April 27, 2016

Rest in Peace, Beloved Bonnie

Time goes too fast ... my Bonnie has gone ..

Often you don't see it coming. They run, they walk and romp around you, you live together side by side, every day. Life rushes by and you live every day together with them, unaware of the years flying past.

Bonnie came into our lives after she'd been standing on a vet's table somewhere, waiting to be euthenised. Time and time again her puppies had been born dead, so her time was up. Commercial breeding ... bah! She was so sweet and so grateful, so infinitely simple and alway so happy knowing she would never have to leave again.

Even though she was only with us for 6 years, she was a personality that we will carry in our hearts forever ...

She was our little girl. She was never a problem but always a pleasure, a wonderful sweetheart whom we will miss terribly .. it always hits you hard ... especially if you do not see it coming ..

The last few weeks she had difficuty moving, her back was worn out ... used up by giving birth to so many puppies ... she couldn't go on....

The night before she died Bonnie used all her strength to go to all our dogs, one by one, she sniffed them and gave them attention ...

Only today did I realised that she had been saying goodbye to them ... she knew.

My Bonnie has gone ...

Our sweet, discrete but so intensely special darling ...

You are no longer with us but you will always be there...
Rest softly now, my sweet Bonnie

April 25, 2016

So happy, so very happy - Oca and Pato are staying together

Oca, the golden one on the left, and Pato, tri-colour on the right

I have written about them often on the blog. Oca and Pato, two of our long stayers. And now comes wonderful news from Fabienne. Its a very special day and a very special flight and a tremendous relief for us all tonight.

After waiting together in the Spanish shelter for five and a half years, we believe we have finally  found them a home. Together. It had seemed almost impossible. We had almost resigned ourselves to the fact that Oca and Pato would stay in the shelter for good without the chance of leaving Spain, the country that has brought them so much sadness.

This really is one of the most rewarding results we could have. It makes everything worthwhile.

Read the story of dear Oca and Pato ..

They can now continue their lives together, without bars, and may live with Manja Schrader and Jan Willekens. For this, our sincere thanks again !!!

The story of Oca and Pato is a story of severe neglect and abuse ... Nobody is 100% sure what happened to them, but they were really in terribly bad shape when they entered the shelter, both physically and mentally. We think Oca is Pato's mummy but we're not really sure. Both Oca and Pato are scared, terrified, they must have suffered terribly.

Oca has absolutely no confidence in humans, the only time she opens herself to us is when we give her tasty meat. We hope that thanks to patience and love she can recover her confidence, over time. Oca is not a beginner's dog, she requires a lot of patience, and account must be taken of the fact that she may never thaw. She and Pato are inseparable, so it's perfect - they had to find a home together because without Pato Oca is lost.

April 24, 2016

Eagerly awaited visit ...

April 12th - 20th

Last week I flew out again for another visit to El Refugio. It was as usual a very busy week and, as usual, the time went far too quickly. It was wonderful to see old friends and to meet beloved dogs as well as new ones. This time I didn't visit a killing station - the new dogs had mostly been found on the street or dumped by their owners and a few came from Los Barrios. On a happier note quite a few dogs flew off to their forever homes or to foster families - there were between one and three flights a day.

There were less students than in the height of summer but more volunteers and also adopters who had come to meet their dogs and take them home. This is happening more and more and it's wonderful.
Fabienne, Dirk and all the team are so grateful for all the help, as you can read in Fabienne's Diary. The dogs too benefit from all the attention - there's always plenty to do but always time for cuddles and treats. Nair, a vet from the UK, volunteered her expertise for a week and she was soon hard at work helping Chus (Marie Jesus) our new vet.

I hate having to leave at the end of the week. But I'll be back. I'm counting the days!

Beautiful Alwen

Sleepy head

In the office 

Cristel with Alina


More cuddles ...

