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June 24, 2018

Some nice atmospheric photos with thanks to our students ❤

Cuddles. They love getting cuddles.

Is it dinner time yet?

Lovely clean cages, thanks to our hard working students.

Hello? Is it time for playing in the field?

Such a handsome doggie.


Another handsome chap.

Our new cages have made all the difference.

"Sleeping in the noonday sun!"

Some of our adorable Galgos.


Will you throw my ball, please. Please!

More cuddles!

Our Denise with precious Bunny

Bunny is not adoptable. You can read her sad story via the link on the Dutch blog.

Dogs banned from the beaches and lakes ... you only have to see it once! I was stunned by what I saw!

  Addicted dogs have smoked countless cigarettes and thrown the butts on the grass and sand;

Mummy dogs have changed their babies and left the Pampers lying on the ground or dumped in the bushes;
Messy dogs have simply left their crumpled Mc Donalds bags and trays lying around.

  Party doggy's have apparently thrown a party, which you can clearly see from the empty beer cans and bottles, crisps and liquor bottles, nothing is thrown in the container next to it;
Horny dogs have covered  bitch and left their used condoms lying around;

   Only ...... I haven't seen many dogs!!!!!

So yes, the municipalities are right to ban dogs on the beach, along the lakes and other nature reserves ......

People would never cause such a terrible mess ??????????

Our Frikadel in "weekend mode" .....!!!!

I hope you enjoyed the weekend. Here in the UK it is hot, hot, hot. It is actually one degree hotter than in La Cala de Mijas! 25 degrees here, 24 degrees with you. And it's going to get hotter again next week. The only thing is. I would prefer to be over there with you :( I feel a bit like Frikadel :)

Please will you help us to feed our puppies.

We have taking in a lot of puppies lately, they all have to eat.
Will you help us to help our puppies by donating a bag of puppy food?
For information you can mail to
On behalf of all our puppies, thank you very much !!

Manon is on her way home, thanks again for everything.

Lovely photo of Manon, with the little dog, and her daughter Kelly, who is driving. 

June 23, 2018

Visit from a Spanish television crew

Today Spanish TV came to make a report of our daily care and work for our dogs ....