May 31, 2021

URGENT Foster care - but even better adopters - sought for King URGENT

 Monday, May 31, 2021

Our King urgently needs our help. He has to leave the home where he is now ...

He is basically a very sweet and good soul, crazy about people, also very obedient and eager to learn, wants to work and please. He has a hard time in his current family, where he urgently has to leave after he and the first dog in the house cannot get on together… They are both dominant and that creates problems.

King would be best either alone with an owner with time to spare, as he needs education, or with an owner with a submissive dog. He likes to be number 1, but plays with other dogs, is social outside the home is no problem, but at home he is not good with other dominant dogs.

He doesn't like cats, he finds them scary, but he can cuddle all day long if he has to. We are looking for a solution for this very sweet dog who still has a lot to learn but is certainly worth the effort.  He is a good sweet whopper but he needs time, attention and education and had to be able to have an owner or family for him alone ... ..who can help?

For more information about King, please click on his name.

Yako ... after so long in our shelter, today he's more like a Happy Larry !!!

Sunday 31st May 2021

Fabienne’s dog of the week: FERA.

 Monday, May 31, 2021

Fera is the mother of three little babies. They were rescued from the killing station. They looked badly neglected, it may be called a miracle that they survived. Fera is a timid little dog who puts up with  everything, has never known love, nor known a friendly person. When she first came to us she was very jumpy but this has improved a lot. She now even comes to get a hug from her caretakers. Fera is a smaller type of Podenco and is social with other dogs. Who opens his heart and home to this sweet lady?

For more in formation about shy Fera, please click on her name.

Fabienne's weekly overview.

 Sunday, May 30, 2021

This week we were concerned about the many new dogs coming in and the many kittens popping up everywhere ... the dumping has started. Corona seems to be declining and that is the end for many four-legged friends! The killing stations are already bulging and asking for help. We have helped ... report will follow ... the rescue of many kittens and kittens. After the departure of a number of kitten cats earlier this week, there was room again but not for long unfortunately. We did some small events again ... we will continue and not stand still ... we are very grateful that this can be done slowly again.  The works to prevent flooding in the future are also continuing. Everyone had a hopeful week !!! Up again tomorrow!

Jules (ACE Else)

 Sunday, May 30, 2021

After being with us for almost three weeks, our Jules is almost completely settled. He listens well, is very affectionate and sweet. Being alone for a while does not suit him at all and he is also startled by many things. He is an enrichment for our family and already indispensable. He belongs ... You just see him enjoying life.

A very grateful little dog! Merci, ACE | SHIN, for all the wonderful work you do to receive, care for and thus make all these four-legged friends available for adoption. They all deserve a chance to come home to a warm family.

FerrΓ© adopted just 1 year ago

 Sunday, May 30, 2021

This dog is very happy! This down to all of you!

All 4 of my ACE dogs have now been promoted to pet therapist.

 Sunday, May 30, 2021

Promoted to a pet therapist

My 89-year-old neighbor Dine can no longer live independently. Her mind doesn't work so well and her body doesn't either. What is going very well however is ...... a careful walk with the dogs. The only motivation for Dine to move. Especially the very old Abuelo with his difficulty walking, she watches him to see if he can handle it. Dine suddenly became very ill but dog Millie dragged her through. She was allowed in bed with Dine and slowly Dine started to stroke Millie. The dogs are now welcome for so many people in the home who cannot talk but can pet the animals. Thank you dear people of ACE for saving the beautiful animals.

Kind regards, Magda

May 29, 2021

Luna ( GiGi)

Luna woont ondertussen al bijna 6 maanden bij ons en doet het heel goed. Vandaag is ze de eerste keer naar zee geweest. Een hele ervaring want het blijft nog een bang hondje. Ze was er heel zelfzeker, was heel flink toen we iets gingen drinken, ze was in haar nopjes. Als beloning kreeg ze een ( stukje) ijsje, daar is ze gek op . ( wortel kan ik ook niet snijden of madam is daar)Het is zo een brave en past zo goed bij ons. We hadden nooit gedacht dat het zo vlot zou gaan. Er is nog werk aan haar angsten maar .... ze is eigenlijk nog maar 6 maanden bij ons he.

