September 26, 2022

.Diary of Fabienne - Our mini ACE|SHIN days are already over

Sunday 25 September 2022

It was a successful weekend, a nice get-together, thanks to the volunteers, supporters and adopters who made this possible!!! Huge thanks for your hard work, commitment and presence!!!

A photo report will follow, and we hope to see you all again at the next edition!

Unfortunately, I could not be there this year, but I sincerely hope you enjoyed a successful day!

Fabienne's weekly review...

 Saturday, September 24, 2022

Good morning all!!! Our first ACE SHIN day is here!!! Seeing happy dogs back home and wonderfully spoilt darlings!!! That's what we do it for!!! That's what we stand for daily ! And these atmospheric images are of the ones here on the other side waiting for that one chance!!! Adopt a rescue!!! 

Vyron's adopter tells his story ...

Monday 26th September, 2022

Here's a little story about Vyron. After our dog died, we said to each other, we won't take another dog. Secretly, after a while we had both started looking at the shelters anyway. Okay, after hubby's holiday, we will seriously look at a Malinois

Yes and then we saw Vyron's post go by. We looked at each other, this is going to be our Malinois.

After an introductory meeting, I was converted. It was that we already had an appointment scheduled, otherwise I would have taken him straight away.

Viron is doing well, listens well and gets many compliments. We say that this is not to our credit but that of the previous adopter. He is very careful around the grandchildren.

When it's nice weather, Viron sits by the fence because he is friends with the neighbour ( dog biscuit).

During walks he walks along quietly hardly looks at other dogs. If Viron sees a cat, yes he still wants to chase it. We then try to distract him so he walks with us. Sometimes this goes well, other times he has cauliflowers in his ears.

Yes Viron is sweet, loves cuddles and is watchful! 

Caleb checks the goings-on at the refugio!!!

 Saturday 24 september 2022 

For more information about dear Caleb, please click on his name.

Caleb - 1

Our volunteers are busy baking for tomorrow's SHIN day!

 Saturday 24 September 2022

Besides delicious cakes and pies, there are chips and burgers provided, and freshly prepared farm ice cream.

Saturday 24 September 2022

Besides delicious cakes and pies, there are chips and burgers provided, and freshly prepared farm ice cream. 


 Sunday 25 September 2022

 Boreos a big strong bear with a little to go for a walk with us!

He behaved exemplary and enjoyed himself to the fullest! He is a sweet gentle giant! Big dogs are often the most adorable! Give a big giant a chance!!!

For more information about Boreos, please click on his name.

Boreos - 1

September 11, 2022

Long sitter of the month: Mollie

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Mollie is a tough lady, she is a very good character if properly supervised, because she sometimes wants to be boisterous and fierce, out of enthusiasm. She was in the killing station together with a mastin. Both are now rescued and doing well, they are very sweet dogs who are social.

Mollie should go to people who know the breed and can guide and educate her well, being a Stafford. She is very pleasant with people, super friendly, a dog that with a good responsible owner will become a great companion.

With whom can Mollie finally come home?

For more information about dear Mollie, please click on her name.

Images from this week.

We wish you a nice new week from our four-legged friends and us.

Diamond sponsors - STUDIO ANIMAUX & A Sunny Day


Sunday 11 September 2022

At STUDIO ANIMAUX & A Sunny Day we attach great importance to animal welfare. Besides offering high quality products for dogs and cats on our website, we wanted to contribute in another way to animal welfare. We wanted to do this by supporting a good cause. The choice was quickly made and fell on ACE (Animal Care España), in Belgium also called SHIN (Spanish Dogs in Need).

How does STUDIO ANIMAUX & a sunny day contribute?

From every order at STUDIO ANIMAUX &A Sunny Day, €1 goes to ACE|SHIN. At the end of each month we transfer the amount collected to them. 

Would you like to sponsor your business and support our sweethearts, or see who is already participating? Then follow this link:  

Fabienne's diary :Our Pico, Pici and Picu have been waiting for more than a year for their golden basket.

 Saturday 10 September 2022

The world has been turned upside down this time, because normally it is not the mum who goes home first, but the kittens. This was not the case for Pica; her 3 kittens Pico, Pici and Picuhave been staying in our refugio from day 1, living inside with other kittens, but their mum went home a long time ago. We would like to bring these brothers and their sister to your attention! 