... our doggies ae so happy to get some attention

Treats for Arwen, Doctor, Melle, Phebe, Wiche and others

More treats

Carlito and Perrie

Emma and Jordi

Waiting patiently for their forever families

Gustavo, Chablis and Pommie ready for their walk

April 23, 2016

Semmie - formerly Yazmin


I wanted to let you know that today I've been to the vet with Semmie for his vaccination and for a blood test for erhlichia and she is now totally clean !!! I'm very happy of course :-) :-) :-) She now weighs 30 kilos and looks perfect. With stunning teeth !!!!

She has also grown in height (see photos). At first Nukka was slightly taller than Semmie but not anymore !!

And of course I'm still madly in love with her :-) :-) :-) :-)

Greetings Yvonne Westland
Semmie, Caylo and Nukka

In perfect health

... with stunning teeth

Semmie, Caylo and Nukka

Bolita - grieving and sad


A kind of Yorkshire Terrier, weighing just 1.5 kg but so difficult to estimate her age.

Eight years ago, she was adopted from a killing station. Sadly her owner died suddenly. Her daughter has taken over all the dogs, but this poor oldie does not feel happy in an even larger group than the one she is used to.

She needs peace and tranquility, attention and love; she is grieving intensely for her deceased owner. Where is she? Where has she gone? If only we coud explain these things to our dogs, if only we could tell them and comfort them.

Such a sad little oldie

She needs so much love, the poor little darling



She stole our hearts! Social, sweet, very happy and playful, quiet, smart, really super!
Thanks from all of us! (The black dog was also adopted from you at ACE).

Having fun!

Two happy ACE doggies ...

... enjoying life

Judy in Foster in North Netherlands


Last night, Judy arrived and I let her outside to meet with my own six dogs. This went vey well and she was even OK with the cat.

She spent the night in the bench and it went fine.With food she does her best. Pia had already said that it was best to feed her in the bench and I could see why. She eat everything and when I left her she was still watching from the bench to see if there was still something she could have.

Our walks went pretty well. I had her on a flex line o so she could have some freedom to browse and sniff. All in all, a great dog for beginners and well as a great addition to a pack.


More information on Judy found here.

Getting to know the pack

A toy is always a source of comfort

What a beautiful face

Come and visit, please do.

Hello from Gabber (Robert at ACE)


I was called Robert in the Refugio and now I am called Gabber and I met my new family on Tuesday 19th January. So now, on 19th April, also a Tuesday, we've been together for three months.

From the beginning, every day has been a holiday.

My boss agrees and says that I should enjoy life and hang out the garlands so I have!!!

I can not thank you all enoughbut special thanks go to the dear ones who saved me from the death station.

I would therefore beg you to try to save as many as you can, big or small, old or young. We are all sweet and so grateful for a second chance. Please if you can, help my friends who are still in danger.

Thanks to all the volunteers and everyone else for the help you perform with this beautiful work, so that we can be adopted.

Big hugs and a lot of licks (I love to give licks)


April 21, 2016


Our Rich - formerly Richy - is happy at last!

Rich with his loving boss

With one of his new companions

Enjoying the freedom of the forest

At home with my boss and my brother

With my other boss and all my new sibling family

Bocelli: deaf, blind and abandoned twice


He was dumped in a killing station and rescued by one of our volunteers. But unfortunately his first adoption didn't work out so the poor darling is homeless again. Once again he was out on the street.

This poor creature has not much luck in his life because Bocelli is deaf and blind; he wasn't accepted by his adopters, even though he has an infinitely sweet and gentle nature. He will always be dependent on his boss; time and love are what are needed in his case.

Surely somewhere out there there is a loving boss who will shower him with attention, love and patience and help him find happiness at last.

Beautiful boy

Rescued a second time

Third time lucky?

Sleeping peacefully

Such a gentle soul - cuddled up with one of our puppies

Puppies for adoption - don't all rush at once :)

These eight beauties are all together in foster care in Belgium. They are two months old and looking for a diamond basket, for forever homes. For the time being they can only be adopted in Belgium due to the new, strict vaccination regulations. If you would like to get to know more about any of them, please send an email to adopties@ace-charity.org