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December 04, 2016

Another sad day: Our Florence has gone ...

 From Fabienne's Diary ...

 It isn’t easy for us these days….

Our 21 year old cat, that we saved from the killing station 15 years ago, has died today……

Our sweet Florence......A sweetheart……

She was one of the first cats that we saved from the terrible conditions in a killing station, in her passport it said that she was 6 years old, at the time……

Florence has lived with us for 15 years and so she became exceptionally old - 21 years!
She was a wonderful cat, quietness itself and for a year and day the boss of 25 dogs. She went bravely through the gang of dogs and didn’t care how they behaved, she was a wonderful animal…..

The last months she was revived because of Viyo but the last week she couldn’t go on….
Together with the death of our beloved Tineke this is a great loss….

We realize it couldn’t go on and that you have to let them go at a certain moment but it remains very difficult and hard, they have become a piece of yourself…..Your life…..

We will miss you, sweet Florence. For so many years the kitchen was your favorite place, you were always present whatever we did…..We know you couldn’t go on but to see your place empty really hits us hard despite the fact that you were happy with us…..
If only they could stay with us during our whole life……If only……

Rest softly sweetheart…..

Fabienne and Dirk


December 03, 2016

210 Kilograms of chunks for the dogs - wow!!

We have been sent these lovely goodies .... and they give us encouragement.

Many thanks to those who have donated: Yvonne Noppers, Sig Westburg, Corinne Metens, Paula Kuipers, Anke van Ewijk, Nancy Dies Velt, Ineke Jongeleen, Marielle Brokaar, Els van Santen, Mieneke Barneveld, my daughter Hanneke van Os, and son Tomas Alley. Really super !!! 👍👍

And thanks for the help from the managers at Lidl on the O.C.Huismanstraat in Nijmegen.
Thank you Marion for bringing the goodies !!!

Django and Baloo

On October 1st I visited the refugio to choose our second dog personally.

Three years ago, we had adopted a dog (Django) from ACE. At that time he was staying in foster in Belgium with a very sweet lady.

We wanted to give a second dog a warm home and so, three weeks ago, Baloo came into our lives.
In the first week they had to get used to each other, but now they are happy best friends.

Both of them are sweet, affectionate huggers; the friendship you get from these Spanish dog, is really indescribable.

Here are some pictures.

A big compliment to the entire ACE team. What they for these dogs,do year after year  respect!

Kathleen, Kris, Django and Baloo.

Liselore (now Lola) and Cleopatra (now Arya)

Eighteen months ago Arya came into our family. She felt at home immediately and became the friend of the whole family. Even the cats, sheep and chicken. But a dog friend was missing so on 23 October Lola joined us. Two treasures that we would not be without. Everything is going super well. Lola is a scamp and sometimes does some adolescent pranks, but her big "sister" shows her how to behave !!

Every day they show us what super dogs Mastin crosses are -  friendly, calm, playful, social with people and animals.  Lola's (Liselore) two sisters   - Lisette and Liselotje are also in Belgium. If their
owners would like to get in touch we'd love to hear from them and get together.

To Fabienne, and all the other volunteers, thank you for what you do, the adoption went really well.

Stephan and Gonda

Raika (formerly Jane, No 12543)

Raika is now been with us for almost three weeks and it feels as if we'd known her much longer.  When we saw the ACE website's photo + movie and read the text, she was already in our hearts. And it turns out that even those hugely positive comments about her on the website didn't completely do her justice.  She really is a treasure! A very sweet and affectionate animal. She loves to cuddle and play. Crazy for people.

From the very first day she she listened well and responded to her name (once of course trained with a nice treat!) The second week we were already able to let her run loose it in the woods. Lovely run and sniff. She keeps a close eye on us, coming straight away if we call her. We are so happy to see her coming with her wagging tail. We laugh and laugh: she is such a funny, lovely and endearing dog. And, goodness, she is so small! A lot smaller than we expected - and that's absolutely OK. We  simply exchanged the things we had bought for her for smaller  ones.  Occasionally she has an accident in the house, and requires some attention. It took a while before we recognized the signals.

The first week we had the vet just take a look at her. "What a nice little thing," he said. "Completely healthy. There you go,  have fun for a long time with her'. This week, however, she had diarrhea with a little blood. Anal glands expressed and a cure against chiardia for sure. Now she was her old self again.

During these three weeks, we have seen a change in the look in her eyes, as you can see in the pictures. First, she was a little withdrawn and sad, now she's becoming happier and more alert. More and more at home. Our pack is complete again with this very fine girl. We thank all the ACE staff for their care and commitment. Really heartening what you do for animals and humans!

Hilda, Sim and Raika Kef

Susan has come home !!!!!

Arrival at Eindhoven - December 1st

Note from Ineke: 
I hope I've put the right names to the pictures. 
If not please contact her via the  Dutch blog so she can correct it