They are sweet and affectionate, happy and good kittens who should be welcome somewhere, forever. Each of them is used to living in a small space, but we would so love to see them roaming around somewhere, just being part of a family. It is always heartbreaking to see them grow up in a shelter, no animal belongs here, but sometimes life takes you where you certainly don't want to be.

That is why I am asking to put our shoulders to the wheel for these three lives, their worlds. They are young, beautiful kittens! Who will open his heart to one of them?

For more information about these three sweeties, please click on their name under their photo.




September 06, 2022

On 1 and 2 October Tony Knight is coming to the Netherlands for a basic Dog Listening course.

Tuesday 6th September, 2022

After 2 Corona years we can finally organise the previously planned training weekend with Tony Knight! On October 1 and 2 he will come to The Netherlands for a basic Dog Listening course. 

Tony Knight ( has developed the method Amichien Bonding (AB) where he teaches you to understand the natural behaviour of your dog. His method does not require any tricks or tools; he gives tools that are easy to integrate into your daily interactions with your dog. You can think of feeding, walking on the lead etc.

This course is anything but boring; Tony can tell a good story and give great examples. Does your dog pull on the lead? Does your dog bark up the street? Tony will show you why your dog does this and how you can tackle it. If you do not have a dog, it is also recommended. The bond with your dog will become even stronger if you learn to understand his language better.

The course is in English but with a basic knowledge of English it is easy to follow.

When: Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 October 2022 (Saturday morning theory,Saturday afternoon practice part 1, Sunday morning practice part 2)

Where: Emmer Compascuum (Drenthe)

Included: half-day theory, 2 half-days practice, reception with coffee and tea on both days and lunch on Saturday

Price: 137 euro per person, or 209 euro per couple. (Part of the proceeds will go to ACE)

Because of the peace for the dogs, there is a limited number of places. Will you join us? Sign up quickly by sending an email to:


 Monday, September 5th, 2022

.... that many of our kittens have been waiting for more than a year for a nice home? East, Donatello, Jara, Spirit, Swing, and so many other spinnerticks are looking forward to you noticing them. You can find our langzitters via the link and click on 'Waiting XNUMX year + for adoption' at the top. Give them a chance, you will get unconditional love in return!


Fabienne's Diary: Back with her hunter, and what now?

 Monday 5th September 2022

We were all stunned when our volunteer came to us in tears because Luna had to go back with the hunters. Our whole team sympathised, also our young people, I felt so sorry for them, we went into a sleepless night. I thought of all kinds of scenarios, and finally I took the plunge and went to talk to the hunter. I told him very calmly that Luna was very special to our volunteer, and so on and so forth. At first the conversation was a bit, shall we say, heated, unpleasant, until I asked him if we could not buy the dog. And yes, that was a bull's-eye: money, suddenly that was interesting. He asked for at least 1000 euros, as if it was nothing. Pfff, what do you do then? A lot of back and forth followed. I asked him to give me some time and then I would call him back. 

It could be anything, I wanted to save Luna, but how? It was pure blackmail and really scandalous and so much more. Many people will certainly not understand this, and I too would prefer not to go along with these dirty practices, but Luna was worth much more to us than anything else. I first shared the story with our volunteers in the refugio, and thanks to them and some friends, we managed to collect 1000 euros in no time, after which I phoned the hunter and asked him where we could meet and pick up Luna. He would meet us at a venta at 5pm and I had to come alone with our volunteer. 

No sooner said than done: at 5 pm, 1000 euros were handed over to the hunter and we received Luna in our hands. It is what it is, but we had no choice, they were in control. What counts now is that we have made a world of difference for this 7 year old breeding machine, a Podenco, a mother from a dark shed who never saw daylight when she was not hunting, or when she gave birth to her babies. Now she goes through life as Luna, she is somewhere HOME, in a way that we, animal lovers, want so much and it is very normal for us. We have arranged and signed all the papers and they will leave our volunteer alone, and Luna is now officially his dog!

We want to thank everyone for their contribution, many little ones made 1 big one, and saved Luna's world!!! An unreal story, but unfortunately the tragic reality. 

Fabienne's Diary: The battle for Luna, a Podenco female in distress.

