January 25, 2021

Yoda (Lolo 18253)

 Monday, January 25, 2021

I would like to tell you about Yoda.

When he's relaxed, I see a self-aware little man. He is fierce like the average Chihuahua. Responds to the doorbell, walks very well on the walk. Now and then he tries to run along and make contact with the rest of the pack. He likes to come and lie on your lap, preferably with a blanket. Is playful, but also obsessive with certain toys. As if that's his only boyfriend.

But it is a thin layer, he does not trust it quickly and snarls at his pack mates and also at us humans. He doesn't fight with the others, but is angry.

He gets biting when I want something from him. His basket with blanket is the safe place. He withdraws into that. But for example in the morning, when I want him out, he gets angry and he also starts to moan anxiously. That is unfortunate to hear. He then bites me completely. I have a boarding harness for him, and that's going pretty well. I then leave him on the ground and put on the harness leg by leg. He then takes a finger very carefully, he does not trust it. The times when I want something from him are scary. I give lots of mini candies to build his confidence. Hands are scary; what's coming? A sweet or something nasty? But I also see that he is trying to trust me and sometimes he has to. He has an ear infection for which I have already been to the vet twice. (going in the right direction) The assistant is wearing enormous gloves because he cannot be handled. But when they are done he jumps over to me. Very touching. I promised the vet that in a year's time Yoda will be a model dog ......... Maybe .... ;-))

2 weeks later Yoda has already made good steps.

Yoda made it clear to us that he really wants to be in the crate in our bedroom. The others are also close to us. And he is right. Since the weather is so cold and wet, I want him to put on a jacket. Well, he finds that very complicated. But we manage anyway. Sometimes it goes more smoothly than other times. He is getting cozier and more casual. Some dance steps are already being made with the other dogs. Do you remember Jose? Even he likes Yoda. I too can play with him carefully, I like that so much to hand wrestle with dogs. And he jumps around me like a lamb when he gets happy. Sometimes you see the fight in his head, I want it so badly but don't trust it. He lies quietly on your lap, but wants to defend the owner of the lap fiercely. I then put him off the lap. And so he learns a little more each time. For me it is a puzzle how to deal with him so that he becomes a real dog again. Any!!

Greetings from Karin

Fabienne's Diary: Nand, wandering the empty Corona streets ...

 Monday, January 25, 2021

For weeks he wandered back and forth, from rubbish bin to empty restaurant terrace and vice versa. Every day over and over again. Restless sleep somewhere, where he felt a bit safe, in the cold and under the warm sun, defying risks every day.

Nand must have had a home somewhere, he is a sweet and good dog, clearly used to a house. He adores his people and gets along with everyone. He is a sweet and gentle, ordinary four-legged friend who is always happy with a hug and experiences his fate with a sad look.

A good soul who yearns for an owner who loves him, and not just for a moment, but for his whole life ... Unconditional friendship!

For more information about Nand, please click on his name. 


 Monday, January 25, 2021

Just made a new video of Benno yesterday he got a new orthopedic bed and a crocodile to play with; he loves it.

As you can see Benno is having a good time, he is a sweet playful boxer despite his heavy luggage.

Benno has been in the shower this morning, he also enjoys it to the full.

We still thank Ace Charity every day that Benno came to us from the killing station, can't think of what would have happened if Benno had not been adopted by us.

So you see a dog that a few months ago would no longer have a future, is now a very happy dog. Let a dog be a dog, give it the space it needs, and care, love, attention, visit the vet where necessary, then you give a dog the life it deserves.

And Benno has certainly earned and found a golden basket for the rest of his good life.

Fabienne's dog of the week: AIDEN.

 Sunday, January 24, 2021

We saved Aiden from a killing station, along with a lot of other dogs. He shared the loft with 8 other dogs who also came with us. He is a very soft, sweet dog, very social and good with people and animals, and very sweet and cuddly. He likes to walk and likes to go on the field in groups. A hugs boy and certainly a very best friend !!

For more information about sweet, social Aiden, please click on his name.

The transport is here !!

 Sunday, January 24, 2021

The disappointment and fear was great when we had a flood over our refugio on January 8, 2021. So much damage and yet four lives lost as a result of it.

Then our volunteers and sympathizers started an action, the result of which arrived at our place yesterday. Just swallow ... So much effort and commitment for our four-legged friends ...  No words ...

A sincere big thank you !!!

In Memoriam Valentino

 Sunday, January 24, 2021

I would like to inform you that shortly after Amie's death, her best friend Valentino also became an star in the sky.

Valentino our man ❤️, now you are an star in the sky together with Amie. Our sweet bear we are going to miss you sooooo. You will live on in our hearts forever. Now our house is so empty without you and Amie. We miss your cheerful character ... We are glad you came into our lives. Sleep tight sweet boy ❤️

Birma is home!!!