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October 03, 2015

Spotlight on Paddy

Sweet Smiley Paddy

Paddy - just look at that smiling face. He so deserves his golden basket, he really does as he hasn't had much luck in his life, poor Paddy. He wasn't suited for hunting and so they dumped him. He's a Podenco Maneto, slightly larger than the average for the breed. A nice guy with beautiful eyes and a handsome face.

Paddy gets a bit scared of people if he doesn't know them but that will change with love and patience. He's not used to being treated well and it will take a little while for him to see that people can be lovely and kind.

Our Paddy is social and gets on well with all the other dogs, large and small. He's missing a bit of one of his ears, it was cut off for identification - something they do over here. What a bad start but now this sweet guy deserves to know some real happiness. It will come as a beautiful and welcome surprise to him, to know that he can be respected and loved.

Who wants to rescue this lovely guy, to show him love and patience. Paddy is one of our urgent cases - we think he will be so much happier with his own family and you will never regret it.

RIP - Dear Winston

RIP dear Winston/Spock

A recent photo of Winston/Spock and friends.

I only manage to get out to help at the Refugio once or twice a year. Obviously, because these occasions are infrequent and short, my memories are intense and the doggies I meet I will remember more vividly since I have cuddled them and known them and, with some, I have actually been present when they first arrived.

Such a dog was Winston. I remember that day so well, the day he arrived with his two rescuers. I remember every detail. Winston was scruffy and thin but so friendly and sweet. The two ladies who rescued him said he seemed to understand they were trying to help him and that he was very, very receptive to kindness. Later I wrote about this on the English blog, where you will find more of his story.

From his sad beginnings, Winston's life changed for the better. He was adopted and loved and had a happy life, with a new name - Spock. Now, sadly, we hear the news that poor Spock has had to be put to sleep, lovingly to save him from more pain. His devoted owner, Irene, has written to tell us the sad news. 

Winston, arriving at the Refugio in May 2013.

Winston / Spock

Unfortunately yesterday we had to say goodbye to Spock. A few months ago (probably as a result of a tick bite) the autoimmune disease again became very active. In recent weeks he could barely walk, but he wanted to so badly. We therefore gave him every opportunity to stay with us, but the day before yesterday the pain was too great and there was no possibility to alleviate it. He was happy to quietly be put to sleep by a vet and will be cremated today.

We've had a lot of fun with this crazy dog. He was incredibly sweet, strong and funny and it's been so frustrating to see how he himself so badly wanted to live, but his body gave out.

I've uploaded a photo, in which he and the dog of my friend (labrador) and my old dog Bajka (unfortunately she died 7 weeks ago) while they were still enjoying the good times.

Given all the conditions surrounding his illness at the beginning of the placement and because I know he had a special place in your heart, I found it only natural to bring you up to date.


Irene van der Linde



Lucky Hope with his new mum.

On June 14th this year, I picked up Hope from Eindhoven Airport. It's going really well with our Hope. He is very sweet and cuddly. He loves to play and is sweet with my other dog Kelly.
Hope was housebroken straight away.

There is only one downside - when Hope encounters other dogs he growls and wants to bite, but we give them a wide berth. I think in the past Hope was traumatised by other dogs.  But I wouldn't be without Hope in my life.

Thank you Fabienne for Hope and for all the other dogs you have saved and who you give the chance of a new life.

Lots of love from Hope.

Hope has fallen on his paws.

Such a happy, lucky dog in his soft, golden basket.


This is Harry (formerly Claude). He is very sweet, he just needs to learn to deal with larger dogs and not to bark and snap at them. His confidence has already improved somewhat.

Greetings Esmeralda.

More Happy Arrivals at Schipol ...

2nd October

The excitement mounts - here come the doggies!

Tongo, will be called Sep, Lindo is now Crook (and still a little scared). And also in the picture, sisters Ginger and Ibiza (now Nora).  

Spotlight on Levante - a noble, graceful Galgo

Gorgeous, sensitive and longing for a forever home.

The hunter had bred a new pack of Galgos, so the 'old' ones had to go. No matter how well they had served him, no matter wht their fate - like so many others Levante and his brothers and sisters were thrown out. As to old, they were only a few years old.

One of the most noble, sensitive and intelligent of breeds, Galgos are disrepected in Spain. It's a constant source of distress and anger for us, seeing the way these wonderful dogs are treated. Maybe Levante and his brothers and sisters were lucky to be thrown out without too much injury. Others are not so lucky - being hung, burnt, physically abused, chucked out of moving cars.

We don't know a lot about Levante's early life but since he belonged to a hunter we can guess. In the video you can see how frightened he was when he first arrived but also how beautiful. He is growing in confidence thanks to loving care at the Refugio and the love of his foster parents in Belgium. This exceptionally handsome dog will return your love in spades.

Although many people think that such a dog will need lots of exercise, the opposite is true. Galgo's (like their fellow Greyhounds in England) certainly need a good walk or run, but once they are back at home they are real couch potatoes. They love lounging on a soft bed or sofa and they are brilliant with children. Who will give him a soft bed, delicious food and lots of love? This sweet boy is already five and we think he really deserves a stroke of luck.

October 01, 2015

Blossom - spotlight on another special doggie

Our special Blossom

Blossom had a difficult start in life though his Mama Rosie did everything she could to save her unborn pups. Mama Rosie lived on an industrial estate. Heavily pregnant she search for leftovers in garbage cans and wherever she could find a scrap to eat in order to survive and make sure her pups survived too.

At the begining of January in 2014 a foster family found her and brought her in to us. We wanted to abort her the following day but the next morning she was surrounded by ten little brown and white tots. Too late. She had taken care of it herself.

More innocent lives to save. We did everything we could and thanks to the care of their fostermama, Jayne, eight of the ten pups survived. They were brought up with other dogs and are social with people.

This is Blossom, he's adorable and likes playing with other dogs and loves people. He's been ready for a forever home for some time but sadly he is still with us althogh he's nearly two years old. Much as we love him we want this sweet young dog to have a new and happy life in a forever home. Can you help him? Take a look at Blossom as a pup and with his brothers and sisters Ginger and Bluebell, Lotus, Acacia and Anenome. And Blossom with Ginger and Bluebell