In memoriam Ava

 Saturday, May 29, 2021

To my great sorrow, I had last Sunday evening. put my dear Ava (ACE Pocahontas) to sleep. She turned out to be very sick (autoimmune disease, anemia and tumors). I am very sad, there is a stone on my stomach and my heart is shattered. She was my buddy, my dearest roommate and my great Love. I am very grateful for the four wonderful years that I was able to spend with her. It was a very sweet, beautiful beautiful dog, who grew from a scared, frightened creature into a wonderfully happy sweet dog, who stole everyone's heart and everyone loved. I will miss her terribly, but cherish the time she was with me. ACE, thank you for this wonderful gift. She made my life a lot better! Lots of love Ilonka

Fabienne's diary: Four puppies in a cave!

Friday 28th May 2021

They are born everywhere, in the wild, left to their own devices, and on the brink of danger. And yet the Spaniards do not want to castrate, they find that abnormal and horrible. That thousands of people come into this world unwanted is something that many people do not want to know or see. We are confronted with it daily, daily, and the misery and impotence is sometimes great.

This also applies to our large puppies. Mama Mastin cannot be caught with a cage, she is too intelligent. We have tried so many times, it does not work. We could not let the puppies alone, now they have started to walk around there is danger everywhere. We were able to save four of them, we don't know where the others were.

They are divine creatures, all in foster care in a family. They now all learn to live in a homely atmosphere and are cuddled, because they were very afraid of people at first. Hondo in particular had a very difficult time in the beginning, he is a bit of a sissy. He is insecure and can panic about banal things, but that is being worked on. Deacon is the biggest hugger, Sultana is a lady who knows what she wants, and little Sissy is the laggard. They are quite sturdy ladies and gentlemen, they certainly need a lot of exercise, a garden and a good, stable boss who can educate them well!

For more information on each of these darling pups, please click on their names.

Hondo   Deacon  Sultana  Sientje


Foster care sought urgently for King Ref. 18255


Friday, May 28, 2021

For some dogs it is really not easy. King is looking for a place again. King is a very sweet dog, very loyal to his owners, unfortunately he cannot get along with the cats and one of the dogs in the foster family. King is best placed as a dog alone or with another non-dominant dog who also likes rough play. Once you meet King, it really won't be long before he steals your heart.

Can you help or do you know someone who can?

Would you also be happy to share the message on Facebook if you have one?

For more information you can send an email:

for the Netherlands to:

and for Belgium:

Charlotje has already promoted herself to work-from-home coach.πŸ˜†πŸ’˜

 Friday, May 28, 2021

Don't shop, adopt!

Friday 28th May 2021


May 28, 2021

Our kittens are welcomed !!!

 Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Xylia in foster care in the Netherlands

 Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Update 5/25/2021: A Galga lady's dream, that's beautiful Xylia. Arrived in the Netherlands as a puppy and now two years old. Her adopters are crazy about her, but with their hands in their heads they ask for our help. Xylia loves to play with other dogs, but the Chihuahuas in the family keep proving too small and vulnerable for her antics. People who are looking for a super social Galga, so good with other dogs, with cats, with children, are going to get a great dog from Xylia. Preferably with a not too small dog friend and a nice garden to run around in. Xylia is house-trained, can go off lead where possible, likes to go along in the car and can be home alone for a while. She can be visited with the current adopters in the Venlo area.

For more information about Xylia, please click on her name.

Good Morning!!!

Friday 28th May 2021 

Fabienne's Diary: Bieke, a blind dog in a killing station, ...

