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July 04, 2015

Yay! ACE Day is on September 5th!

Dearest ACE Shin Friends,

We all know what is going on in the Refugio in Spain and we're doing everything possible to comply with the mandatory refurbishments within the short time span we've been given.

Howeer, we're also proud to say that the ACE and SHIN-day, 2015, will go ahead as planned. We want to share the success of the adoptions with the whole world, our dogs deserve it!
We will not hang our heads and will go on fighting for their welfare.

Come and celebrate this on our ACEDAG on SEPT 5 (Netherlands) and the SHINDAG on SEPT 6 (Belgium) together with Fabienne and her team !!!

The Acedag this year will take place in Eck en Wiel, entrance fees are the same as last year € 7.50 for adults and € 5.00 for children / 12 years.

To sign up for the Acedag you can send an email to

For the rental of the stalls or if you would like to help you can mail to this address too.

We all hope to see you on Saturday, September 5th !!!

Pim (Badir) is the star of the Interwebs

Denise has forwarded this lovely email from the new Mum of little Badir, now called Pim. He has his own Instagram page and video on YouTube!  What a little Star. It only goes to show what we already knew, ACE dogs are, well, ACE!!!

Star of the Internet!

Hello Denise,

This is Saskia from The Netherlands. Do you remember litte Badir? You took good care of him last summer and we have adopted him in September 2014. We call him Pim nowadays.
I can tell you that he isn't afraid anymore. He is full off joy and fun and he isn't afraid of anything. Well, one thing he is afraid of.. that I am leaving. So he always stays close to me. He loves to go out for walks and is very very playfull haha.
Something very funny is going on now. I make dance-video's for YouTube (Saskia's Dansschool). And Pim doesnt like to be home alone so I take him with me whenever possible. So people can see him in our video's and now he has got fans from all over the world. People are putting reactions underneath the video's, telling us that they love Pimmie so much. 

My daughter also made an Instagram page for Pimmiethedog and everyday he gets more and more followers from all over the world. Its very funny. Here you can see one of our videos with Pim (its been seen over 4 miljoen times)

As you can see Pim is watching us the whole time. He is always watching me because he doesn't want me to leave (I am the girl with the cap in the videos :-)
He is so very funny, cute and sweet. We enjoy and love him sooo much!!!
I thought you would like to hear this story Denise :-)
Much love and greetings from The Netherlands.
Saskia van Dijk

Look at that adorable face - no wonder he's a star!

Cuddles from his Mum at the airport.


A warm lap and a forever home!

More arrivals - Schipol, night of 1st to 2nd July

Atreyu with his owners.

Lucila is called Pum. Here with her boss.

Cristel with her owners.

Samu with his new owners

Group smiles!

More happy arrivals - Eindhoven, 1st July

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

This afternoon another four dogs arrived safely, this time at Eindoven airport in the Netherlands.
Wellington, Foo, Juno and Tarzan were the lucky ones. We wish the adopters and the dogs a very good time together! Thank you so much for adopting through ACE.

Wellington and his new mum - so happy!


Foo gets a cuddle. The first of many!

You'll have a lovely life, now, little Foo.

The poster behind says 'I'm delighted' ... it could have been written for Juno and his new family.

Wellington and Juno play, while Tarzan is exploring.

Joyful group photo. We wish them and their owners lots of happiness together.

Happy Arrivals - Zaveltem, June 28th

Blu, Vieno, Guapo, Zenobia and Darell, with their happy new owners.

Thanks to Guy for the photos and videos. 

Our newest oldie ...

Memee - sweet, old and toothless but now safe.

We don't know where she came from or anything of her history, but we do know she has already lived her life. We found her, this poor old thing, in a box at the door of the Refugio. Who dropped her there? Only God will know that.

She is very brave and cheerful, but hasn't one tooth left in her mouth. Even though she is old, she stands her ground with the other dogs. She loves to sit on your lap and to be given snacks, but these she stores without finishing them. Who owned her or where she came from we don't know, but as from today she's no longer homelss, she's one of ours!

Brave and cheerful! She didn't deserve to be dumped in a box.