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January 15, 2017

Sayang Maksurilla


Hello, I'm Sayang Maksurilla, but when I lived with you I was called Pilly.
I've been living for four months now with Mama York and the other vagabonds. I no longer bite because I have this great big family to look after me. I still have separation anxiety but I go with mummy to dog training where I listen and come back quite well.

I get good food here and I have my own chair, a basket, a house and a bean bag. I really feel like a diva! All four of us have different winter jackets and also jerseys because it gets cold here. I am the youngest and in a great pack. Our groomer comes to the house and looks after our coats.

I will send you some pictures now. Thank you for all your care when I lived with you in Spain. And thank you too to Nancy Bertels, and for the lady who collected me and who look me over to Belgium. Do you ever come to Harlem. Would you like to meet for a coffee?

Their past binds them together ...

foto van Els Van Bouwel.

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Fabienne's dog of the week: Djaf ...

... who will give this honey his own gold basket so he can be happy for the rest of his life? For more information about Djaf click here.


Berto has been with us since Oct 19, 2016 and really felt at home from day one ..with Pluchke πŸ• our other dog, who was almost 7, he was immediately best friends. With Cody, our cat🐈 it took a little longer but now it also going really well.  .. he had been especially frightened of cats!

Berto is such a wonderful sweet and funny little guy! He cnnot lie on kitchen towels and pillows - he still likes to lie on the ground or in his basket, though he only stays about 5 minutes. He has an adorable nature and doesn't destroy things and to our surprise he was immediately housebroken.

The love and friendship that we get from him is priceless !! Thank you Ace Charity for giving him a chance so that he has now ended up in our family.  family!

Yours Saskia & Serge & Liam

Arrivals Eindhoven, January 14th

You've seen these lovely dogs getting ready to leave and at Malaga airport a few posts ago. And on
Saturday January 14 these four dears arrived at Eindhoven Airport. Sharela, Kwikkel, Leslie and Balto. Good luck to the dogs and their new owners. Thanks to Mirella Rothengatter for flying to fetch them and escorting them back.

Arrivals Eindhoven, January 13th

You may already have seen photos on the Dutch Blog of these dogs leaving Malaga. Now here are a few pictures of their arrival. Unfortunately we don't have photos of all the dogs because they were not out until 23.45 and the airport closes at 24 hours. So we had to leave quickly. Those arriving included
Spiderman, Noelia, Tekla, Glun and Brooklyn.