February 29, 2020

Jonjo : such a very good boy!

"Who's a good boy?"

How did he end up in the nastiest killing station of them all - and that's saying something as they are all horrible places? Look at that patient little face, he didn't deserve to end up there. Indeed none of them do.

Luckily Jonjo was rescued and is now with one of our foster families here in Spain where he is learning fast how it is to live in a family home. He is sweet and gentle and affectionate and social. He walks nicely on the lead. All in all Jonjo is a very good boy and deserves a loving, cuddly home where he can grow up and be happy.

For more information about Jonjo, please click on his name. 

February 22, 2020

Vanilla: another victim of the hunting mindset

She might have been hung from a tree or thrown from a moving car. But Vanilla's fate was to be chucked into the killing station, where her remaining ten days of life would be counted down. 

Fortunately we were able to rescue her and are looking forward to finding her a loving home with people who will appreciate this lovely girl. She's very social, amenable, thoughtful and she loves to cuddle and be in your company.

Who will take this beautiful young girl into their heart.

For more information about Vanilla, please click on her name. 

Dario and Daly in Austria

Two super frightened dogs who got their sad start in the Spanish interior ... who ever dared dream this? Rescue can be so intensely beautiful ... this gives us so much power !!

Two super frightened dogs who got their sad start in life in the Spanish interior ... who ever dared dream this ... rescue can be so intensely beautiful ... this gives us so much power !!

Uma: no longer a puppy she needs a loving home

Little Uma. A small to medium dog, with the typical Podenco ears. She's a cross, but there is definitely some Podenco there. Those ears don't lie 😊.

And just look at those wonderful eyes. Can you resist them? Uma is three, nearly four, and has been with us since she was a little puppy. 

Isn't it time someone gave her a chance to be a happy, loving family dog?

For more information about Uma, please click on her name.

Cantarina: funny and loving. Again we ask, why is she still with us?

Mama Cantante was dumped with her still very young pups in front of the the door of our Isabelleke, a Spanish foster mum. Isabelleke took them under her wings and cared for them lovingly with much dedication and effort. As a result they became happy, healthy, very social and moreover beautiful puppies. 

Cantarina, is one of them. A very funny and human focused dog who approaches you spontaneously to get and give hugs and friendship, a nice little one. And once more, a dog who surely should have a forever home by now. She's five and in foster care in the Netherlands. Who will give this social, happy, affectionate dog a family of her own?

For more information about Cantarina, please click on her name.

Fabienne's Dog of the Week: Groundforce

 From chain to sofa to asylum ... and a happy ending

He lived on a short chain in a dirty cage, could barely move and had to live here day and night, as a little puppy.  No one noticed or cared about his need for attention and love. His life was a big hell. Until a female saw him and could not believe that here in this backward hole a little dog had to watch his life pass by this way. She took him and asked the owner to give him up. That was very difficult because he thought his dog had such a great life already.

Eventually she succeeded and took Groundforce home. He was the happiest dog in the world, played with the other dog in the house, went for a walk and then hung out on the couch.  His happiness could not continue; the day came when her mother told her she could no longer keep the dog. Since she lived with her mother she had to obey. He had to go.  And so this sweetheart came to us.

He is a rather active dog that wants to go for walks and definitely needs exercise, that's our experience it, at least.  He is very affectionate and docile, intelligent and considerate, a good and definitely worthwhile dog.  He looks like a mini Husky with his beautiful markings, a beautiful play of nature. He's a sweetheart, that's for sure!

Happy Endings. This special dog is in pre - reservation now, which means he will be adopted if everything goes well. Nevertheless you can read more about him by clicking on his name - Groundforce.

February 18, 2020

Chelsea: having a wonderful life in the UK with her amazing adopters.

Over five years ago I made the home visit in the UK for a puppy called Moussa,  now Chelsea. She was an ACE puppy, borrowed from us for the training course. Her adopters worked with her and there was no question, it was love at first sight. And if ever a puppy has fallen on all four paws, it is Chelsea. Gemma and Jamie are dog trainers and the kindest most loving people you could imagine. She now has a wonderful family and had three dog siblings - Frankie, Cookie and Halle. Sadly Frankie died very recently. Leaving a terrible hole in the family as he meant so much to them all, especially Jamie whom he saved at a very dark time in his life. Jamie has written below about Chelsea and what she means to him. This is one of our wonderful 'happy endings.'

