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July 24, 2016

Arrivals Rotterdam - 23rd July

Unfortunately, there is no photo of Freggels (12069). After the loving care of Maries, her foster mum, she was at last able to fly to her forever home. But she was so afraid that we told the adopters to take her straight away. So we only have a picture of her in her bench.

Next we had Marian(12015) renamed Abby, Rodrigo (12020) who immediately felt at home and Renzo (12023) whose new name is Filou. Rodrigo was so lively we coudn't take a photo of him on his own, hence just a photo of his backside!

July 23, 2016

Look how much Alida raised through the PLUS deposits ...

Dear Mila (ACE Traga) and Saartje (ACE Maartje) with their boss Alida van Alfen raised the wonderful sum of €403.85. With many thanks to them and to Plus Ton Henst in Best.

The material for the Section 4 cages is slowly coming together.

They are finally almost ready. The removable cages for Section 4 came this week - there had been another delay. It seems that this is inevitable. But, good people, we remain positive. If we encourage them and we are lucky they may get it finished next week.

Fingers crossed !!

Bo (Bokassa at ACE)

Bo, second from left, has now been with us for 7 days. He's doing well and he is very sweet. The three Spanish ACE ladies think he's great.

Greetings, Astrid

Photo gallery

Refugio - July 2016

Happiness is a doggie to cuddle!

Hey! What you doing in there?

Come on you little rascal! Out of the feed bin!

Dinner time (and no naughty doggies in the bins!)

Waiting patiently.

Puppies coming out of our ears ... No. 5 Slightly older puppies, ready for their forever home!

We also have a lot of puppies aged from 6 months to 12 months old, ready for adoption and still waiting for a nice boss. Such cute puppies - they deserve a home not a shelter.

Puppies coming out of our ears ... No. 4 Ten small ones in a box at our gate

From Fabienne's Diary

The ten small puppies that were found in a box at our gate, in the burning sun, have all survived - so far. When we got a closer look at them we noticed that they are all from different famiies. They are all a bit different, all ten of them.

The following day we were told about a striped puppy who was walking around in the park on it's own. We looked for the mama, but without success. The puppies are flowing into the shelter like water ...

We are setting up more sterilization projects and with this message we are asking vets if they want to come and help us by sterilizing for free. Our goal is to make the local people aware that we all need to take care and to solve this problem.

We can't do this alone and need help from vet to help us with sterilizing and castrating. Every year we sterilize 1500 cants and dogs and we are helping with various stray cats projects.We have made several urbanisations 'cat friendly' and keep going as much as we can.

We sterilize and castrate cats from an urbanisation and then bring them back there so that the population stops expanding. The cats are looked after by the people themselves who are working with us. These cats remain living in their own neighbourhood, but now they can't multiply any more. They catch the vermin in the neighbourhood and they are free and happy.

This is our aim and what we want but the process between wanting something and getting it done is often difficult. It has happened more than once that we are in the process of getting an urbanisation completely in order and then suddenly ALL the cats have disappeared. That's why we now make agreements with the municipality to make them aware and of what we are doing.

We won't give up, not for these cats - that's for sure!

Apologies - there are no pictures. They wouldn't convert.