September 07, 2017

The Dutch TV programme Super Debby has been helping us collect coins for ACE

Yesterday, in the program 'Super Debby' from Omroep West, extensive coverage was given to ACE and the saving of the 1 and 2 eurocent coins.

Save and send an e-mail to to discover where to bring the coins and of course other collected items.

Or take it to the ACE day!.

This is the piece WRITTEN BY the editors of superdebby
We are very grateful to them 

1 and 2 cent coins wanted for Spanish dogs

The Hague 
Animal Care Espana (ACE) saves abused, neglected and dumped dogs in southern Spain. There are usually around 650 per year. Therefore, money is always needed. If you have been on holiday in Europe but outside of the Netherlands you can probably also help! There is a national action to collect 1 and 2 cents.
1 and 2 cent coins are not used by us but they are in other countries. So it often happens that you get given these coin at the German or Spanish cash register, but you can not do anything with them at home. People who came back from vacation with these coins are therefore asked to submit it to ACE. It does not cost you anything and they are very happy in the shelter! September 9th is the ACE day. Then all the coins collected from all over the Netherlands will be collected. And because you do not have to pay in Spain to exchange money there's no problem.

Do you have coins from where you went ? You can also give them in at  Angela Lives of Childcare Angela's Kroost:

Angela Lifelong
President Kennedy Avenue 17
2343 GG Oegstgeest

Or take them along at Broadway West on the Avenue of 's Gravenmade 2 in The Hague. 

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