September 12, 2017

Open Day


Whatever the weather on the open day, we dogs had fun.
I was very excited to run a lot of rounds, my mistress had to go looking for me because I was running round everywhere, on the field, in the restaurant, inside and out.

Fortunately, the weather improved  in the afternoon, when my mistress and I had already left, so we  regrettably had the rain.

But nevertheless we enjoyed it.
I'm still feeling very relaxed, in spite of all that boistrous playing with all my ACE what's that tiresome playing with all my Spanish boyfriends.

But we all whispered in each other's ears that we are so grateful to have been adopted, despite the rain which we do not like so much. Brrr. It's cold.

Now, hope that everyone who has experienced the ACE day will be seriously thinking about adopting us. We are sooooo sweet.

My mistress has made some pictures.

A lot of hugs from Gabber

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