September 04, 2017

Mauro, a very special Border Collie : 8 years old and in desparate need

Mauro has caught the eye of so many people these days... a dog we saved from the killing station, there was no 
more hope for him there.

Since then he is with us, a border collie, a dog that wants to work. He gets his walk every day but he then waits 
in his cage for the rest of the day...

We are his hope, his love, his existance... Mauro is 8 years old... Mauro is not easy with other dogs but he really 
really really urgently needs to go to a home.  But people want the perfect dog, a dog without complications... 
people will stand by his cage: oh poor thing, oh my god - and that's it... 

Meanwhile he is fighting against this change in his life... he fights it, we take care of him... we try to do our very 
best but we can't make him happy. He wants to work so badly and be the right hand of his owner.

Mauro boy, we will not dump you... we will fight with you. Who will help us find dear Mauro a suitable and 
loving home.

For more information please click here.  For a little film, please click here.

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