human way, and not have to rot in a cold, dirty, horrible cage. Once with us it went a little better. They were riddled with worms and insects and were extremely weak. But we wanted to try to get them through. It went very slowly in the right direction, step by step and day by day. They hardly moved for a month and ate out of our hands, step by step. And then, after 1 month, they came to life. They ate better, they wagged their mini-tails and gave us lickings of gratitude. A whole revolution that we are called a miracle, because few of these puppies can be saved. After having survived a hell in a killing station where young, old, big or small you are left to your fate, because it is only to end up being killed, and where feelings are in short supply, just look at these two little angels. Now we need a nice boss with lots of love and a heart of gold.


Our Denise and her lucky pooch, Pinky.

Jess, the last one left in the litter ...

Look at that sweet face!

Jess is the runt of the litter. Because she was not fed enough nutrients as a young puppy, she has contracted pano (steitis), a condition in which the bones grow crooked, instead as normal. Unfortunately, it is not possible to operate, but the treatment she is receiving now turns out to be working. The most important thing is that Jess has no pain and can live a normal life, but there is no cure. She will never be able to walk perfectly, but as a small puppy Jess is happily not aware of it and she has a great zest for life. She is a fighter, she knows how to look after herself, despite her being left behind. Jess is a courageous and good dog, but a dog that needs someone who understands and accepts her problem, and still wants to make her happy despite this handicap. Her enormous will and sweet face will always bring you a smile, and she will be grateful to you for a lifetime.

Sweet, brave little Jess

For more information please click on her name.

These tiny souls did not survive ..... there are no words...

Unfortunately this does not only happen in Spain, puppies are thrown away like old trash all over the world !!