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March 17, 2017

Snapshots of the Refugio - 15th March

Mingo this morning after the hike ...

foto van Vera Haesebeyt.

Puppies, puppies and more puppies ...

And we are getting more and more puppies - they are not yet up for adoption, they need to be cared for with the hope they wil all survive first. But this gives you an idea of the daily dumping ....

Fabienne's Dog of the Week: Little Pony

This sweetheart has been waiting for two years for his golden basket. He is very people oriented and friendly. Whoever reserves this sweetheart will buy his ticket to happiness and their own great happiness as well. For more information click here.

March 14, 2017

Last Saturday - the Volunteers Meeting in Belgium

We had a super Volunteers Meeting in Belgium with a strong, highly motivated and warm-hearted team!
It was a lovely day with a hearty chats and greetings  .... and the wonderful  proceeds of the Saint Valentine's Day walk organized by Kristel Blommaert, which raised 3,750 euros and the events team raised 6000 euro .... it leaves you are just speechless  ... I could not say a word ... I did not expect this ... God how grateful we are to you all !!!

Many foster families, coordinators, friends and supporters came along ... the atmosphere was the best ... thanks again to everyone !!!

Click here to get an impression on the meeting.


Today Cyana is one year old and she looks quite at home already!

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

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