September 02, 2017

Why not come and meet your soulmate in his or her foster home? They are waiting to meet you.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

Would you like to adopt a dog but would like to meet them first? So you can be sure there's a match between you, your pack, your family and the dog. Well, you can!

Some of our dogs are already in the Netherlands, look at them on this link. The text is in Dutch but if you go to the main website, click on nl in the right hand corner, the drop down menu will show. Click on 'en'. Then on 'Dogs for Adoption' you'll get the English version.

The link takes you to the dogs in very urgent need for whatever reason, possibly because they have been looking for a forever home for so long. For other dogs in foster care click on the name of the dog you like under 'Dogs for Adoption' and when the information comes up it will tell you where the dog is. If it's in Holland or Belgium it will almost certainly be in foster care waiting for your visit, though some of our foster homes are in Spain too.

Send an email to and make an appointment with your future soulmate.

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