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June 17, 2018

Festival !!!!

Dear All,

I have to be honest with you,  I went a bit crazy tonight. Others go to a festival, I just did it in the park.

I was off the lead,  there were a lot of crows, so exciting, so I followed them. They flew in all directions but also came back with great speed just as hard. So exciting - it looked like the birds in the Alfred Hitchcock movie.

Then I really got the taste. And so later when I saw young ducklings I found that great, because everything was new and beautiful. I was feeling in the mood to hang out with them, so I followed them and jumped into the water under the bridge and yes I heard my boss calling, but I thought that this is my party.

But it was so steep everywhere I could not get out; luckily a jogger came by and my boss called him, and he got me out.

I was immediately put back on the lead. I wanted to play with another dog but I had to go home because my boss said I stank. I still did not think I had done anything wrong, but there was no question but I had to obey.

At home I had to go under the shower and my boss was not happy because she had cleaned everything that day. And then, when I had been washed but was not completely dry, I jumped on the bed. Again, not good, as it had was just freshly cleaned.

I must stay here now, can't you see me lying down and looking so sad. She had promised that we could have an ice cream when we got home. And I have not yet had one, because she is angry with me. But you know I have already seen her laugh; she thinks I have not seen it! And she is never angry for long.

We have just moved to live in Zwijndrecht.  I have also been in the Devel. And yes, my boss should not have come to live somewhere with so much water and so many locks.

Dear dog friends, life in the Netherlands is really cool, I want to thank all dogs from Spain, and dear people for saving me from the killing station, otherwise I could never have lived like that and be so naughty.

So grown ups, I'd say this was my focal point - this was my very best summer tee-tee!

ACE / Shin thank you for all your beautiful work and all the volunteers you are all TOPPERS

Cuddles from Gabber


Photo by Brenda Broers Hoks

Where is the golden basket for our Betis? THREE YEARS, that's the long, long time he's been waiting. He was born on the streets, but he's been in the protectora since he was 2 weeks old. His little brother, Gines, already found a good home in 2015, 2 years later mommy Triana also follows but Betis is not having any luck.

Betis is a very affectionate dog, he lives without problems together with the other dogs in the shelter; only during dinner we put him aside because then he can sometimes become nervous. As a puppy he lived together with cats in his former foster family. He is somewhat reticent about strange people, but once he takes you into his trust, he is the most loyal, sweetest dog! Who wants to finally give him, after all these years, the warm home he deserves?

More information about Betis can be found here.

A dog is for life ... and not just for a moment!


Think before you take me home. I am an always dog.

I am not an until you are fed up with me Dog

I am not an until you want a new puppy Dog

I am not an until you move house Dog

I am not an until you have less time Dog

I am an ALWAYS dog. So if you cannot promise that, then I am not your dog !!!

Veerle, our perfectionist!

Veerle checking the paperwork and passports again, ready for the journey. Our perfectionist!
Thanks, Veerle.

Have a happy weekend, everyone!

WARNING!!! Watch out for the 'processional caterpillar'!!!

Today we had an emergency: a dog who we noticed was having trouble drinking water. The reason - the procession caterpillar! We tranquilized him so we could rinse his mouth out well. Unfortunately, the black part you see in the photo is dead, because you can not do anything to change it once it has happened.

If you have such bugs on your own land (usually you'll see such white nests in the pines) or you come across them during a walk: do not let your dog sniff or smell it. And if your dog is drooling, look carefully at its mouth and tongue

Photo 3 is from day 5 after treatment.

Also pay attention to people. Not only just your animals but also for yourself and children.

More pictures of the processionary caterpillar's nests

So much more than 'just' anything .....

Bloom is doing well with his training ...

Bloom is regularly picked up by the trainer to practice. First they go to the field and then practice with 2 students along the road He still has a long way to go but if he is adopted at a certain moment he will be good at listening and not a frightened dog. Of course that will be after some time to get used to things because then everything is new to him.

Little Bloom is trying hard.

For more information about Bloom, click here

June 16, 2018

Our students work hard and also have fun ...

We owe a great deal to our students. For most of the year they come in smaller or larger groups to help us in the Refugio. They work hard, they keep the place spotless, they feed the dogs and take them out to play, they give them cuddles and try to make their lives here as happy as possible. Sometimes they are able to adopt a dog they have fallen in love with. They come back and see us. Or sometimes - like Kelly and Veerle - they become permanent members of the team.

Our students enjoy their delicious food at the Hollanse Bar ... fries with frikandel😝😝

In the sunshine, our students prepare the dogs, for their departure for their new owners! A nice wash, safe collar and harness and then ..... they'll be on their way home 😊

A lovely cool wash in the hot sun.

That's better!

Getting nice and dry.

Choosing a lovely collar and harness, ready to go to the airport.

Student Joany helps in the clinic ... extra cuddle time!

Our Copperfield - a lost soul with a lot of potential

From Fabienne's Diary ...

Our Copperfield, he has a magical name, but even so it didn't get him a home yet... something that he - an ordinary brown, sweet dog - cannot understand. He is  so friendly and devoted, not too big, but with so many capacities... what a lovely dog!

He loves to go for a walk. but can also lie quietly next to you after a walk.. When he can be close to you, he feels like a king, he can deal with the world. Copperfield is a dog that will never disappoint you, if he can just belong to you. 

He is social, attentive, loves to work and has an outstanding good character! He has seen so many friends leave and he stays behind everytime.. he really doesn't deserve this... he would love to fly to his own warm basket!

For more information about beloved, wonderful Copperfield, please click here

From the Diary: So many litters - litter after litter after litter ...

So here we go again, another litter from the beautiful mother dog they were so crazy about. But there was a litter every time she was in heat, and that was too much.  But they just let it happen, as if that was logical and normal. Most Spanish people shudder when you mention spaying or sterilizing, and if you try to explain it you must use beautiful words or you get abuse.

Mama is a Border Collie, dad is probably a Perro de Agua, they told us. So she had her umpteenth litter and the puppies, they have to go, quickly. They are handed out to friends and acquaintances, who also do not castrate one more, and so in the foreseeable future there will be more puppies and so on it goes on and on ...

Fiorella, Flora, Fenix and Filia are now safe, and candidates for a better future than their mama had.

June 10, 2018

And here they are!! Arrival into Rotterdam, on 10th June.

Simone and Jo

Today a super arrival of 3 treasures.
Mattie who came out of the cage seeming to be thinking - "okay I'm here, off we go"?
Sanchez who was reluctant to get into his cage in Spain, luckily came out of the cage without any problems.
And dear Showa who got a very nice new name Happy Joy.
Thanks for the puppy feed and to Simone and Jo who had been to Spain to take back these dear ones.

There they go!

There go Snowy, Sanchez and Matti, on their way to Rotterdam where their eager adopters are waiting. We wish you a great life in the Netherlands.

Many thanks, Simone and Jo. A happy visit.

From the Diary: Jaden was dumped today ...

Jaden ... there he stood, a small Toy Yorkshire, for sale in a shop window in a commercial centre. He was bought and taken home with a family, he was their toy ... which suddenly turned out ...

To grow ...
Was unclean ...
To be a puppy that gnawed everything ...
To whine when he had to stay alone ...
To have a will of his own ...

That was not easy for them to cope with!!!! So they gave him to someone who passed him on to someone else, and so it was for a while.

Until finally he was dumped with us today.

And now what a transformation ...