September 16, 2017

Bali at the big reunion

Bali (ACE Hielo) was in Eck and Wheel! It was the first time we took him off the lead. He played wonderfully with the other dogs and was running about enthusiastically throughout the day. In addition, we also had a go at the agility course, where he learnt what to do incredibly fast, even though it was completely new to him.

I am presently doing obedience classes with Bali at the dog club, after which I would like to train with him in the fitness group, so I was pleased to see that he liked it! We finished the day with a picture with Fabiƫnne, and then with Paky, who recognized her Hielo immediately. And the recognition was mutual! It was very moving to see Bali hugging her.

I enjoyed the day and found it a great experience. It was very heart-warming to think that all of these once luckless dogs would be returning to their warm basket at the end of the day.

I have added some pictures of our day.

Greetings from the adopters of Bali, and a paw from Bali himself.

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