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April 30, 2017


Bodi, once such a scared little Bodeguerootje, is doing just great with his American family !!!

Delayed pictures of the arrival in Rotterdam on 26th April

Their new bosses were longing to meet them and excitedly waiting. What a warm welcome they gave to these four, really wonderful.

Elvira was just as happy to they were able to relax. And Beertje is a real little bear, with a wonderful will and charcter of his own.  Congratultions to them all.

What a wonderful little character -  Beertje, our little bear.

The sick bay .....

It is busy again in the hospital, hopefully there will soon be a few more tback in their kennels.

Can I get out yet?

I'm better now, so I can go? Yes? Yes?

You'll be gentle, won't you!

What's going on ....

Thank you for looking after my poor sore eye.

Not hungry.

Is it my turn next?

Han was with us once more ...

Thank you again for everything, Han.

Napoleon and Han in conversation!

Students and volunteers defy the cold and rain!

Please stop the rain ... we want to play in the big field!

Rain, rain go away ....

What wonderful students, not letting the rain get them down!

More great students, smiling through the downpour!

Yerik ...

Our old Yerik waits in the pouring rain .... such a good soul !

Special laundry basket ....

Tooth-crafted laundry basket ... original huh???