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February 22, 2015

Two beautiful Collies - so nearly destroyed

Yakovlev on the left and Lisashenka on the right.

They are brother and sister and they are beautiful. Beautiful Border Collies. Their owner wanted rid of them. They wouldn't hunt. They were useless and one of them was deaf. We don't know about that, we'll do some test to find out.

The boy, Yakovlev, is very timid and very attached to his sister, Lisashenka. She's the boss and is very clever and smart and is able to reassure her brother and keep him calm. The dogs were very skinny but are getting better and are beginning to feel at home. They are good with the other dogs and seem to realise that they are safe. Being Border Collies they are very intelligent.

We saved them in the nick of time as their owner would have killed them. They are pretty dogs, as you can see, and have good, sweet characters. Yakovlev is still scared but that will easily change when he has an owner who loves and undersands the breed.

We'd love them to be rehomed together, but will be happy to have them find forever homes whether together or separately. You can read more about them on the website and on Fabienne's Diary.

Guicci, our brave little warrior

In July last year, we discovered that our adopted dog Guicci had anal gland cancer. He was terminally ill, which is so sad as he was still only eleven years old.

The prognosis was that he had only 3 or 4 months and then the cancer would have spread all the way!! We were devastated because we felt so powerless.

After several days of sadness, we decided that we would give him the best months that a dog could wish. And so we went to the sea, a walk every day, every day delicious sweets, he came with us everywhere on visits and was with us when we went to the restaurant.

And Guicci thinks that all this is great, and we likewise !!

Time ticked on and suddenly the 4 months 5 months, etc. had gone by and today was the day. 
Guicci's birthday - he made it to his twelfth birthday. What a party we had, quite emotional because little by little he goes backwards, but we just continue to make every day the best.

If he starts to be in real pain, then we'll let him go gently. We love him so much we want to do what's best for him. 

But today we do not think of this. Today brave Guicci is just our birthday boy.

Wim and Nancy

A heartwarming poem - so true.

Thank you Perrock

Fabienne writes ...

"Every year we receive a donation from Perrock, the group of concert singers. It's really appreciated and so kind of the singer, and we really want to thank them for the food. Thanks a lot."

One of the group helping to unload

Stephen lends a hand too.

There's a lot to unload.

Lovely food for our doggies

Yay! Thank you so much.

Our Luna

Luna - very bright and exceptionally sweet.

Firstly, ...... we take our hats off to the ACE Foundation and all their employees for the great job they do and to the committed volunteers. What devotion, all that heart and soul.

Exactly 12 weeks ago we collected Luna (then Marit) from her foster home in Belgium .......... Nicole had the whole litter of 5 in her care ... and indeed we also want to give her a great big thank you for the great warmth she offers these foster dogs, the way she makes them feel 'at home'. 

We fell completely when we met Luna. That sweet face with those beautiful eyes ... the click between us was immediate and after ony 5 minutes her head was already on my knee. In the beginning here, out on the street, she was quite skittish, but how could it be otherwise?  God knows what these dogs have been through in Spain ........... but we took it day by day and now it's better, there's now almost no problem.

At the moment she's a real adolescent and during her "naughty half an hour", she picks up everything that's not nailed down hahaha. She knows exactly what she's doing and nothing defeats her. ... She also does quite hilarious things and it's sometimes difficult to be consistent and not burst out laughing as she stands there as if to say 'I've got it, now how are you going to get it back again". The latest thing is  the TV remote, which she takes from my husband. And the he has to clean it - lol!

And as though it was meant to be, her sister Evi has also been adopted in Eindhoven. They now see each other regularly and the first reunion was sooooooo cute (I do not know if they recognized each other as sisters but was very sweet.)

We are very pleased with our Luna-girl, she is kind to everyone and everything. She is partly Podenco so she has hound genes. It's important to remember and be on your guard, otherwise you'll find yourself being dragged along the ground on your face if she suddenly discover a rabbit! But on the other hand her sweet and gentle nature makes her very affectionate and she can squirm into the  most impossible positions to get a cuddle ........... totally awesome !!!

Next month we're going to go on a course together though mainly to keep her busy.......... she is super smart (too smart occasionally) and learns very fast, ...... but only if she wants to !!!

Thanks again to ACE and the staff ........ without you our Luna would not here now. And we couldn't even imagine being without her.  


French, Inge and lebber Luna,

Lindo - "Why doesn't anyone see me?"

Am I really invisible?

Our beautiful Lindo. So sweet, gentle and asking over and over - 'Why?' 'Why am I still here?' Is it because I'm invisible?' 'Is it because my brothers and sisters were better?' 'Why am I still here when they have all gone to forever homes?"

Dear little Lindo. Of course they weren't better than you. And we wish we knew why no one has adopted you. You came to us as a little one with your brothers and sisters - Perlita, Mimo, Dulce and Peque, abandoned somewhere in Algeciras. Now they have all gone, they all have their golden baskets but you, little sweetheart, stayed behind in the refugio,

What we do know is that sometimes, for no good reason that we can see, when there is a large family of dogs, one remains behind. This is not what we want at all, but there's not a lot we can do. Just like your brothers and sisters you are a soft, sweet dog. An unassuming dog. You don't draw attention to yourself so you get overlooked. You don't ask for much and you accept your fate.

So now we would like to put you in the spotlight. Once people know you they will see that you will make someone - one person or a family - so very happy. So we want to tell everyone about you. To make sure you get lots of attention and, who knows, maybe now your luck will change and you will get the golden basket you deserve so very much.


Such a handsome, gentle boy.

Adapted from Fabienne's Diary

February 16, 2015

Mother and puppies rescued from a cave

An alarming phone call informed us that someone had discovered a mother with puppies in an abandoned cave. They were able to give them food and drink but couldn't find a shelter that would take them in. Mummy is a very nice character: She's doesn't mind at all when we look at her with her seven puppies, none of whom looks at all like her. Who the fathers are we'll never know.

The icy wind and the long cold nights must have been terrible when you are so skinny and malnourished, but she kept going and visited all the garbage containers she could find so her little ones might survive. She is a good, soft soul who melts your heart, such a lovely and sweet dog. She is totally not afraid and is used to people. She licks your hand gratefully when she sees you caring for her seven little squeakers, who require a lot of attention and love.

In the photo you can see the cave where they were living. They are all with us now. Safe. Mom is quiet and happy with the little that she now has and so very grateful to have a warm basket and food which she didn't have to go and search for. Her children are satified. Fat little bellies and loud snores now fill their small cage at the shelter. We are just so glad they are saved !!!