Sunday, September 4, 2022

It is a story to cry about, but unfortunately it is the reality. A few weeks ago one of our volunteers saved a skinny Podenco who had followed him to the car and got in without thinking. She had found her own place after having had a hell of a life with a hunter. 

Nobody came to ask for her, even though the volunteer had searched everywhere or asked if anyone had lost their dog. Thus began her life with our volunteer, who gave his heart to her and vice versa. He adopted her, and her new life could now begin. But that didn't take the hunters into account.

One day, the volunteer was out walking his two dogs and saw in the distance a group of hunters with their children and grandchildren standing around something. As he approached, he saw to his horror that there was a bunny in a wire cage with about 30 Podencos around it, which they were setting against the defenceless bunny in the wire cage. The parents, children and grandchildren roused the dogs, kicked the cage to make the dogs even fiercer, until the moment they lifted the wire cage and let the Podencos do their business on the defenceless bunny, which was torn into a thousand pieces. Everyone cheered with joy and life went on as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Our volunteer was in shock, it was horrible. 

When our volunteer and his friend wanted to pass by, one of the hunters suddenly approached him, and at the same moment, his new Podencote stood right behind him and started shivering like a reed. The hunter said to him: this is my dog! Whereupon the volunteer said that he had found her a month and a half ago, and had kept her with him because she was so skinny and underfed. "It is my dog, and since she has run away I will teach her a lesson, and do you know what that means?" he said to our volunteer. The man looked at him, then continued, "She will learn to play the piano, I guarantee it! We'll hang her from a tree and leave her just above the ground so she has to strum like she's playing the piano until she's dead, that's what we'll do to her! Give me that rotten dog here!!!"  

At this the volunteer started walking and they managed to escape the madman, but the next problem came a few days later. When he was walking with his two dogs, he found himself in the middle of the forest again face to face with the same hunter, who this time had come with a friend to take the Podenco away, "It is my dog and I am going to teach him to play the piano". Our volunteer was lucky to escape the hunters again but he could not take any more risks.

He cried tears of sorrow but did not dare to keep his Luna with him, he feared for her life. He asked if we could help, so I immediately went to work and found a foster family. Everything was done to bring her there the next day and make her safe. And then the thing happened that I was so afraid of, knowing hunters and their way of thinking and acting. Our volunteer went for a walk with his dogs in the early evening, and when he returned, he was trapped, and there was a big discussion between the hunters, our volunteer and the police, because the hunter had the documents to prove that it was his dog. The hunter yanked Luna out of the car and away he went, our volunteer had lost her, she was back with the hunter.

And now, what can we do, it will not let us go, we will not leave it at that.





September 01, 2022

Save 1 euro per month for our sweethearts!

Thursday 1st September,  2022

At the moment, 720 sweet people donate 1 euro a month to our dogs. In the meantime, a lot of money has been collected, fantastic! But we can do even better, right?  Wouldn't it be fantastic if even more people would donate €1 every month?

Just think of the number of dogs (and cats) we could save, care for and place! So many more lives saved.... Unfeasible? Unrealistic? Let's try. You can support our sweethearts with a simple mouse click below. 1€ per month ...Who wants to join? It is absolutely safe!

How to register? Click on the link:

Click on "Join this group".

Fill in your data (name and IBAN number)

You are now a donor!

Help us by sharing the action 

Does this look familiar? 🤣

 Thursday 1st September, 2022

Fabienne's diary: two little dogs thrown out of the car "en plein public".


Thursday 1st September, 2022

It was still very hot that evening in Seville. People were sitting on a terrace when suddenly a van drove by, opened the door and two little dogs flew through the air and away it went with squealing tyres. The bystanders were looking on in amazement and did not understand what they had just seen. The two defenceless dogs rolled back and forth and were perplexed, frightened, fleeing to every corner. Fortunately, people were quick to take them in and soothe and comfort them, but the damage had been done.

And now, who was going to take them to heart? That, of course, was another matter. That was us, we took them in immediately and they are two very sweet and good little dogs that clearly came from a home. The first few days they were very upset but today they are doing a little better, they can be placed separately or together, but in any case they have to leave together so that none of them is left behind and they can come home together, albeit separately. Both dogs are little sweethearts and deserve only the best!

For more information on darlings Abbott and Costello, please click on their names.

Abbott - 1


Costello - 3