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May 02, 2016

Overview of the dogs who are in care in the Netherlands. Dear people, give them a chance !!!

Come and visit Cuelli ...

Greetings from Cuelli, a clever little dog who starts his day by reading the newspaper :)

Cuelli is being fostered in the Netherlands ... come visit him. Once you've met him you'll be lost!.

More information about Cuelli here

Puppies on Facebook

Eugenie and Rita have created a group for Puppies up to 1 years old to put them in the spotlight for a time. It's such a shame for them to have to grow up in the Refugio. Come and take a look at them on Facebook at


Our beautiful Dandan was adopted by us 11 years ago already and is still very well. She's even got a friend now, Dubai. Their Dad went out to the Refugio tto bring her home - another wonderful dog. shelter to bring home .. delicious yet again !!

Here you see pics of our sweethearts at home !!! A reason to get up in the morning and to stay healthy!!!

Dandan (also called Dandan in the shelter) still walks 8 kilometres three times a week and absolutely loves it. She is a super fit lady for her age. Only her hearing has deteriorated a little in the last six months but it doesn't bother her. 

It really is a very sweet dog. Our little furball :-))

Dubai and Dandan

With mommy


Dandan and Dubai


Saturday, April 30th, 2016

Along with our other dog, Dandan (whose story is in the next post) we also have Dubai, whose name at ACE was Bimba. She is so spoiled and loved by her mommy. Dubai will have been with us a year on June 1st. She's a really funny rascal, always happy and playing. She listens very well and likes to take exercise, because walking is really important for her.

Actually, she's a real mummy's dog :-)
She likes attention - and it's always fun to have Dubai in our home.

Podencos and Cats

Snuggled up with one of the cats

It is always said that Podencos cannot live with cats? But Rosie gets on well with cats. Here's why.
Rosie is a true Ibizan lady. She was used by a hunter to hunt. She had to put up with living in appalling conditions. Such terrible conditions that you have to wonder how these poor dogs exist, how they endure this life they live - which is not living. 

Rosie was obliged to hunt, that's for sure, because if a dog doesn't hunt, if you find them, a heap of misery somewhere, it means that they have been thrown out, just because they do not conform.
If they refuse to hunt they are not taken back to their stinking hovel, instead they dump them and drive off leaving them to their fate. Or they get a bullet in the head (though this is unlikely because bullets are expensive). Rather they are cruelly and painfully killed, are tortured in some way or dumped on the motorway. Unfortunately, this is what happens here.

Rosie was rescued and went to a foster home where a large number of cats live - oops. And now ..
The foster family wanted to save her, and began the task of integrating her with cats and today this... Podenco and the cats are sleeping together ...

Yes, Podencos and cats cannot always co-exist. But it's worth trying, though you have to be cautious. You can't just put them together. We found you have to keep trying. Don't give up if it doesn't work the first time. If you have patience and take it slowly without taking risks then it can really happen !! Rosie is now the cats' friend and it is going very well, just look at the photo at the top!

Playing with my big snake

Not a real rabbit!

A comfy lap

Another rabbit - a big one. It's bigger than Rosie :)

Flowers in my fur

With more toys

Our Bam Bam has found happiness !!!!

I love my ball

All this lovely grass to run on

My very own garden