Here is Jamie's post on Facebook for Valentine's Day. Below the post are some photos of Chelsea's man trailing session, the other week.

My Beautiful 🇪🇸 Rescue Pup from Spain Over 5 years ago we rescued this Sweetheart , Frankie let her get away with everything no other dog could ! 
They had such a special bond 💙❤️, but her being that SPECIAL ! I don’t think she even realises hes gone. 
But she is just BEAUTIFUL! 
We absolutely adore her.. 🥰
If your thinking about a dog ?
check out rescue centres here in UK & Abroad... you never know what Gem you may find ! 💎 

February 16, 2020

❤️❤️❤️... last but not least, darling Jana.

And last but not least the sweetheart Jana ...
in daycare in Belgium and dreaming of her Valentine owners ❤️❤️❤️

For more information about Jana, please click on her name.

❤️ Javi's Valentine ❤️

Thaïs was delivered to our gate late at night, her leg was hurt and had nerve damage so that it eventually had to be amputated. She is the darling of our vet, who takes care of her every day. Whose heart are they going to conquer now?

For more information about lovely Thaïs please click on her name. Unfortunately the information is in Dutch but it is clear enough.

❤️ Victor's Valentijntje ❤️

Mago is our office ⭐️.  It takes a while before he comes to walk to you, because he is a bit reluctant towards strangers, but once you have conquered his heart you get a radiant smile and so much friendship in return! Mago is an escape king, but once he feels at home he always returns to his familiar place.

More information on Mago, can be found by clicking on his name.


This beautiful Mastina is Dilaila, a stately lady, and loyal like no other, ... She adores her owner, but does not like to share the attention with someone else.Who will give this wonderful lady her place in the world?

To find out more about Dilaila, please click on her name.

Our cat lady's Valentine: ❤️ Eliane's Valentine ❤️

Our cat lady Eliane wanted to be photographed this time with one of her dogs - the apple of her eye. He has not been with us for a long time, so he has not been on the website yet, but has stolen her heart in a short time!

A Fluffy Valentine: ❤️Louna's Valentine ❤️

Student Louna has a weakness for Bellita, ... During her internship she met her as a big hugger, a super sweet lady, but she doesn't like the other dogs so much, ... Who is looking for a loyal dog, a  dog can stay alone with her bosses, Bellita is an ideal candidate!

For more information about Bellita, please click on her name.

Sweet pussycat Valentine: ❤️ CUKI ❤️

This beautiful black pearl is Cuki, a calm and unobtrusive kitten, which many people unfortunately let themselves pass by. He is nevertheless a wonderful boy, if only he can get the chance to show this to someone.

For more information about handsome Cuki, please click on his name.

Lovely Valentines: ❤️ Kelly's Valentine ❤️

Gimiliana has been staying in our shelter for almost 3 years now, ... It is a lady with a manual, but once you get to know her, her way of "being", she knows how to charm you, ... 😉

For more information about charming, quirky Gimiliana, please click on her name.

More Valentines: ❤️ Thaïs' Valentine ❤️

Laurence is a special lady, with eyes so beautiful, they are almost impossible to resist. And she has managed to wrap Thaïs completely round her paws with her quirky character!

For more information about beautiful Laurence, please click on her name.

Two lovely Valentines:❤️ FRIDA en AGNETHA ❤️

These handsome ladies came in together with their puppies, ... Almost all puppies were adopted in the meantime, but their moms were less fortunate, ... They have a great character, are loyal and social, and would love to make someone infinitely happy.

Please click on their names below their photos for further information on these two sweeties.

More darling Valentines: ❤️ Wendy's Valentine ❤️

Bleuet is a great dog, used to living in the house, runs perfectly on a lead, and really adores his owner, ... His only downside is that he cannot get along well with other dogs, ... If a dog can do it alone you do not wish you a better dog, he will be your friend for life!

For more information about Bleuet, please click on his name.

Valentine Specials: ❤️ Veerle's Valentine ❤️

Rafke (Raf) is a quiet and unobtrusive dog, always keeping in the background, ... It is nevertheless a wonderful dog, so sweet and soft in character, unimaginable that no one has fallen for his great personality before!

Please click on Raf for more information about this hidden diamond.

Valentine Specials: ❤️ NALU ❤️

She is a beautiful Sharpei cross, a young, playful lady who is crazy about her ball! Running, playing, cuddling, she likes it best! Nalu enjoys life, but would prefer to do this with an owner.

