April 07, 2020

Fabienne's Diary: Just a thought .....

Monday, April 6, 2020

Good evening everyone,

We are back with good news from one of our sweethearts who was allowed to go home a year ago! Our big boy Fritz, rescued from a killing station. He came in thin and weak.  Today he has been a year with his adopters who simply could not live without him and are very proud of him.

Sometimes your thoughts go out to all the dogs and kittens that we have rescued, thinking that they all went somewhere, adopted and taken in to a family. With the intention of being happy there, being brought up and living their best life, a lifetime of being  a friend, living with their family. Today we have around 500 dogs and 120 cats alone, not to mention the domestic cats in the many colonies.

A hunting dog that comes to us usually adjusts quickly and already feels as if he or she is in heaven with us, because there are no words for the terrible way the hunters and the goat herders treat them. Everyone knows these horrific images. But a dog or a cat that comes from a family, is used to living in a family, who mourns and mourns, and is having a hard time- that is altogether different. The cage and the confinement is often so unbearable that there are those who let themselves go completely.  And however hard we try, however much we do our best, they cannot forget their family and do not understand why they are thrown away now.

The killing  stations are bulging at the moment, they are busy cleaning up the streets, they are now the only ones in charge. We are not allowed to make any attempt at rescue, their cash register rings, because every captured victim is money.  Our obligations due to the lockdown are gnawing at us, the more so because we are not allowed to let our four-legged friends leave now to go to forever homes and despite the corona situation we still get dogs sent to us, here and there, and just left at the gate. We are overcrowded and overcrowded.

But when you receive this message about Fritz, and many other adopted four-legged friends, you will have courage and perseverance again, and that is what you need these days.

But what I really want to says is: there are so many people who take a dog or a cat, and then throw it away, even years later they come back to us, as if they are "temporary" things... Please don't take them into you family if they are not going to be allowed to be family. They are living creatures that want to live with your family for a long time, until the day that they are no longer there. It's a lifetime commitment. Don't take them in if you can't commit to them; they also have feelings, and more than you think. We can speak of that because we have to look them in the eye every day,  and see what being dumped does to them.  A dumped four-legged friend is broken, dislocated and mourns his owner, ... It is always so heartbreaking.

Our Fritz was once a disposable dog, too… And yet look at him today!

Put out the cushions ...

April 04, 2020

Buy something nice and help our dogs and cats as well!

Are you looking for a nice gift for someone, or for yourself.  And would you like to do something for our dogs and cats at the same time?

If so,  take a look at our ACE marketplace page. Even if you have something you want to offer for sale, you can do so on this page.

The entire proceeds go to our dogs and cats in Spain, thank you very much on their behalf.


Also on the Dutch blog you will find our shop: http: //acedoggyblog.blogspot.com/p/webshop-ace.html

There! What did I tell you? They are being punish ed!!!tπŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Don Can and Julius have captured our hearts!

Don Can and Julius  -  2 Shin/ACE-ers πŸ₯°❤️❤️❤️

Friday, April 3, 2020 Hat of the Day πŸ˜‰πŸ™ƒπŸ˜Š

Remember Turko? He's now called Paco and is very loved in his forever home?

Paco… ..a special friend!

From his happy adopter

I followed your story through Vivian on Facebook… .. my heart broke… .your eyes…. So beautiful… .. I fell in love immediately.

It was not yet certain if you wanted to return to freedom in the mountains after being rescued and helped by ACE, but you soon showed that you wanted to be with people. You asked for attention, wagged your tail and luckily your leg recovered well.

Then the news came ... you were offered for adoption. I read the message and immediately called Vivian that I would very much like to adopt you, Paco (then still wearing the name Turko). So you went into a pre-reservation almost immediately.

After a good consultation with my family during the weekend (we already have a Bernese Sennen Senza and a Podenco Izzy (also from ACE and formerly called Copine), I contacted Vivian to tell her that we were going to adopt Paco. Vivian was very happy and we also!

And then… .the day came: January 17, 2020 you landed at Schiphol and you came to us. How impressed you were with everything around you in the Netherlands. Everything but literally everything was new to you.

You were very restless for the first few days and constantly paced  the living room to see where you could go outside. You immediately walked on a leash very well.

We spent nights on the couch to keep an eye on how you were doing. Finding your place with the other dogs also took a while, but the pack has now been arranged. You know your place.

After a few weeks, the restlessness started to fade and you started to relax.  In the meantime we could also let you go on the dog field (with gate) and you could run off  your boundless energy. Nice running with the other dogs.

The quiet, timid Paco became a mischievous, butt-biting, boundary-seeking four-legged friend who, like a young puppy, was and is still trying everything. It seems as if you can and can only be young now. after all, you have had to survive all this time with your antennas constantly on and now you no longer have to.

You are playful and sometimes an unguided projectile, but that doesn't make our love for you any less.

I notice that now, after 11 weeks, you are in the bonding phase and you will see us as a confidant and owner. You regularly come to me to show your affection. And in the evening you lie comfortably on your back with four legs up in your basket.

You have our boundless love Paco! We hope we can enjoy each other for a long time.