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September 16, 2017

Snapshots of the Refugio

Lighting candles for the dogs!

Paky and I ... we didn't have enough candles for each one of our dogs ... but we lit a whole lot for all of them even if we couldn't do one for every one.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

Yay! The Dogs and Dudes Calendar is nearly ready!

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

The Dogs & Dudes calendar, which we have worked as a foundation for, will be available for pre-sale until 30 September at a special cost of € 13,95! Part of the proceeds from this calendar will go to ACE. You can order via the link -

Thank you very much for all the goods !!!!

Here you can see them arriving and being unpacked. There's so much. We are so grateful. Thank you.

The results of the collection of goods

Yesterday at Acedag what a contribution from everyone! And what a great help! Super thanks ... Cora v Rijswijk, Chrissy Verstraete, Yvonne v Beek, Kitty de Leur, Anke v Ewijk, Father of Inez Konter, my own Wim, and unexpectedly Arna v Seijda .. and of course the guys from Limburg .... Ruud and Maurice!

The result ... over 3000 kilos and a total of 15.5 pallets of goods !!


This is how it looked after the goods had been sorted out! The small pallet is all medicine!

foto van Marion Loffeld.

foto van Marion Loffeld.

foto van Marion Loffeld.

foto van Marion Loffeld.

The collection point during the ACE day. There was such a lot, THANK YOU ALL !!!

Arrivals at Zaventem on 9th September

Cuteness overload arrived with the flight to Zaventem, bringing four super new Belgian citizens!

ACE Day: Wonderful photos from Han