More information about playful Nalu can be found by clicking on her name.

Even more Valentines: ❤️ Jarinder's Valentine ❤️

The strongest dog in the shelter, our Hulk, ... A very loyal and hugely affectionate dog, a true human friend! He is best placed alone as a dog, in a home where he gets the undivided attention, then he would be happiest!

For full information about Hulk, please click on his name.

Yet more special Valentines: ❤️ Emmy's Valentine (s) ❤️

Student Emmy does like playful, active dogs, as her choice of her favorite dogs shows! Joseph, a young, beautiful Podenco, and Goofje, an impressive appearance, but actually a big lap dog! 😉 Two wonderful treasures, looking for their forever home, ...

For more information about these handsome fellows, please click on their names below their photos.

Student Emmy does like playful, active dogs, as her choice of her favorite dogs shows! Joseph, a young, beautiful Podenco, and Goofje, an impressive appearance, but actually a big lap dog! 😉 Two wonderful treasures, looking for their forever home.

Continuing our darling Valentines: ❤️ BLANCA ❤️

She is a big, impressive appearance, but with a heart of gold, ... For lovers of the breed, an ideal companion, and above all a loyal friend for life!

For more information about golden Blanca, please click on her name.

Yet more Valentines: ❤️ Melanie's Valentine

Palomita may be a tough Stafford, but she is a real hug! If she could lie on your lap all day, she would do it too!

For further information about cuddly Palomita, please click on her name.

Even more darling Valentines: ❤️ Paco's Valentine ❤️

Our handyman Paco also has his favorites, ... The puppies that were deposited at our gate without mercy, are getting stronger, ... Fortunately things are moving in the right direction, partly thanks to the good care of Paco! You'll find all our puppies for adoption on the main website.

More sweet Valentines: ❤️ FINN ❤️


Finn was taken care of by our volunteers, and got a fresh haircut, ... He looks great now! He is still a bit shy, but such a sweet boy!

For further information about sweet FinnFinn, please click on his name. 

More sweet Valentines: ❤️ Wayne's Valentine ❤️

Vet Wayne has a weakness for this handsome lady, ... Fani is a young Mastin, a social lady who is eager to leave for her golden basket!

For more information about Fani, please click on her name. (Please note, the information about Fani is in Dutch. There was no English translation. However the basic statistics like weight and age are easy to see and for the text, Google translate will help.)

More sweet Valentines: ❤️ Carla's Valentine❤️

Carla's heart beat faster when he saw this handsome appearance, ... Farouk, a snow-white Galgo gentleman, a fast boy, but above all a very good hugger!

For more information about Farouk, please click on his name.

Our darling Valentines: ❤️ COMILON ❤️

Comilon is a wonderfully playful and affectionate puppy, fully discovering and learning, ... He enjoys all the attention that can be given to him, we just hope that he will soon no longer have to share it with more than 300 other fellow sufferers, and that he may be endlessly spoiled in his new home!

For more information about Comilon, please click on his name.

Our darling Valentines: ❤️ Marielle's Valentine ❤️

Terra, a great personality in a great body, a Mastina in heart and soul. She goes through a fire for her people, they are sacred to her! You can't imagine a more loyal friend. Sometimes she forgets how big she is, because she would prefer to crawl on your lap.

For more information about Terra, the big cuddle bug, please click on her name.

Our darling Valentines: ❤️ COPACABANA ❤️

She has been waiting so long, our Copa, ... for 2.5 years already. And why? Is it her race? Her coat color? However she has so many capacities that most people are looking for: she is sweet, she is loyal, affectionate. Really a darling dog! We hope that this Valentine's Day may be the last one she has to spend at the shelter.

For more information about Copacabana please click on her name.

Our darling Valentines: ❤️Maribel's Valentine ❤️

She may be reserved and almost leaving for home, but Maribel wanted to put Babette in the spotlight, ... She was the one who picked her up from the street, and these dogs you never forget, ... You go and have a good life, dear girl!

Our darling Valentines: ❤️ IRU ❤️

He is a beautiful guy, our Iru, ... A giant dog, yes, but that only means that there is more to love, isn't that right !? 😊 He has always lived in a house and the shelter is really hard for him, ... Take a moment to cuddle him, and you immediately see what a sweet, quiet soul he is.


For more information about sweet Iru please click on his name.