August 16, 2014

Arrivals at Schipol on August 12th

Yet more eager and excited adopters made their way to Schipol to greet their new darlings and welcome them into their families. Always such a happy time.

Sofi was thrilled to get out of the travel cage and immediately rolled over!

Here she is standing on all four legs.

Orestes. His new owners thought he'd be bigger but he is so welcome.

Maye is now called Jagger. What a sweet little doll. Her new home is in Amsterdam.

Perceval. Now called Percy. Our valued volunteer, Magda, has adopted him. At home Millie (known as Jeanneke at ACE) is waiting for him.

Our shelter dog, Linda, who has only been with us for a week, came to the airport with us to welcome the Spanish dogs. Thank you everyone who has helped to fly these dogs and all the dear families.

Greetings from Erna. 

Steven takes a bath ... with Nando and Desire!

Hey! Where are you going, Nando!

That's more like it! Nice and relaxed.

I think that's enough for one day!

My turn now, says Desire.

That's right. Get right in.

This is lovely and cool.

I'm loving this.

Playing with the water.

Loving it.

R.I.P. Dear Little Floche

Another of Fabienne's darling dog children has died. Floche was the only dog she adopted from a Belgian shelter. She's been one of the family for many years.

Fabienne writes in her diary -

"Yesterday when I came home, my old 'Floche' had passed away in our garden. In the afternoon she had eaten her cookie, in the morning her breakfast. We knew she was old but you never expect it. Or rather you don't want to expect it, not face it. You want them to stay happy for a very long time.

She was our only dog that we saved from a shelter in Belgium. We took her because she suffered from Corona virus and had very little chance of survival.  She was 14 years old and she showed many people that she was strong willed. We named her the 'Bedroom Dog' because that was her domain. When mama wanted to remove her from there she soon gave up because 'Floche' would bite and she often got away with it. Things happened the way she wanted them to happen and it was always like that, right until she passed away but we loved her so much. All our foster dogs - and we see so many here - she always welcomed them. She was sweet and friendly to them. She was a noble dog in our family and the empty spot is unbearable, and it hurts.

So many years together. One of "us". Unthinkable that one day she wouldn't be here any more. You don't want to think about it until the day arrives. And then you have to face reality. You have passed away. Our "Floche".

Floche with Napo

Floche with Igor and Honey

Floche and Igor

Our wonderful Karin Ryll has organised an ACE fundraising day in Austria

August 09, 2014

Please help me get over my fear - Chaco ..

Chaco when he first came to us. Look at that sweet, scared face.

Chaco hasn't had an easy life and he really needs his very own boss who will be patient and shower him with affection and respect. He's still afraid and can still get scared by unexpected movements. His confidence needs a boost. Are you the one to give him that chance. To show him how happy life can be for a dog who is loved and cared for.

In the first of these little films you can see poor Chaco when he first arrived at the Refugio. In the second you can see a more relaxed Chaco with his friend, Darko, on the beach. Chaco is twelve years old - it really is time for that deserved golden basket.


Look at him now. He's such a handsome boy. Still scared but nothing like the way he used to be.

Please don't forget me either - Pinto

Sweet and sociable Pinto.

Our Pinto belonged to an old lady in Torreblanca. She lost everything in the economic crisis. Over the years she had collected 22 dogs - males and females. Only one female was sterilised; when one of them was on heat all hell broke lose among the others. There were many fights.

An eleven-year-old Galgo cross was kept in a muzzle day and night because he was scared. Two of the dogs lived in a cupboard for years; they were hiding away from a friend of the lady who liked to beat the dogs. When puppies were born they were killed. Those that misbehaved were beaten. All of the dogs were cowed and scared.

They would have ended up in the killing station if we hadn't stepped in. We sterilised and castrated those that needed it.They slowly recovered with us; some have now found their golden baskets. Sadly, two years on, little Pinto is still with us. He is five years old and has been in the Refugio for almost two years. That surprises us because although he is still a little scared, he is at ease here and is very sweet with the other dogs.  He needs his very own boss who will treat him with love and patience.

Please don't forget me .. .Gidion

Isn't he gorgeous!

Sweet Gidion. He'd been with his family since he was a litle puppy and his life looked as if it would be happy and carefree. No one had counted on the economic crisis. Gidion's owners lost their jobs and then their house with all the ensuing consequences.

Gidion, a sweet super-social little dog suddenly finds himself in a shelter that's over full. He doesn't understand. It's really hard for a dog who's had a family to suddenly find him or herself in such a situation. 

Three-year old Gidion is very good with the other dogs and he adores his people. He is a gentle guy who deserves to be appreciated and loved so much. A cross-Podenco, a gorgeous noble and much abused breed. Who will come to his rescue? He's been with us for nearly two years.

Who will rescue this angel dog? He's come a long way since he first arrive. Here you see him when he first came to us.

    A nice cuddle.                                                   Bright, intelligent and affectionate.