March 29, 2021

Isabelleke dancing with Joey ...

 Sunday 28th March 2021

Guapo ...


Scooby's Success Story (10936)

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Scooby was one of those little dogs that couldn't be noticed in the shelter. After 4 years he was able to come into foster care in Belgium. Here he was already doing well, but there was still no interest in him. Until a sweet adopter in the Netherlands chose him to come to her and her dog Lotje. A lottery ticket for Scooby. He was adopted a month ago and the adopter is now sending us this great story with nice pictures:

"He is really doing great, he is making great strides and I am still amazed at how well he adapts. He is now completely used to the house,  looks for his own places to lie down, comes to report when he thinks that the food is taking too long and runs into the hallway when someone is at the door. He barks now and then, not loudly and not for long, but I was really surprised when he first did it after more than 2 weeks.

When I go shopping or go to the hairdresser I put both dogs with a biscuit in the crate and turn on soft music, they can lie there for hours without making a sound, so that goes well too.

But the most special thing is that Scooby is no longer afraid at all. He is still startled by unexpected noises, but does not really panic anymore. Outside he is sniffing or running and he now goes to all kinds of strange dogs and people to greet them. I really did not expect that, certainly not that it would happen that fast. I suspect that Lotje's presence reassures him very much. I am now no longer afraid that he will run away if he unexpectedly gets loose, because he is very focused on Lotje and me and prefers to stay close.

By the way, I don't think I will ever let him go in the polder, because he is very fixated on everything that flies and runs and flutters and he would prefer to take a good bite from the miller's chickens here and then I really would have a issue. But he also seems to enjoy himself well, especially now that I have him on the flex line, just like Lotje, which gives him much more freedom of movement. He does not pull his line at all and can be corrected very well and quickly. They can also trot nicely together next to the scooter, because it goes about at bicycle speed, so they get enough exercise. I also always take extra long walks with them, last weekend they walked to the city next to my scooter and back again, which is almost entirely possible via bicycle paths and quiet streets and that went fine. Next week I want to take them to the shelter in Warmond for the first time to see how things are going with the other dogs there, but I don't think that will cause any problems.

In short: I am really happy with Scooby, especially now that the "real" dog is coming out from under all that fear. He is a very nice and sweet dog and Lotje is completely the eldest again and super satisfied now that she can stroll along in the wake of a real guy again, that is what she wants most.

Senna is 3 years old

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Our Senna turned 3 on March 27 (Ace name: Peppa)

You can see that she's a Spaniard, because her favorite spot is at the window in the midday sun. Especially during the siesta. ♡ ;-)

She is a very intelligent and affectionate dog. And a lover of good food and long forest walks. Preferably without a leash. We are very happy with our buddy.

Chapeau for your work! Senna is eternally grateful to you


Gunther and Martine


March 28, 2021


 Saturday, March 27, 2021

Everything is going well with Almejo. For a week the cats and Almejo have been in the same room every night. I am very proud of everyone. Almejo is a sweetheart and the kids love him. It's as if he has always been here and completes our family.

I want to thank you as an organization for all your work.



Students raise money for ACE

 Friday, March 26, 2021

Students of Aeres MBO Barneveld have collected € 2000, - for our shelter in Spain. They have organized several collection campaigns in the past year. Thank you very much, we are very grateful to you🙏🏼

If you get through it for a moment, ...

Friday, March 26, 2021

This morning we received this beautiful message, and that is a very beautiful message to receive!

As is every happy face that is delivered to us in photos or videos after adoption… Thanks to all adopters for this!

After they have arrived and settled for a while, we know what we are doing it for!

Our Nils,…. 

Yentl - Piranha - I'm fine

Friday, March 26, 2021

It was my turn to go into the hall to collect Piranha / Yentl. They said " it's the back table". I went towards the sound and there was an angry grunting from the bench. 🤦‍♀️ I asked if any fingers were missing. I believe they wished me success. At home I immediately let him into the garden. Just let him in there for a bit. The other dogs and I were there with a bucket of treats. I really believe that your colleagues in Spain have already achieved a lot. He takes the treats well and already comes close to me. Just with his front legs on my legs. I will get there with this bullyboy. 

Very frightened Ona, but look now after just 4 months ...


Fabienne's diary: The beginning of a new life for these Galgos.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

We have saved a lot of them this year.  Never before have we had so many Galgoots in the house at the same time. Some were ok, but others are just completely damaged, with open wounds and many scars, completely covered with ticks and other vermin. Many have large, painful, and open wounds, others problems with their tail. Some limp and others have festering eyes, or skin problems.  In short, they don't look good, and have clearly had a hard life.

Most of them are very sweet, others are shy and look at us from afar and have their reservations. Our clinic is full of Galgoots these days. We are going to make a project of it because the costs are increasing. Slowly but surely these dear ones will be a bit normal again, and they can trust in the future. We will now ensure that they end up well ...