 Thursday, May 27, 2021

She was dumped by her owners in a killing station, because they no longer wanted her. Because she had become blind and that was annoying. When we saw her sitting there, she was hiding in a corner. Your heart just breaks, a medium, fine, elegant lady, who looked up frightened. It is always painful to be there for even one minute.

Our little girl had been there for a long time because her owner had not signed off the papers. Not once was that head caressed or addressed with a few quiet words. When she came with us, she literally and figuratively curled completely around you. She was grateful to you, and finally she could relax and she knew it was all right.

She is now in foster care with one of our people and she is so sweet, simple and pure. She is a sweetheart, but blind, and needs someone who loves her and can give her light in the darkness again.

For more information about sweet darling Bieke, please click on her name.

In memoriam Mera,…

 Thursday, May 27, 2021

Goodbye to a friend… Dearest Mera, one year with us and we had to say goodbye to you again. Our grief is immense. You could only become 7 years old; we wanted to give you a warm home for many years to come, but a tumour decided otherwise. You were part of our family and made our house more of a home. You taught Ronan and Lara what animal love is. You were their best friend. Thank you sweetheart for all your hugs and love. You are doing well up there… just go for a walk with Sunna and JelenaπŸ’”πŸ’«

In Memoriam Milo

 Thursday, May 27, 2021

13.5 years ago we adopted our dear friend Milo with you.

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to him last week with a heavy heart.

He was suffering from kidney failure and had reached final stage.

We've had more than 13 happy years with him.

May 27, 2021

Friday May 28 a performance by Ben James for ACE / SHIN

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Fabienne's diary: Kittens in the killing station.

 Wednesday, May 26, 2021

This week when we went to the killing station again there had been a seizure of 41 cats. A man kept them in his apartment but that clearly got out of hand. The neighbours had reported him and so the police had raided and taken them all away. That's how they came to be in the killing station.

The most beautiful ones were quickly adopted, the kittens did not make it, and these 9 remnants who, except for two, are all black, were the last to wait for their happiness. They looked at you so sad, knowing that they wouldn't stand a chance, and why not? Because they are black? That brings good luck, because a sweet cat that greets you kindly every day is a happiness in itself !!

They all have beautiful eyes and a good character, and once in a home, they shine and hug you silky soft.

Give one of them a home! It is  what they deserve.They have always lived inside, do not know anything of the outside. We are now going to get to know them even better, and then look for happiness for them forever! 

Bo (Bambina)

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Just an update about our happy egg.

Bo has been with us for three months now and she is doing really well.

She has recently been able to walk off lead and she keeps a close eye on us.

Run, play, eat and sleep. She does it all with enthusiasm.

She is always friendly and cheerful.

Just like our previous dogs, also from ACE, this is also a ticket from the lottery.

You are doing your utmost to save and place these dear ones and we can do nothing better but take care of them with love.

Greetings from Marion and Bo

Teuntje has been with us for a year !!!

 Wednesday, May 26, 2021

It's going very well! We really enjoy him. πŸ₯°

May 26, 2021


 Tuesday, May 25, 2021

I arrived in the Netherlands a year ago.

Then after a long journey I had to get back in the car after Maastricht.

How tired I was when I got home.

The first day I found my big brother very scary. Now, on the other hand, he's my best friend, I like nothing more than to explore the world with him.

I've learned that dogs are friendly.

I like to play with them, the funny thing is they think they can run as fast as I can. Stupid of them I am really fast !!

For the rest I like to have fun with cuddly toys, eating bones, watching the house (even though Mom and Dad grumble that I shouldn't bark).

But I also really enjoy cuddling, which is why I always sneak up against Mom at night.

I will show you some pictures from last year.

My story started as a dumped dog in Spain and will end as an adventurer in the Netherlands.


 Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Hello, here are some photos to share! Just look at him, he is enjoying his life completely and already spoiled boy, super protecting me from any other dogs and sometimes people, always wants to be next to me everywhere, but is good when he needs to stay waiting in a room in his bed, he is complete unconditional love and happiness! Thank you so much ❤️