September 07, 2017

Our dogs in fostercare in the Netherlands - all looking for forever homes.

Are you looking for a new soulmate on four legs? For a loyal friend for life?

On this page you will find all our dogs that are already in the Netherlands.

They are lovingly taken care of by our foster families.

Click on their name and you will automatically be redirected to their personal page on our website, with more photos and videos.

Are you interested in any of these dogs? Super!

Please contact Vivian, our adoption manager, as soon as possible via this email address:

She will be happy to assist you in the search for your new soul mate.

Please click on their names for more information about each one.

Since this post was published, some of the dogs below have been adopted, reserved or are in pre-reservaton. But most of the darlings pictured below are still waiting and we have many more dogs in loving fostercare or in the refugio who are longing for their golden basket, their forever home. Please check below and on Dogs for Adoption on the website to find your forever soulmate.


CONTESSA : cross  - 3 years old

ALBABINA : American Stafford - 4 years old

AAFJE : cross - 1year 6mths old

CLAUDIA: cross - 8 months old

SUE : cross - 8 years 6 months old

ISADORA: cross - 7 months old

We are happy to say that, since this blog was prepared, lovely Isadora has found a new forever home in the Netherlands.


BRODY : cross - 4 years nd 4 months old

WILLY : cross Maneto - 6 years old

Willy too has been lucky. He has been reserved for adoption, and hopefully everything will go smoothly and he will soon be in his forever home. 

DJANGO : cross Galgo - 9 months old

WARD : Breton - 3 years 11 months old

Ward too has been reserved, so will hopefully soon be with his new forever family. For more details about the process of pre-reservaton and reservation please contact -

SULTANO : cross Springer Spaniel - 2 years and 6 months old

Sultano has recently been pre-reserved. Please contact for more information about the reservation process. Or check the website.

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