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March 18, 2018

Farewell to my husband Peter.

This is very sad and shocking news. Ineke, who writes and manages the Dutch blog posted this message.

Today I said goodbye to my husband Peter who passed away on Sunday, March 11th.
It was a short but intense illness. We have adopted a total of 11 dogs since 2010, of which we now have 6, the others have died after a long or short stay.

Peter often had something of "we have enough" but still I was allowed to bring them here and he enjoyed the dogs. I will miss him!

Your blogger, Ineke

Peter loved the dogs and loved being at the Refugio. Among the dogs they adopted, I was there the day he met and fell in love with the beautiful Podenco Mafalda.

ACE doggie Chelsea (formerly Moussa) happy in the English snow!

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Chelsea, in the middle, with her siblings Frankie on the left and Cookie on the right, in the smart red jumper. Chelsea fell on her paws when she was adopted as puppy by Jamie and Gemma Pound of Chorleywood Dog Training, in the UK. She has a wonderful, happy life with these lovely people and their children. Getting loads of great activities, walks, cuddles and love.

Here we go again ....

Sunday, March 18, 2018
From the Diary.

These 6 puppies were rescued from the killing station, all given up without a second thought, but now safe with us, ... Let's hope they survive ... There is hope, in any case.

Coron is very happy in his forever home.

Happiness is a small place of your own (and a cuddle) 🌹💖

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

Our happy Profiterol (No. 14332)

Everything goes very well here, that's clear (as you can see in the photo). I want to thank the people of SHIN for their help and dedication, they do a great job for these animals! And we are very happy with our woof.

Snapshots from the Refugio, 16th March.