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May 23, 2015

Our dear Dianeke with her darling ones ...

Big ones, medium ones, small ones, tiny ones - all so precious.

A warm welcome at Rotterdam Airport for some more darlings

Four more dogs arrived at Rotterdam airport from Spain on 19th May. They got a warm welcome, as you can see from the pictures. The lucky four are Donner, Aukje, Timothy and Rien. It always warms my heart when I see dogs, especially 'long stayers', arriving to meet their forever family. Rien was with us from when he was a tiny puppy, whom we rescued from a garbage bin. Read Rien's story, here. It's a lovely tribute from Nikki Ruitenburg, one of our interns, who fell in love with him. She will be so happy that he's home, as I am.

Barbara Tusai, who escorted the dogs from Spain. Thank you so much. 

Rien. Home at last.

Smiley Rien with his happy adopter.

A special, welcome hug for Donner.

Donner in his smart new harness.

Kisses from Aukje.

Tummy rubs. What bliss!

Refugio renovations - update 20th May

Update from Fabienne

Emergency cages now occupied by bewildered dogs

Dear everyone,

The first 9 emergency cages have been assembled and already 8 of these are occupied, on a temporary basis, It's sad to see the way the dogs react, they find it distressing. So we take them out, supervised, for several hours ever day because these really are emergency cages and the heat is hard to endure in there. 

We have no choice but to accept that our dogs are disturbed but there is no other solution. God, they did not deserve this,  these innocent lovable dogs. 

We are busy painting, repairing, sanding and inspecting. Also just getting on with the daily chores. The first section is now completely empty and those dogs are in the emergency cages. So now we can all get to work.

To all our volunteers, friends, adopting families and sympathizers another thousand thanks for every stone that we contribute together,

Tomorrow healthy again !!!

Waiting for our turn on the field.

Renovating the permanent cages.

All this needs to be tiled. And this is just one cage.

The renovated doors and bars.

Bars finished, now the gate needs attention.

Another view of the temporary cages.

Another row of cages needing attention.

Pedro - Star of the Day!

He was once so shy and timid ....

... now with patience and love ...

Pedro has become a real cuddle magnet!

May 16, 2015

A Tribute to Our Dogs

Beautiful, hopeful, deserving souls.

Fabienne has written an update as to what is happening regarding the ultimatum and the threat to the refugio. It is also a moving tribute to our beautiful dogs. I urge you to read it - it's on her diary. To read it is to understand why we simply have to keep going for the sake of these poor and loving souls, our dogs. Please help if you can. The details are on various update posts on this site.


More fluffy puppies : Zabila, Zalacain and Zayla!

Arrivals : the latest lucky dogs arrive at Rotterdam

Rotterdam May 11

Yesterday Ina, Rocco, Jasmine and Moncaya arrived. We wish the dogs and the owners a very long and happy life together.