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May 30, 2016

Star of the Day - Daisy May

Darling Daisy May

Surrounded by love at the Refugio - Daisy May with Fabienne and the students

Snuggled up with a friend


Looking forward to a trip in the car

You'll find more information about Daisy May here.

With greetings from Maaike and Maatke - M & M!

Barvette : Thank you for five great yearss

Barvette in the Refugio

Five years ago, we adopted Barvette from you. Meanwhile, she's just gone to almost 15kg 35kg in weight! Here is a picture from the past, the way she looked when she first came to us, and now.

Barvette, now Babs, is a hedonist! She loves good food and is a bit of a Spanish Diva :-D
When she arrived she was able to count on the support of her big sister, who had to leave us after a long illness (liver cancer)  six months ago now.

Three years ago she even gained a little brother who has become her big brother (pictured right).
Meanwhile, our lady is starting to be a bit older, she is now estimated to be seven to eight years old. And she loves her immensely relaxed life in the garden, lying in the sun, playing with the ball and with her big brother, and spending the evening lying stretched out on the seat with the whole family.

Every day we are grateful to have her in our midst and have great appreciation for all the good work done by Ace, enabling our dear girl to be still with us now. Thank you !

Yours on behalf of the whole family Thyssen-Milants and a big paw from Babs'ke ;-)

Barvette/Babs (left) with her big sister (in the middle) and her big brother (on the right). 

May 29, 2016

Arrivals Rotterdam, May 23rd

Tonight there was another beautiful arrival in Rotterdam. Chang, Lise, Roy Orbison and Emmet were met with joy by their adopters. These four dears have each found a great golden basket. They are all  very lucky doggies.

Here they come!

So exciting!

Loving arms

Chang's adopter is overjoyed

More cuddles

Lise getting to know her new bosses

An encouraging pat


The first step to a new life

Ready to go home

Arwen - doing so well

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

Arwen is doing great, housebroken from day one, listens beautifully and is very sweet with the kids and the cat and all the dogs we meet when hiking.

She is still very skinny but she eats well.

She has beaten all our expectations, by doing so well. The care given by ACE is excellent.

Greetings Carolien

Bailey - formerly Missy

We met Bailey in Malaga during our holiday. We also brought two dogs to their golden baskets! (In Belgium)

On 24/01 Bailey found her golden basket with us in Oppuurs. She still had to adapt, especially to men, and it took over a month.

Today, this is as good as gone and she feels completely at home!

She has the time of her life and is not alone, because she has become inseparable with our other dog Bono! Wonderful to see this!

Our playful young lady is now part of the family and we would not be without her!

Tip: Patience is the best solution !

Bailey & Steffie

Finally landed in Zaventem


 Learning to give a paw (first week in Belgium)


The B-Team (Bono & Bailey)

Our model


 Play, play and play again

Cano - wandering in a small village

Friday, May 27th, 2016

A little scared but safe

For months Cano was living in a small village, wandering about in a corner they call the "Rinconcillo". Many people had noticed him, but no one took him into their heart! He lost more and more weight, because food was scarce. Now and then he'd get a piece of bread from someone who felt sorry for him but otherwise they all left Cano to his fate. However hard the little dog tried, he was unable to take care of himself. Rooting from bin to bin, months at a time, was not enough to put food into his stomach and he became weak and so they called the killing station.

We were also informed and luckily one of our volunteers was faster than the dog catcherswe were alarmed and was one of our volunteers happy dog ​​catchers and Cano is now one of our special needs dogs!

He is a golden dog, a golden character: soft and sweet, social and devoted, friendly, grateful and happy to have been saved. His typical Andalusian underbite makes him all the more adorabe! Surrounded by his new buddies he is gradually trying to recover. We have never seen his owner and we will never know what happened to him but one thing is certain: how could anyone dump such a sweet dog?

My brain will never be big enough to understand this! Cano boy, we are going to take care of you!

Where is this place?

A kindly word and a gentle pat

Such a handsome fellow