Pets are not ...........

 Thursday, March 25, 2021

... toys, alarm systems or jewelery, they are family members.

Treat them with dignity and respect.

Kidda (ACE Kirsten)

 Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Here's some news from Kidda; she's the companion of my adorable Babi (ACE Raffa) She's scared of strangers but to us she's the sweetest little dog, she asks for lots of hugs and kisses. Thank you again for your commitment to these unfortunate dogs.

Good luck Monique

Fabienne's diary: The harsh reality for some four-legged friends ...

 Saturday March 27, 2021

Yesterday we took part in an inland rescue operation. In cooperation with the local police we have already been able to rescue 4 dogs from these appalling circumstances. Among them a mommy with puppie ...

The video speaks for itself ... There are really no words for it ...

Our Bo - before and after!


Timmeke # 17598 ..... Timmie ..... my little friend

 Saturday, March 27, 2021

As an ex adopter I would like to tell my story about this enormous sweetheart. In November Timmie came to enrich our family after having had some restless weeks in the Netherlands.

How exciting and strange everything was, but his curious nature came in handy. He did really well! Sleeping neatly downstairs for the nights, not breaking anything, being able to be alone for a few hours and perfectly clean.

I am the one who is always there so his focus soon shifted to me, the rest of the family is alternately present. He trusted me completely and I could do everything with him, even when it was worrying, such as taking a shower, cleaning legs, fireworks, new situations. His love for me was so great that the rest of the family started to feel more like a threat, especially my boyfriend (he thinks men are a bit scary anyway) but also the children.

Timmie took a few bites from that uncertainty and fear. Certainly not aggressive !!! but bite and let go immediately, so no major damage. I have tried everything to solve this problem, reading books, online courses, several times contact with a behaviourist but I could not get this problem solved and with enormous pain in my heart had to decide that my boyfriend's place is not in our family and also that I had to put the safety of my children first.

Timmie will benefit from people without children who are calm and stable and who understand insecure dogs. Who will not be discouraged by his insecure behavior. A stable dog would certainly do him good, also because he can learn from it, especially in the contact with other dogs in which he is also insecure. Other pets are not an option because of his hunting instinct.

What do these people get in return ..... A fantastic dog, who loves to cuddle and play, who prefers to play outside in the water and the mud and walks, loves a challenge because he is very eager to learn. At home he is very quiet, except for the crazy 5 minutes.

For me it is difficult to openly tell this story because of possible judgments, but I really want Timmie to get a chance and find a nice place, a place where he can and may be himself, where he can learn and especially a place where he can grow old because he deserves that! ♥

Paula (ACE ref 18376)

 Aya (ACE Paula) is home 😍

Dila (ACE Dilaila) and Maxi cozy on the sofa.

 Saturday, March 27, 2021

No room left for the owners ❤

March 27, 2021

Fabienne's diary: On a quiet Sunday evening ...

 Friday, March 26, 2021

Last Sunday we were back to in the thick of it.  At 7 pm a man called that he had found three dogs. Because he was going to dump them elsewhere and we were in the area, we went to have a look. It turned out to be three bottle pups ...

They are maybe two weeks old, not one person who wanted to take  them on, as always.  Fortunately we were able to divide them between our team and they are now well taken care of. Because that is an assignment, you have to give a bottle every two hours and you slowly reduce this. Now it is Veerle and Tanya, then someone else will take on this task.  It is very hard, but always worth it if they make it …

So we're back to the pampers ...

March 26, 2021

Yesterday 34 cats were treated in Algeciras, ... of which 24 are females and 21 are pregnant ... !!!

Friday, March 26, 2021

Arrival of Loes (je) in the Netherlands, March 10, 2021

 Friday, March 26, 2021

Thanks to all the clear information in advance and the help of the volunteers on site, everything went smoothly. Things went fine in the car, she soon curled up and fell asleep. When we got home we introduced her to Timo (our other dog) outside. She kept him at bay for a while by growling a bit, but later in the evening she crawled into his basket. When she saw our cat she suddenly started to wag her tail exuberantly, only she always looks to see that the cat is out of the tree before she makes contact, so she looked at it all from a higher point. Yesterday evening we let her out, but that was still a bridge too far, she walked along but did nothing (later she did that inside ...) The next day she copied everything Timo did: sniffing together on a pole , exploring the same clump of grass together and even greeting another (well-known) dog together. Now 2 weeks later she has found her way, she loves to lie down and prefers to be stroked on her tummy. She goes outside enthusiastically and likes to walk.

All in all, we are very happy with her!

Jelle and Annemiek

                            Timo, beige, on the left. Loesje, black and white, on the right.

Another happy walk with Blauco ...

 .... what a darling he is.

Dear Maylee already feels completely at home.

 Friday, March 26, 2021

Tummy full and pee done. Now exhausted.

Pasco arrived yesterday.


March 25, 2021