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November 19, 2017

ACE: 18th Anniversary. Eighteen years of Rescue!

On December 11, 2017 we will have existed for 18 years ....
We have known highs and lows, it was not always easy,
but no mountain was too high to stop us from carrying on ...
Thanks to everyone who contributed to helping us save these lives ...
Together we are strong, and will keep going again tomorrow and do it all again.
We can still use your support and donations are very welcome .. to help us carry on into the future!


Dizzy wants someone to hold her in their arms - for always. She was thrown away and ended up in one of the terrible Spanish killing stations.

Mag ik dan bij jou? Hond Dizzy wacht tot iemand haar in de armen sluit

"Rubbish Bin Dizzy" was found in the Spanish fields, all alone and heavily pregnant. Because Dizzy was in a miserable state, she was taken to a killing station. Now she is looking for a new home.


Spanish shelters do not receive a penny subsidy, but each big city has a killing station paid for by the municipality, where forty euros is paid to them for each dog delivered to them. Or the owners throw their own dog over the fences - having neither the sense or time to look after them themselves.


Once inside, the animals are assigned a mark from one to ten: that is the number of days that remain before they will be put down. In the meantime, the dogs get no food or the cheapest food available, water from a dirty bowl with algae floating on the top and where the pups lie in their own faeces for days.

They do not take care of any sick dogs, often they die before it's time for the lethal injection. In the Netherlands dogs are sedated first: in Spain they inject directly into their veins or heart, causing them to die a very painful death. In other killing stations dogs are gassed in groups. Dizzy was lucky: an ACE-charity volunteer pulled her away from the killing station; she gave birth the same evening. But all her puppies died and Dizzy needed a month to recover before she went to foster care in the Netherlands. She's there now waiting for a forever boss forever, (together with four hundred other dogs in foster care or in the Refugio.)


Would you like to be Dizzy's new owner soon? If so please contact Vivien of ACE-charity. If Dizzy has already found a boss, do not worry. ACE-charity has many more dogs in their shelter who are eager to find a home. And they are all as sweet and fun as Dizzy. Are you curious about these four-legged friends? If so please look here.

November 18, 2017

Caro - two years with us already

It's already 2 years since we got our sweetheart Caro in the house .. we really enjoy him every day.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

Dog tokens for sale to help our doggies

Dog tokens for sale at Happiness 4 hands bracelets for € 8.95 each. € 5, of each sale goes to our dogs in Spain! An excellent reason to order a new medal for your dog.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

Arrivals at Zaventem on November 16th

It was a heartwarming moment again yesterday at the airport. The adoptive family of Daisie went to pick her up in Malaga and they also brought Ravenna, Paultje and Mich (now Bacio) to their forever home in Belgium. Four totally different dogs that now have a bright future ahead of them. Thank you for adopting ... You are making a world of difference for these beautiful four-legged friends.

Arrivals at Eindhoven on November 15th

Yesterday Frankie, Emmeke, Toki, Fiona and Renfe arrived in Eindhoven. They were received with open arms, and now they can all enjoy a really good dog life!

Fabienne's Dog of the Day: Sus

Sweet Sus has been waiting in our shelter for a year and a half. Waiting patiently for his own warm home.  He's been on this blog several times before because he is so worth it. He's brilliant with kids and is such a good, loving dog. Who will give this big teddy bear a warm basket and become his soul mate? To find more about this dear fellow, and to see his updated video, please click here. To see the earlier post, please click here.