September 01, 2017


Urgent call for an injured podenco.

Today, this Podenco was caught, after which she was taken to the killing station. A lady who saw it happening asked if we would save her, as the lady herself did not have the means to care for the dog.

The lady had however been able to get some X-rays made, and I sent these to  Carlos, our specialist traumatologist. He said that he can operate on her but it will cost a 1300 Euros, and even that's a special price for us. So what can we do? Who thinks they may be able to help us?

Just now we are trying to save and collect money for Hanos, for his operation. We haven't acheived that yet and we would like to be able to look after both of them.

So let's share this massively and ask everyone to make a small contribution, so we can save this poorluckless Podenco.

She's still in the killing station, but she has no chip and no owner who will come for her. That will not happen now .. she's now considered worthless ... So let's join our hands together and go forward. Who will join in and participate in this project?

 If you want to contribute, please send your donation to the following account number:

Solbank Banco Sabadel Calahonda
Account number: ES74 0081 0619 5800 0145 7846
T.n.v. Animal Care Espana Dogs In Need

Update our sick Podenco - now called Marthe

This morning we took her away from the killing station. Her eyes were anxious, how could it be otherwise, because this Podenco lady was abandoned and dumped. She's  two to three years old and, of course, does not have a chip.

We went first to the specialists Carlos Macias and Juan Martinez. They made a very special deal for us, for as you know, it's a very complex three-way operation, ...

Many people asked us to see if they could do it for free, but that's not possible. We are very grateful to them for being willing to operate on an injured Podenco, which nobody cared about, and for giving her priority toay and for being willing to operate.

Podenca is no longer Podenca but has since been named Marthe, named after Carlos's vetinary assistant. She was confused, didn't know what had hit her and of course she was in a lot of pain.
They have given her priority and the operation is going ahead ... further information will follows.

Greetings Fabienne

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